Christopher Morris Photography In Upstate New York

I am always particularly delighted when I get to write a post for a sponsor that generally doesn’t advertise, does all word of mouth business, and has decided to just-this-once, make an exception to their No Advertising Rule for APW. Christopher Morris Photography is one of those businesses. Christopher told me, “It’s always great to be recommended by someone because of your work, and the personal connection that comes with it makes it feel more like a friend’s wedding and not just a transaction. The community feeling that your website has, for us, is like a good friend’s recommendation.” (Awwww you guys! Also: True.)

Plus, today is extra exciting for me, because Christopher Morris Photography is located in the Capital Region of New York (and beyond!), an area where we don’t currently have a single APW sponsor (but where we’re getting press, and having meet ups with cows. Wait. That sentence got away from me…) So Capital Region Brides, take note!

Christopher Morris told me, “we’re looking for people who know they want great photography, but also know they shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get it.” And holy moly, do they deliver. Their rates start at $650 (that is not a typo) and he says, “I keep my pricing structure simple and rates reasonable. I haven’t raised them in 4 years. I don’t offer typical “packages”; instead my hourly rates easily cater to each couples’ budget and wedding schedule.  In lieu of proof books or albums, couples always receive a high resolution disk of edited; color corrected, and finalized proofs.  I stay away from heavy after-effects in Photoshop, and prefer to deliver beautiful, clean, images that are true to life. Albums, prints, and proofs are always an option- but I choose to deliver a quality final product to the couple that gives them total flexibility. I love to work with creative, artistic, computer-savvy couples- so why should I limit what their options are with their end product?” And amen to that. Not just the we-don’t-photoshop-your-images-to-death-because-we-don’t-need-to message, but also the, ‘you own your images’ message, because YES.

Plus! They are so thrilled to work with y’all that they are giving you a deal! Any APW couple who books a 2011 wedding date will receive their choice of either an engagement session, trash the dress session, or an extra hour added to their wedding. Hurrah!

But a little more about the “they” in Christopher Morris Photography. Christopher has his degree in Graphic Design and Photography, and started shooting weddings in 2004. He’s been shooting ever since, working with couples he loves, almost exclusively through word of mouth referrals. In the last year, his girlfriend and now fiance (congratulations you guys!), Lauren, joined the business as a full partner. And Lauren, well, Lauren has been reading APW since the beginning… like the VERY VERY beginning (May 2008. That’s one month after I started APW), and since she is one of you guys, she thought they’d like to shoot y’alls weddings, thank you very much.

And me? I can’t wait. Christopher Morris Photography is beyond affordable wedding photography, and his work is strong and clear and true. So for those of you anywhere near the Capital Region in New York? I’d be giving him a call. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

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  • Karin

    YAY!!! I’m in Southwest New York (think South of Buffalo/near the Salamanca Indian Res) and I’m so happy to see a vendor from the state of New York! Everyone hears New York and automatically thinks NYC.

    • Hey! Lauren here (Chris’ assistant, second shooter and…fiancee – ekk..that’s still so exciting to say!). I’m from Buffalo (& Chris is from Rochester) and we totally know what you mean about the NYC thing. I mean, there’s more to this state than NYC (not to knock NYC or anything..but I’m just sayin’…). So – yeah, way to go WNY! We’re always back in that area for family and photos…it’s so pretty!

  • Chris did our wedding in 2007 (that’s me in the red dress!) And we were very happy with his work and have reccomended him several times ;)

  • Jillian

    Woooo Capital Region!

    Thanks for this Meg!

    • Yey! although we are transplants from WNY – we love the capital region and are so happy to call it home (for the last 10 years)! We’re even thinking about starting a blog on our site to track our wedding planning but we have (at this point) no clue where we’re going to marry seeing as how our family is from all over the U.S.! ughh…stress!

  • Marissa

    Whoa, what is a “trash the dress” session?! It sounds irreverent and kind of awesome.

    • Trash the Dress is really what you make of it! Some couples do it more as an “after the wedding shoot” where you just get dressed in your wedding gear and take more fun photos in any local/set up you want (because you’re not as worried about dirt/timing/family, etc), others take it full-tilt…where you literally trash the dress by wearing it in various settings (think underwater, caves, mud, rain, etc…) and still others are in between…it’s pretty cool, kinda crazy and a whole lotta awesome rolled into one.

  • Yea for a Capital Region photog! Sending this along to some friends. :)

  • Beautiful work!

  • Does he travel?

  • Lorraine

    Chris is not only amazing at wedding photography, but also at capturing those life events that follow. Chris took photos of our son when he was 5 days old and again at 1 year. The photos were beautiful and they captured every tiny feature and exciting moment. My husband and I have received so many compliments on the photos and have recommended Chris many times. His prices were beyond reasonable, he was a joy to work with, and receiving the disk of photos at the end of each shoot was truly the best part.

    • Awe – Lorraine thank you….Baby B was adorable to shoot and you both were so awesome to work with. We were thrilled you asked us to be able to capture those first few special moments and are totally looking forward to capturing all the moments to come!

  • cherie fineberg





  • Kat

    Um. Wow. I never comment on vendor posts because I’m way over in New Zealand but just wanted to say amazing pictures and amazing price! Love, love, love (especially the not highly photoshopped thing). I hope lots of APW couples take you up on your offer.

    Also trass the dress = fun! I “drowned the gown” with husband in his wedding pants and shirt and it was a huge amount of fun and we got lots of awesome photos. And we hosed down my dress and it was fine afterwards.

  • Shelby

    I’m not planning a wedding, yet, but this is so exciting to see a Capital Region photographer! I’ve lived in the Region for going on 7 years and I’m always amazed by the artists that live around here. I will definitely be bookmarking Chris’ page!

  • Amazing photos! Digging the style!