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If the pictures on this page look familiar to you, it’s because Jen Burrall Designs has actually been around APW for quite some time. But today I’m thrilled to introduce Jen Burrall Designs with her own studio, featuring gorgeous handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewelry inspired by nature (helloooo earrings at the bottom of the post that I totally need right now).

extra wide band on side

Let’s just say it: Jen Burrall Designs is the kind of business you want to give your money to. Jen explained the core of her business thusly:

We are a small shop in Portland, Maine that creates unique jewelry by combining inspiration from nature, with a skillful hand, and an eye for design. I still make each piece of jewelry by hand without using any commercial casting. This ensures that all of my customers receive a truly one of a kind handmade piece that is made special just for them! I love the fact that I make my designs out of recycled metal and fair-trade, conflict-free gemstones. I feel proud of not only the work I do but also the sources of the materials I use. I am proud to say that my business has been built from the ground up, and that I am finding success while doing what I love.

Most of the time when it comes to weddings, the word custom is synonymous with cash. But Jen’s designs range anywhere from $100 to $5,000 for engagement rings and wedding bands. And Jen told me she happily works heirloom gems into existing designs, which means if you have a family diamond that needs a new home, one of Jen Burrall’s nesting rings may be just the ticket. (And for those of you from out of town, Jen assures me that while it may seem strange to send a diamond to someone you’ve never met, she’s custom set stones for plenty of clients, even from far away, and all have been happy customers.) To celebrate joining the APW community, Jen Burrall Designs is offering a special 15% discount to all APW readers starting today and extending through Valentine’s Day. Just enter the code APW15 when shopping. (Discount applies to all silver engagement rings and bands, but excludes rings with diamonds and gold.)

nested pearl wedding ring set on ss

For those of you who are local, Jen recently expanded her business to include a new, improved shop, which means if you’re in New England (or otherwise willing to travel), you can stop in browse the current collection or speak with Jen directly about custom work (which is kind of extra awesome when you’re buying something as personal as an engagement ring.) But perhaps the best part of visiting Jen’s shop is that you might get to meet Jen herself, who is so passionate about what she does and about working with the APW community. She told me:

I love coming into my studio space and working with my hands all day. I love that I am creative in my work. One of my favorite aspects of jewelry making is getting to see a customer connect with a piece of jewelry I have made. It’s a really satisfying feeling to see someone fall in love with one of my creations. And APW couples are the best customers for us because you appreciate thoughtful, handmade jewelry that is skillfully crafted (yet still in a reasonable price range). I realize purchasing wedding jewelry is something most people have never done before and that’s why I am here to help! I always encourage my customers to choose designs that they can personally connect with to suit both their aesthetic and budget.

halo sapphire wedding ring set

And of course, I don’t have to tell you: Jen’s designs are gorgeous. It’s not easy combining ethical business practices with handcrafted work and affordable costs, and it’s even harder to do so and still create something really special, but Jen Burrall Designs gets there. (And then some. Oh how I love that nesting design.) Oh, and if you’re not in the market for engagement or wedding jewelry? Then, how about earrings, or a necklace, or stacking rings for everyday, or, or ,or… I should just by myself a Valentine’s Day present, right?

mixed metal stacking ring set ssMira Blue Topaz Drop Earring frontnested white topaz neck and ear set ss

So please join me in officially welcoming Jen Burrall Designs to APW. She’s thrilled to be working with you guys, and we’re even more thrilled to have her here, providing eco-friendly jewelry to all the stylish nature-lovers in the house. So head over to Jen’s shop (virtually or in person), browse, and then cross buy wedding bands off your planning list. (Look, I did it for you.)

Don’t forget! Valentine’s day is coming up, So get your 15% off any silver wedding or engagement rings while it lasts (from now until February 14th). Just use the code apw15 when checking out at

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  • Jen Burrall made our wedding rings – the nested white topaz set – and we love them so much! They were so affordable and totally unique! So excited to see her work here!

    • Jennifer Burrall

      I’m so glad to hear you like your rings! Thank you for posting! It’s always great to hear from my happy customers!

    • (Photo of the nested engagement ring just before we exchanged wedding rings- taken by the awesome Kelly Prizel)

    • (Photo of the awesome nested engagement ring on my hand, just before we exchanged wedding rings – taken by the awesome Kelly Prizel)

  • Ashley

    I also have the nested white topaz set. Love it!

  • Molly

    I love that nested white topaz set. I wish I had known about her back when we were picking out my engagement ring in 2012 and I probably would have gotten that one! It’s so unique! I love it.

  • Jade

    I gave Jen my great-grandmother’s diamond to put in the nest setting. I LOVE my ring! And Jen is super sweet and a pleasure to work with.