Call For Submissions: Tradition

Once upon a time I used to think that tradition was black and white: you were either traditional or you weren’t. And for someone like me who loves nostalgia but hates repetition, I never knew where I fell on the scale. These days (thanks in part to you guys and getting to work with a group of smart, diverse women like the APW staff), my understanding of the word tradition is slightly more nuanced. But I haven’t got it all figured out yet. So next month, I’m beyond excited that we get to explore this subject a little deeper. Which means it’s time for yet another submissions call! Next month is all about:


Tradition is a word we both overvalue and undervalue. It’s not doing things by rote, but instead exploring what ties us to history. It allows us to claim and dimiss, to shape and create. For next month, we want to hear what made your wedding traditional or non-traditional, and we want to know how you honor, make, and reject tradition in your everyday life.

So, while you ponder what to write, here is a quick reminder of some helpful tips and tricks when submitting your story:

  • First, one of the primary characteristics we look for in submissions each month is a connection to a universal idea. We’re all writing from our personal experiences here, but if you can take that experience and make it something that other people are going to relate to, then we’ve got magic. But that doesn’t mean that every story has to have a big moral or overarching theme. Sometimes the most universal stories are the simplest ones.
  • Second, as always, our themes are meant to serve as a guideline for submissions, but they aren’t rigid. Do with them what you will! For example, if next month’s theme is “Tradition” and you want to write a piece on how the royal wedding deeply impacted your own wedding planning, we’re game for it. We’re always after diversity of experience here, so the most important thing is that you write something that is authentic to you, however that might fit into the theme. (And a loose fit is still a fit most of the time.)
  • Also, when you’re submitting for the monthly theme, we don’t want you to feel as though you have to frame your story around the theme itself (i.e., “My wedding was traditional/not traditional because…”). Heck, you don’t even have to include the name of the theme in your writing at all. Just write what you would normally write, and we’ll figure out if it’s a good fit for the month, or if maybe it would be a better fit for later in the year.
  • Lastly, if you have something you just have to get out there into the world, but it doesn’t fit with the theme for the next month, please send it in anyway. Our top priority is always strong content, regardless of the topic.

And that’s it! So if you have a story to share for “Tradition,” send it on in!

Cheers and happy writing,


Photo by: Gabriel Harber Photography (APW Sponsor)

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  • Brenda

    I can’t help but hear TRADITION! TRADITION in a Tevye voice in my head :)

    • Glad I’m not the only one!

      • Hintzy

        nope, definitely not the only one… I’ll have it in my head the rest of the day now I’m sure. :)

  • Teresa

    I love this theme and am also wondering how to submit a “how they did it…” post?

  • Stunning photograph!

  • Hey guys–what do you feel about something on tradition in single life, dating, looking, etc?

  • Anonymous

    How does one submit a written piece?