Christopher Morris Photography in Upstate New York

Today I’m delighted to chat about Christopher Morris Photography in New York’s capital region. Christopher, and his partner Lauren, came on as APW sponsors a few months ago, and since then, they have been a whirl of activity, re-working their business to make it more awesome, and more in line with Team Practical’s values (lest you guys ever think you are not changing the wedding world… you totally are).

Most recently, they introduced simple streamlined (and totally affordable) wedding packages, so it’s easier to book them, and you know exactly what you’re getting with no fuss and bother. That, my friends, is sanity. Packages are simple and to the point, they start at just $1,500 for six hours of photography, and go up to $3,000 for unlimited hours of photography. All packages come with a second shooter/assistant (that would be Lauren), a DVD of images (yes!), reproduction rights (double yes!), 3 months online hosting, and a complimentary engagement session. And they love you guys, so they are giving you a special deal! They are offering 10% off all of their packages for APW couples who book by the end of June, with a wedding any time.

Beyond that, they’ve been re-vamping their website with more information, and generally thinking more as a client these days (Lauren has been reading APW since the very, very beginning, but they are just now planning a wedding… so suddenly, more than ever, they are part of Team Practical). And I love when vendors start thinking with their APW-er hats on. That, my friends, is the wedding elf magic.

And Christopher Morris Photography’s philosophy remains simple, and totally on point with APW values. They told me, “We sat down, before starting any advertising, and decided we wanted to attract the following people: (1) people looking for great photos, (2) people looking to share their story & love with us, and (3) people who know they don’t need to pay ridiculous prices for the preceding 2 items.”

Plus, they focus on the emotion of the wedding, and not just getting trendy shots, “We don’t do a lot of after effects in photoshop.  We truly believe that the emotion and beauty in a photo comes from its subjects and not what’s added in later. This is why we work so hard to make our clients our friends. That friendship builds a level of trust where they truly let their emotions show and allows us to know what’s most important to capture (aside from all the “standard” shots). The desire to form a relationship is why we include the complimentary engagement session in all our packages – it gives us an opportunity to get to know you, your partner, what you like, and hang out so you will feel more comfortable around us on your wedding day. Our goal is to give you the story of your day as others saw it – joyous, lively, and emotional… because, heck, you got married, and you should be able to relive it!  We want you to look at those pictures 5, 10, 20 years from now and remember exactly how it felt to walk down the aisle (or wherever you walked), kiss your partner, and present yourselves to the world as one (married!) unit for the first time.  If that happens, then we’ve done our jobs.”

And finally? They really, really love working with you guys, in particular, and can’t wait to do more of that. Why? Well! “APW couples are exactly who we thought they would be – cool people who care about their relationship with their photographer and they value the work done. They aren’t just looking for someone to take pictures and hightail it outta there.  This is perfect for us because, as we mentioned before, we were hesitant to advertise because we didn’t just want “clients,” we wanted friends who are looking for their story to be told (and that we were excited to work with!).  We also love that APW couples are so grounded and real.  They make an effort to make sure their wedding represents what their marriage will be – we love seeing that!”

And they are not just shooting weddings these days, all you married ladies (and gents!). Lauren says, “We are seeing a lot of our wedding couples come back to us when their baby family has started to expand.  It’s pretty cool to be able to follow our friends’ journey from engagement, to baby family, to growing family.  Don’t know many other jobs where you get to do that!”

So those of you in Upstate New York, New England, and thereabouts? Get in touch. I think you’ll really adore Christopher and Lauren, and will love working with Christopher Morris Photography. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

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  • Ok- we love these photo’s and when I went to the blog- I love it- you really should check them out- brilliant

  • These are gorgeous photos. Simply gorgeous.

  • Shannon Morris-La Chat

    Your pictures are beautiful. I was doing some research and I think you are my cousin Christopher. There are so many Christopher Morris out there. Well I just wanted to reach out and say hello.