Corinne Krogh Photography: Now In Portland, Oregon (And With Zero Travel Fees Everywhere Else!)

If I learned anything from my move to California last year, it’s that the APW community is capable of making dreams come true, especially when it comes to allowing talented sponsors to pick up their business and move somewhere new and keep right on trucking. We’ve had sponsors move to new markets, to new countries, and you guys are always there, ready to lift them up and allow them pursue their art and make your weddings awesome and beautiful. Which is why I have no doubt that that’s exactly what’s going to happen for Corinne Krogh Photography, formerly of LA and now residing in Portland, OR. Because, Pacific Northwesterners? You are totally getting the awesome end of this deal (the LA folks might actually come after you with pitchforks). Not only is Corinne smart and sweet and ohmygod talented, but to celebrate the move she’s even offering special rates just for APW readers this year! Win!

Now, part of the reason that I know Corinne is going to take no time at all winning over our Portland readers is because she’s already done it everywhere else she’s been. (And girlfriend has been lots of places. She’s Southern born, raised in Alaska, has lived in LA, and even spent a month in Thailand earlier this year. Whew.)

In her last sponsored post, Corinne explained:

Right after my first sponsored post went out the response was huge and within a matter of weeks I had booked up most of my available summer dates. I was THRILLED, not only because of the fact I was suddenly able to reach the once thought farfetched goal I had set for my business, but also that amazing, like-minded, kind, sane, head-over-heels in love people were making that happen. The readers here at APW are the heart of my business, and every single wedding where I leave thankful for my job has been booked through this community. Which, in my opinion, is freaking rad. My business has a home, and I’m pretty sure that only the sponsors here at APW can say that about where they choose to advertise.

The thing is, Corinne’s portfolio unequivocally backs up her track record. In fact, I think I could have written this post in two sentences and it would have gotten the point across: Look at the photos. Dial her up. But if I were to elaborate, I’d say that Corinne Krogh Photography is exactly the kind of modernized classic portraiture that you guys are always telling us you want: crisp, emotional, maybe a little whimsical, but always bright and full of life. The kind of stuff your grandparents and artsy friends will appreciate. And the icing on the cake is that this year Corinne has committed to pushing herself and enhancing her point of view by experimenting more with film. (Sigh. Film. Always so pretty.) And the results so far are leaving left me completely speechless and slack-jawed. (Can we talk about these double exposures below? I have no words.)

Of course, it isn’t just you who’ve loved Corinne Krogh Photography since she joined up with APW. Corinne herself is head-over-heels for APW couples and what you stand for. She gushed:

After two years of shooting APW couples (yes, YOU, you lovely people), I’ve fallen in love. For the rest of my wedding photography career, I know I could shoot the couples that are a part of this community and be completely happy and fulfilled in my work. Since my first sponsored post went live, I’ve captured so much pure emotion on my camera, I’ve been completely humbled by each unique couple that’s trusted me in documenting their day.

I can’t imagine a better job than when I sit down to edit and I realize that the moments I’ve captured are some of the images people are going to remember their loved ones by. A priceless, huge moment in a couple’s life where they decided to take a leap forward and make things happen, and their entire community is there to support them. Finding that joy in life is what I chase, and my heart is so happy when I capture that for other people.

So, since Corinne really, really, really wants to work with you guys this year, she’s offering a special APW-only rate for the rest of 2013! Normally Corinne’s local rates average around $3,500, but for the rest of the year only, all weddings in the States, Canada, and Mexico are just $3,400. That price includes travel and gets you eight hours of coverage with two photographers (Corinne works alongside her husband as her business partner and second shooter), and high-resolution images. If you happen to be local to the Pacific NW, then the price drops to $2,900. And this goes for any wedding for the rest of the 2013 season. Rad. As for international couples? Corinne says get in touch. “We offer big discounts for them.”

My goal for the year is to see about a zillion more of Corinne’s photos show up in our Wedding Grad and Wordless Wedding inbox. And with Corinne‘s willingness to travel all over the globe to make that a reality, I say how about we make it happen? Because I’m one-hundred percent certain the end result will be magic, and my day will be all the better for it when you do.

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  • meg

    WHOA. Those double exposures. WHOA WHOA WHOA. Just, oh my god.

  • Emily

    From one APW Portland bride to be, a very enthusiastic WELCOME to the beautiful Pacific Northwest! Portland is amazing and I wish you the best of luck with your transition.

    P.S. I spent 6 weeks in Thailand this year, too!

    • Thanks Emily, I’m so excited to be up here! And 6 weeks?! That was what we wished we had, I wonder if our paths almost crossed. ;)