Christina Richards Weddings: San Francisco Wedding Photographer

As a wedding sponsor and longtime reader of APW, I know that everybody who advertises on this site has their own strengths. Some sponsors are magnificent artists with an eye like nobody else. Others have the most amazing customer service skills. And some are just fun to be around. Usually we tend to have a little of each quality, with one particular place where we shine. But, every so often, an APW sponsor comes along who is just the full package. And the sponsor who has always exemplified that quality the most is Christina Richards Weddings in San Francisco. Her work is so stunning it speaks for itself, but she also might be hands down one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet; and on top of that, she’s a professional through and through.

Christina Richards Weddings has been a part of the APW community for so long that when I started my own photography business, I remember showing my partner Christina’s website and saying, “This is who we need to be like.” (HA. Tall order.) In the time that she’s been advertising with APW, Christina’s portfolio has basically gone from OMGAMAZING to ISTHISREALLIFE?! And without sounding like a complete fangirl, I think that’s because her work is just heads and tails above most of the industry. Christina’s photos have such a clear point of view (that’s the mark of an artist folks), and the airiness of her images makes it seem as though there is light actually coming out of the photos themselves. (Seriously, go look at her portfolio. It’s like a cure for Seasonal Affective Disorder.)

But the crazy part is, while Christina’s portfolio is indeed stunning, it’s never at the expense of her clients (because trust me, any photographer can make an amazing image if they take forty-five minutes out of your time to set it up. But it’s another kind of artist entirely who can do it unobtrusively and on the fly). But that’s exactly what Christina Richards Weddings does. She explained to me, “My photography is inspired by people, emotions, light, and color. I enjoy making photographs that feel natural and candid. I take advantage of whatever natural light is available and don’t use a flash very often. I feel that the mood and feeling of available light is more important than using a flash to get a perfect exposure. There is no shortage of portraits and details in my wedding photography, but I think the photos that resonate the most (especially after the passing of time) are the unscripted moments. I’m happiest when I can blend into the background of the day and photograph real moments that tell the unique story of each wedding.” In short, you get these amazing images and you get to enjoy your wedding uninterrupted. Rad.

But here’s the part that I really love about Christina Richards Weddings. You. Guys. Love. Her. Any time we post something with one of Christina’s photos in it, one or two of her past clients will immediately hit the comments section explaining how amazing Christina was, or how surprised they were that they hardly noticed her all night, or how she was a dream to work with. And we’re not even talking requested reviews here, just people wanting to take the time to explain their appreciation for Christina’s hard work. That’s love.

And Christina loves you guys right back. She told me, “I’ve been so lucky to work with many APW couples over the years. No two are alike but they tend to share a sense of the bigger picture and a sense of humor—I appreciate both equally. When I think back about my APW weddings (and even when I’m editing them on my computer) I can’t help but smile. I’m so grateful to be a part of this community.” And guys, there are so many amazing APW & Christina Richards Weddings collaborations on this site, it makes my heart swell.

At the end of the day, working with Christina Richards Weddings is just a no brainer. She takes amazing photos, she gets along with everyone, and she loves APW couples. In short, if you hire Christina, you won’t regret it. In fact, it may end up being one of the best hiring decision you could ever make. And for all that talent, Christina’s prices start at just $3,000 for six hours of coverage (and go up to $4,000 for complete coverage with an album, prints and the whole nine yards). Which is sort of remarkable for the Bay Area, given her experience and talent. (Plus, gotta love a wedding vendor who will put all of their package options online for you.)

So for those of you in planning mode, go check out Christina’s portfolio, peruse her jaw-dropping personal work, and then get in touch with her so that you can get to know her a little better (because if nothing else, talking to her will improve whatever kind of day you’re having). I mean it when I say you’ll be hard pressed to find someone sweeter and more talented than she is. And for those of you recently engaged who haven’t even started planning yet? Bookmark this post. Because you’re not going to see many like Christina Richards Weddings come your way again.

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  • Aw, a homemade Fenway! How cute!

    • ItsyBitsy

      Hah! That was my first thought, too! :)

  • Angie

    Christina is amazing! She’s fantastic to work with, easy going, and has serious skills. She not only handled the list of formal pictures we wanted but did an outstanding job with the ceremony and really captured the fun everyone had at the reception. There isn’t a single photo we didn’t like. They are all beautiful. If we were still on the west coast, I would hire her for every event and for portraits too! Please check out her portfolio and put her on the top of your list!

  • Emily

    We had the wonderful fortune to have Christina photograph our wedding (a few of the pictures from our wedding are displayed in this post), and we had the most amazing experience with her! She did a great portrait session before our wedding, as well as our wedding photographs. I don’t know how else to say that Christina totally got what we were going for, as well as who we are. She captured so many personal little moments that I had heard about from our wedding guests, but wasn’t present for, so getting to see all of pictures was like getting to re-live the wedding from many different perspectives. When she took us aside to do a few photographs after our ceremony, it was fun and easy, and felt like a breath of fresh air from the intensity of the wedding. Hiring Christina was one of the best decision we made for the wedding, and we cannot recommend her enough!

  • Christina

    Thanks you guys! And thanks to Maddie for such a sweet write up!

  • sfw

    I found Christina on APW, fell in love with her work (and her shockingly reasonable prices), and set up a meeting. But I had promised the now-husband absolute veto power on the photographer (as we both feared he would HATE the photo-taking process). Thank goodness for his impeccable taste! Her beautiful photos speak for themselves, but Christina also has this fun, warm presence that was hugely calming on the big day and once things got going she seemed to just disappear into the background (I was probably too absorbed to notice one way or another, but friends and family wondered how she got such great shots when they never remembered seeing her during the reception). We worked with a lot of amazing professionals in the course of the wedding, but I think the comment made to me by the now-husband during the reception (before we’d seen a single photo) sums it up well: “Christina – best money we spent on this thing, huh?”

  • Amy Nielsen

    Christina was the BEST vendor I hired for my wedding.

    Besides her absolutely stunning photographs, there are a million over reasons to choose Christina: her personality, how calming she is, how she blends in, how you don’t even know she is there yet she captures every amazing moment!

    I wholeheartedly endorse Christina and would recommend it to anyone!

    Congrats Christina, you deserve all the praise you get!

  • meg

    I never get to do this, but A) I didn’t write the post, Maddie did, and B) I’m actually one of Christina’s clients these days. Christina has shot me on and off over the last few years at various APW events (she always shows up with a camera and takes the photos that make my mom say “Who IS that girl who takes those pictures”). And I’ve always raved about Christina, more than deservedly.

    But! I hired her to shoot my maternity photos this fall, and then to come and shoot our two week old baby. As ever, having Christina around was a joy. We had a great time chatting. But, you guys, the pictures are going to be treasures for the rest of his life. Cheesy? Possibly. True? For SURE. Also, achem, her prices for portrait sessions are CRAZY low. So, um, get on that if you need family shots or whatever.

    Oh! And she mailed me everything all beautifully packaged… with a THANK YOU NOTE. Like I shouldn’t have been the one thanking her.

  • What a gorgeous feature! Stunning images.