Chloe Jackman Photography in the Bay Area and Beyond

We talk a lot here about the importance of getting along with your wedding photographer. (I mean, you don’t have to become BFFs with them, but if you’re stuck with someone all day long, you should at least enjoy their sense of humor.) And for many of you, I know that means working with someone who is laid back and acts like a fly on the wall. But I also know that there are lots of  APWers out there who are looking for something…more. Someone whose personality is going to make picture taking fun and who will maybe even turn around some cool editorial images as a result. And that’s exactly where Chloe Jackman Photography in the Bay Area comes in, with prices starting at $2,500 and an infectious attitude that makes any activity feel like the best time you’ve ever had.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chloe this past summer, and let me just say it now: She is not shy. And she’s not afraid to take an idea and really go for it. And you know what? That is exactly what will make you fall in love with her. Because that fearlessness, it draws out all the inner confidence you have stashed away deep inside. (I mean, look at her below at our hair and makeup shoot. She just…did that. We turned around and next thing we knew she was up on a ladder posing like Rosie the Riveter. So. Like I said. Fearless.)

So what does that have to do with you? Well, Chloe Jackman Photography brings that kind of fearlessness to your wedding, resulting in fun, editorial, and dramatic photos that will make you feel like a rock star. Chloe says, “I am a vibrant, colorful, enthusiastic, sarcastic spitfire who promises to make your photography experience exciting and painless (except for when I encourage you to do crazy acrobatic stunts!). It is important to me to make sure we get the posed family and wedding party photos at your fabulous event (because while they may seem like a pain in the butt I promise your grandmother will be thrilled to have them over her fireplace). But not to worry we will breeze through them and get right the fun stuff! I have branched out into the world of smart, intricate lighting and am thrilled to offer my clients a dynamic, editorial style that is fused with a photojournalistic approach.” In short, Chloe knows your wedding isn’t a photo shoot. But if you’re going to be doing posed pictures anyway? Might as well have some fun with it. (Also, can I get a Hell Yes to a photographer who knows how to take a jumping shot and make it awesome?)

But Chloe Jackman Photography isn’t just about having a good time. As an APW reader-turned-sponsor, Chloe really appreciates what this site is all about and what makes you guys special. She told me, “APW nurtures acceptance and that is something that I really appreciate. As the product of interracial parents and someone with friends in the LGBT community, I have seen and experienced my share of injustices in the world, and I choose to surround my self with people who are open and accecpting of others. I want to help spread that message.” Also, fun fact about Chloe: she was in a documentary about feminism when she was sixteen. I mean. Say no more.

Now, you guys know I love up-front pricing, right? Well Chloe Jackman Photography is not only super straightforward about what it costs to hire her (you guys, she lists the costs of actual physical products like prints right there on her pricing page.) But she’s also offering an awesome APW-only package for $3,950 that includes a forty-page 10×10 Wedding album, an assistant engagement session, an engagement guest sign-in book, a 20×24 canvas print of your choosing, plus a DVD of images. If you’re the kind of person who wants to be able to touch and feel your photographs, that package is a steal. For the rest of you, Chloe’s regular pricing starts at $2,500 for full-day coverage. And while Chloe Jackman Photography is based out of San Francisco (Chloe is, as she describes herself, “one of the last SF natives left”) she loves to travel. For APW readers she says, “Just get us there and we’ll do the rest!”

Also, since APW has always been about manifesting dreams into reality, Chloe also wanted to share some dreams she has for this year. Maybe we can make some come true?

To shoot a Northern California outdoor mountain/country wedding (Tahoe, Eureka, Colorado, and beyond)

To shoot a culturally specific wedding (Hindu, Cambodian, Chinese, Japanese, Kenyan, Moroccan, Colombian, Brazilian, and beyond)

To shoot a New Orleans wedding!!!!

To shoot your unique and amazing wedding!

And since so much of hiring Chloe Jackman Photograhy is tied up with the person that comes with it, Chloe wanted to share some fun facts about herself. I think this list says more about who she is than I ever could. A few of my favorites (in no particular order):

I LOVE the color gold and now own gold sequin shoes and a gold sequin fanny-pack and a gold and white medium format film camera… Of course you can see them

My other favorite colors are cheetah, polka dot, and turquoise

I like to wear mini-hats

We have a fat cat named Nelson (he does not like to wear mini-hats)

I studied Law at UCSB, clearly it didn’t stick

People say I’m a good time (not in the dirty way), but you’ll just have to call me to find out if it’s true.

In short, Chloe Jackman Photography might be a little bit crazy, but she’s definitely the good kind of crazy. Her photos aren’t just editorial; they have a sense of humor about them too. And if you hire her, there’s a good chance you’ll have a blast together. And maybe even make a little magic. So go, check out Chloe’s work. And then find out for yourself why Chloe is a ladder-climbing, acrobatic-stunt-doing, gold-fanny-pack-wearing badass who will shoot the heck out of your wedding.

Photo of Chloe by Emily Takes Photos (APW Sponsor)

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  • Chloe, what dress are you wearing in the ladder/Rosie image? Because it looks amazing on you, and gets an extra vote for the ability to do stunts in it!

    • meg

      Shop Joelle bridesmaid’s dress FTW. It’s Joelle day, I guess.

  • meg

    You guys, in real life, I’m a pretty funny person, I think it would be fair to say. And, holy shit. Chloe has made me laugh so hard I’ve snarfed things out of my nose. All the kinds of jokes that you can’t even tell on the internet. Girlfriend is SO F*CKING FUN, and I would be all about having that around on my wedding day. And her editorial pictures…. phew, y’all. I haven’t seen anything like it in the world of wedding photography, period.

  • WOW Thank you, thank you, thank you Maddie! I’m suddenly super in love with myself! This was wonderful and I feel like it’s right on point with what I wanted to shared about who I am and what I do :))
    Meg, you realize that you two are f***** hilarious and that together we could take over the world and a sarcastic comedic duo! Thank you!!!

    Miss you both a ton and hope to see you soon!


    • Maddie


  • She’s so cute, and seems super fun :)

  • Kimberly

    Just did our engagement photos with Chloe (found through APW) yesterday and she is uh-may-zing! We had so much fun and I felt more comfortable in front of a camera than I ever thought I could. Thank you APW and Chloe for making this process so easy!