Debi Parker Photography: Wedding Photojournalism in D.C.

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Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to one of APW’s newest sponsors: Debi Parker Photography. Basically, you should immediatly be super excited for two reasons. First of all (drum roll please), Debi works out of Northern Virginia, serving Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey. That’s right ladies and gents, we have another (rare! I don’t know why!) APW Photography sponsor serving the D.C. Area, where there are approxamently one billion of you. Yippie! But really, the reason I’m super super excited is for Debi’s rather massive talent. Let’s discuss.

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One look at Debi Parker Photography‘s work is a stunning experience. Her pictures are art: clear, aesthetically balanced, amazingly well edited (no filters to cover up the photography here), honest, and containing movement and emotion. What she delivers is that rare blend of the moment mixed with deeply practiced talent. And it’s no wonder she’s so good…

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Debi Parker Photography focuses on wedding photojournalism, and I’m pretty much mandating that you go look at her regular photojournalist work collected over the last decade. It’s stunning, and having that eye and experience brought to your wedding is a huge deal (not to mention her rather enormous sense of style). Since she’s a photojournalist, it’s no wonder that the moments she captures are the real deal: she’s not just shooting the objects at your wedding in a pretty way, or nabbing a great shot of you standing still. She’s capturing the moments: the real truth of the day as it unfolds. That is tremendously hard, and that talent is rare, and the resulting images are pure magic.

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And what’s super exciting to me is that Debi brings a huge depth of experience and talent to her role at your wedding, and her wedding packages start at just $2,900 for six hours of coverage and high-res images. Right? Right. Plus, she’s offering a 10% discount to APW couples, so D.C. ladies and gents, please LEAP on that. Seriously. I’m dying over here, waiting to see your weddings as shot by Debi Parker Photography. (Can we make it… soon? I’m not sure I can wait!)

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Debi was a sponsor of APW a few years back, but she’s back because she’s recently worked with several APW reader couples and fell in love. (Now, how flattering is that?) She told me, “I want to work with APW readers because the people I’ve worked with who are APW readers have the coolest, most creative and unique weddings that reflect who they truly are as a couple. They don’t go with what’s expected of them or even what they think is expected of them. Outside influences from this crazy wedding industry don’t play a role. APW couples are really one of a kind people who do it their own way and I appreciate that, tremendously! APW weddings are truly refreshing. I also really love how APW takes a different approach to weddings and marriage. It’s not just about the wedding day and the details. It’s about before the wedding, the wedding itself, and most importantly, what comes after the wedding. It delves so much deeper and it’s awesome.”

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And it seems to me that Debi loves that APWer passion for delving deeper, because her work does the same thing. It doesn’t just skim the surface of the wedding as pretty party, and instead works to capture the truth, as encapsulated in one moment. She told me, “My artistic philosophy stems from my background in photojournalism. I love to watch life unfold as it would naturally without my being there with a camera. You can’t stage or pose feelings, emotions or moments.”

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So D.C. and beyond, you’re welcome. Today is clearly you’re day. I’m so excited about Debi Parker Photography‘s work. (Seriously. this was one of those posts where I wanted to use All The Images, and I couldn’t, so instead you’ll have to browse her excellent galleries and blog.) I cannot wait to start seeing the epic collaborations y’all come up with. Enjoy. And yes, send us pictures.

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