Christy Tyler Photography: Chicago & Way Beyond

Christy Tyler Photography joined APW as a sponsor almost exactly a year ago. She was just beginning to build her business, and she wanted to do it with the best clients in all the land (you guys). It’s been a thrill watching Christy’s work and business grow, and now a year later, she’s grown by such light years that it’s astounding. So, I’m thrilled to announce that Christy is finally (finally, finally!) going full time on her business this Friday, a day after her 30th birthday (Happy Birthday!). This is particularly emotionally significant to me because just like when I made the leap in January, Christy is supporting her whole family. So, she’s here to celebrate with you, with a discount!

Because Christy adores you guys (more on that in a minute), she’s offering 10% off, and dirt-cheap, at cost travel for any weddings that are taking place between December 2011 and May 2012. She says, “I’m willing to travel anywhere for weddings with no crazy travel fees—I just need a flight, a room, (and a car only if necessary). Christy Tyler Photography is based out of Chicago, but her bags are packed and she’s ready to go. Plus, given that her packages start at $2,700, this is an excellent deal. Celebrate Christy’s leap into full time with her, yippee!

After a year of working with Team Practical couples, Christy has this to say about y’all, “I have yet to meet a couple through APW that I didn’t like. I am immediately at ease with these incredibly smart, witty, down-to-earth, amazing women and their partners… and that makes a huge difference when it comes to photographing someone! Every APW wedding I shoot feels like I’m shooting the wedding of an old friend. It is truly an amazing thing… that this connection between us lets us both know right from the start that we are on the same page. That I can trust them to be awesome, and they can trust me with the same! When I get an email from a bride and she says she found me through APW, I immediately do a happy dance all over my living room. True story.” And seriously you guys? She does. When you email her, half the time I see a joyful tweet from her five seconds later.

Christy also has such a beautiful and simple artistic philosophy that makes her exactly who you want to work with. Her goal is to take photos that make you love yourself more (I know). She says, “My goal as a photographer is to give couples photos that make them smile; photos that make them feel good about themselves. I want to take photos that make them stop judging themselves for one minute, and allow them to say… I am beautiful…. Our love is beautiful… Our family is beautiful… And in the middle of that if I’m making art, and doing what I love, then it’s a win/win situation.”

And one of the great joys of this year has been watching Christy’s business expand beyond just weddings. She’s started doing newborn sessions so brilliant that they’ve earned her fame around the APW blog-o-sphere. (True fact. Everyone loves them.) Plus she’s been shooting proposals, which she loves for the sheer joy and fun factor.

But mostly what I have to say about Christy Tyler Photography is that she has an eye for moments, she has an eye for love, she has beautiful composition, and she gets you. Her photos are so strong and true that her rates are not going to stay where they are for long.

So go, chat with her, wherever you are in the country (particularly if you need a photographer between December and May!). And know that you’re supporting her in her brand new full time career as a maker. Congratulations Christy, and Happy 30th!

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  • Yay Christy!!!! I am so beyond excited for you :-)

  • Christy is hands-down one of the sweetest women to walk the planet. And talented to boot. Christy, it’s so exciting to see you go full-time with your business!!!!

  • Christy is amazing. I wish that she had been at my wedding. If I ever have a baby I’m seriously considering just asking all of my friends and family not to buy any baby gifts but instead to pool together to fly Christy to Scotland so she can photograph my newborn. Getting to hang out with her and have her pictures of my little one would be the best present ever.

    Even if you are already married, even if you don’t want to have children, I recommend reading her blog because she writes so beautifully and honestly about her life that before you know you it you’ll be sucked in, and then like me when something amazing happens: like her becoming a full time self-employed photographer, you’ll cry wee tears of triumph because you care about her so darn much. She is an amazing lady.

    Congratulations Christy! xoxo

    • Exactly x 1000.

    • Well darn it lady, now you have me crying!! What a sweet comment!! Goodness! And I would be totally stoked and honored if I were able to photograph your *future* little one and finally get to meet you in person too!!! xoxo

  • Christy is seriously one of my favorite people in all the land. I want her to come to NYC and do a portrait session for me and my husband someday. And also, just so I can hang out with her. She is such a genuinely sweet and kind person and one of my favorite photographers. Hire her!

  • Carbon Girl

    I am blown away by these photos. If and when we have a baby, I am definitely going to look her up. And hopefully by then, IF life works out, we will be in the midwest.

  • <3 christy!! I too have a plan for somehow getting Christy to photograph any/all future newborns. I'm so excited for her to go full-time with this business! best of luck Christy – also happy birthday!!

  • I just want to send out so much internet loving to all of you that have commented!! Your support and encouragement throughout this process has been truly overwhelming & unbelievable. And having you all here to celebrate this next step in life with me makes it all the sweeter. For reals.

    All my love & more,

  • Becky

    I just hired Christy to shoot my wedding next year, and all these comments are true, true, true! My fiance and I instantly loved her, and her work is beyond beautiful. I’m so freaking excited that we got her for our day!

    I literally contacted her yesterday for my September 2012 wedding.

  • Mallory

    Another hurrah for Christy! I’m so excited for her to shoot my wedding next summer! I’ve made a lot of compromises in the planning process already but I was so happy that I was able to choose such an amazing photographer for such a reasonable price. No compromises on this one for sure! I can’t wait!

    • jan

      its cool & nice

  • Christy is exactly the kind of photography I would hire. She is the perfect balance of loving personality and extraordinary talent.

    So happy to see you take the leap, Christy.

  • Christy’s work is so amazing that I almost want to have a baby just so that I can hire Christy to take pictures. She’s that god.