Corinne Krogh Photography: Portland & Southern CA

There is, perhaps, nothing I love more than an APW success story. You know, one where we take a super talented, super sane, super lovely photographer, add a whole bunch of best-clients-ever (you guys) and stir. And we’ve had TWO this week (what a lucky week, right?). So I’m super-duper phenomenally excited to talk about Corinne Krogh Photography, now in Southern California (till March 2013), and then in Portland and the greater Pacific North West after March 2013. Corinne says, “We’re relocating up to Portland in the spring and are so excited to go back to an area we love! After March 2013, we’ll be shooting in Portland and the greater Pacific NW as our local area, focusing on outdoor, nature filled weddings as much as possible.”

When Corinne Krogh Photography joined the APW family, she sort of overwhelmed me (in the best possible way), because she had such a clear voice as a photographer, and such a wide-ranging one. This is a woman who knew who she was as an artist, and wasn’t afraid to take risks. She shot with this great mix of beauty and whimsy, informed by her long love of photography, and her start as a wedding blogger (full story of her businesses beginnings back here). And now she’s taking that to a new level. She’s brought her husband on as her business partner and second shooter, and they’re thrilled to be creating together. She’s shooting on film now (this was part of how I picked my own wedding photographers, film FTW), and says, “I’ve added film into my weddings, so couples can expect me to show up with an assortment of vintage cameras to add to their coverage. I love shooting with the soul of film and am so excited to add this into my coverage. The cameras I use range from polaroids to European and American made vintage cameras alike. I’ve also included a few images to use in the post! My favorite is the ukulele playing couple. That image was taken with a Kodak Duaflex and it’s been one of my favorites so far. The light leak is pure goodness!”

Plus, Corinne Krogh Photography‘s prices start at $2,800 for six hours. She says, “As far as our new pricing goes, the idea was to simplify and make it affordable for couples of all budget sizes. So, we created a base package that every couple starts with. They then build onto it according to what they’d like. If they want a package with high-resolution image but can’t afford it, they can buy it later! If they want an album but would like to purchase it later and not right away, that’s fine too. By separating items it gives the couple complete control over getting exactly what they want, no more, no less. Pushing sales really isn’t our style, so we strive to keep it honest, easy to understand, and simple to book.”

But enough of the talk, let’s tell her Team Practical story. Because I know you guys love hearing about how you banded together to make an awesome business grow. Actually, I might pour myself a large cold beverage and sit back and enjoy this story myself, because I find them so totally exciting. Here is Corinne:
Right after my first sponsored post went out the response was huge and within a matter of weeks I had booked up most of my available summer dates. I was THRILLED, not only because of the fact I was suddenly able to reach the once thought farfetched goal I had set for my business, but also that amazing, like-minded, kind, sane, head-over-heels in love people were making that happen. The readers here at APW are the heart of my business, and every single wedding where I leave thankful for my job has been booked through this community. Which, in my opinion, is freaking rad. My business has a home, and I’m pretty sure that only the sponsors here at APW can say that about where they choose to advertise.
Now that my business is growing, it’s time to quit making baby steps and take a giant leap! My husband and I are following our hearts and moving to the awesome city of Portland, Oregon come spring 2013. Until then, we’ll still be booking Southern California at local rates through March 2013. After that, we may be able to toss some deals out there to be able to come back to the area often! Regardless of where you’re getting hitched, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We love exploring new places and the only additional charge is for the actual cost of travel, so we’d love to hear from any APW couple if they think we could be a good fit. In return, I can guarantee you my husband will make you laugh and probably say at least one inappropriate thing; I’ll be by your side doing anything I can to make your day the best it can be from the first inquiry to the last dance; we will do everything we possibly can to take gorgeous pictures of your day as you celebrate with all the ones you love. We really couldn’t be more excited about this change and we can’t wait to meet all the wonderful couples here at APW as a team.
So let’s do it ladies and gents. And now that I know that Corinne has a full summer of shooting your weddings, I’m expecting you to submit some wedding graduate posts and wordless weddings stat. Because we’re all dying to see the pictures and hear your stories. As for the rest of you (and the lucky, lucky Pacific Northwest) Corinne Krogh Photography is ready to make the magic happen (I mean, just go look…).
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  • Lindsay Barker

    We found Cori through APW and never looked back. She shot our wedding in May and we could not be happier. I HIGHlY recommend her! Nothing better than someone who is down to earth and stays late after your engagement shoot to have a beer.

    • Aw, thanks lady! Nothing better than a couple who BUYS you a beer after an engagement session. :) I had a blast with you guys!

  • Ambi

    It is a real testament to a photographer’s ability and artistic vision when I am moved almost to tears by photos of people that I don’t know.

    • Hazel

      I know, me too!

    • Thanks ladies, although the wonderful couples I’ve gotten to capture help with that a little bit. :)

  • Karen

    Sometimes when I read the photographer posts I’m so confused. I really have no idea what “film” means because I don’t know what to compare it to. And how should we know what is good or bad when we don’t know what that means?

    May I suggest a post just on photography that shows what types of images come from different types of cameras, different types of styles (what does photojournalist style mean anyway?), and other considerations when hiring a photographer?

    Since I’ve never hired a photographer, and I don’t take pictures myself, all of this talk of these kinds of details are way over my head.

    • meg

      We’re on it. Post coming up!

      • Karen

        Much appreciated!

  • Sam

    As one of the brides pictured here, I think it is finally time to post my first comment on APW! My new husband and I had a very DIY wedding, but the one professional vendor that I knew I wanted to hire was a photographer to capture all of the little details that I had poured myself into over the 2 years leading up to our big day. Being that this person would be the only stranger at our wedding (seriously, even the serving staff and bartender were friends!) and with a camera in our faces all day, I wanted to go with someone I would feel most comfortable with right out the gate. Obviously that meant looking through APW vendors! Common sense, really, because APW has flawless taste when it comes to, well, everything! Enter Cori, who was completely professional and helpful via email in the months leading up to the wedding. We met for the first time on the actual day of the wedding, and within 5 minutes, I felt like we were old friends and had complete faith in her. Both her and her awesome husband made us relax, laugh, and feel completely at ease in front of the camera. They were friendly and interesting when we wanted interaction, and completely unobtrusive when we were more focused on each other and the moment. They went above and beyond our expectations, and I whole-heartedly encourage any of you brides and grooms out there looking for a photographer to, at the very least, look through more of her work because she is definitely a talented artist!

  • Jennie

    I was just bemoaning the dirth of APW sponsors in Oregon! Welcome Corrine and company to one of the most awesome places on earth. Thanks for bringing some of your artistic magic our way; can’t wait to see all the awesomeness you will create up here!

    • Thanks Jennie, I can’t wait to create some awesomeness up there!

  • The bride looks beautiful! Thanks for the photography! Wish you good luck with your new projects in 2013!

  • I LOVE those pictures and your portfolio is AMAZING. I have been already married for over 6 years but we never did a party nor hired a photographer because we didn’t have time to (a couple of friends snapped some pictures). It is when I see pictures like yours that I wish we had. Beautiful work!

  • Hanna

    i love the photos, so pretty

  • Great info. Lucky me I came across your website by chance (stumbleupon).

    I’ve book marked it for later!