De Nueva Photography in New York City

Today I’m delighted to welcome one of our newest APW sponsors, Nicki of De Nueva Photography in New York City and Brooklyn (she also offers significant discounts on travel fees to shoot near her hometown in the Twin Cities area). Her work is imaginative, evocative, and yes… a little bit hip, and  her wedding packages start at just $1,495, making her stunningly affordable for New York City (go Team Practical go!). You guys are going to adore Nicki, and because she’s excited to get work with you she’s offering $100 off any of her wedding packages for APW couples. In addition, she’s also offering 15% off any wedding package for LGBT couples who book by Sept 1 in celebration of marriage equality in NY. Hurrah!

Here are some of the first things Nicki told me about De Nueva Photography and why I knew you guys were going to adore her:

  • She said, “Having spent all my working life at non-profits serving the underserved, I try to use my creative powers for good. Each year I give back a percentage of my profits to social justice causes or initiatives that I’m passionate about.  This past year’s causes included East New York Farms, Planned Parenthood and Doctors Without Borders, among others. I’m always on the lookout for new projects in the community!”
  • She endeavors to use gender neutral language on all client facing material, going the much needed extra step of being LGBTQ friendly (she’s a SoYou’reEnGAYged approved vendor as well).
  • She runs a green business and even uses a photo lab that is a fully certified forestry stewardship council printer.

I mean, you love her already, right?

When I asked Nicki why she wanted to work with APW readers in particular, she told me, “I want to photograph people who understand there is more to weddings then pretty favors and fancy linens. People who can be down to earth and just want to enjoy their day, whether it be in a park, on a farm, in a hotel ballroom, or in city hall. APW readers tend to get that. And because of that, they are so much fun to work with. I also want to work with APW couples because I wish I had found a community like this when I was planning my own wedding. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by the process and the bazillion details, and then to realize that it’s the marriage that matters, not how fancy your reception will be or what you serve for dinner.”

But more than that De Nueva Photography’s philosophy completely aligns with the APW philosophy. Nicki recently wrote this wedding manifesto, which is too good not to share:

I am not a platinum wedding photographer. I never have been, and I never will be. Something about spending an entire life savings on a single day (well, let’s be honest, much, much MORE then my life savings) just seems a little silly to me.

This week, amid the pomp and circumstance of the royals getting hitched and wearing beautiful gowns and riding in horse drawn carriages I got the opportunity to shoot and be a witness for an elopement at City Hall, pretty much the opposite of a platinum royal wedding. This ceremony had no designer dress or tuxedo, no fancy shoes. It didn’t have matching center pieces and coordinating linens and tableware. In fact, there wasn’t even a carriage awaiting them after they pushed through the revolving doors.

What this ceremony did have was love. It had lots of smiles, laughter, and a bride tearing up with emotion after she married her groom. It had a couple brimming with happiness. I think too often people get carried away with the linens and dresses and jewelry and limos and forget that what matters is what started you on the crazy journey in the first place. That pretty awesome person sitting next to you.

More than anything else, Nicki and De Nueva Photography are about capturing you and the people who love you honestly and beautifully during one important moment in your life. She’s not about the wedding stuff, or how the day should unfold; she’s simply about you. And that shows in each and every picture. It shows in the laughter, in the loving grins, in the glances. And her passion for her work shows in the composition and beauty of every shot.

So go New Yorkers, and enjoy. I can’t wait to see the magic you dream up together!

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  • Bird grafitti? Awesome. Nicki, you have a really lovely portfolio. :)

  • shorty j

    yesssss! Nicki is shooting me and Bryon’s wedding in 2012 and I am thrilled to bits about it. She is truly talented and a really lovely person, to boot.

  • Love photos 3 and 4. These are all brilliant shots!