December Weddings and Anniversaries

You guys! It’s the last Weddings & Anniversaries of the year! Well, I mean, sort of… we’ll update you on January weddings before we leave for the holidays, but this is the last batch of APW-ers getting hitched in 2011. Fun Fact: both David’s and my parents got married in December (mine on the same day as Mary & Mark at the end of the post) so around here we think that December weddings are the best things in the world. So I’m thrilled to bring you Alyssa’s roundup of wedding and anniversaries. (And please make sure and see the bottom of the post for a message about 2012 Weddings and Anniversaries.)

Wish all our soon to be wed couples joy, and grin over the anniversaries in the snow!


Abby and Jason J., December 3rd, 2011 in the US, and December 17th, 2011 in Dubai; Twitter: @strandsofcolor

Stephanie B. and Matt C., December 17th, 2011 (also her grandparents’ 62nd anniversary!);  Blog: Cubical Mouse

Jason and Maddie, December 18th, 2011; Blog: Englishy Errors

Anniversaries: Courtney and Jordan Khail, December 20th, 2008; Blog: Courtney Khail Stationery and Design, Twitter: @ckhail

Joseph and Erin, December 27th, 2009; Blog: ErinTakesPictures

Julia and Andy, December 4th, 2010

Kerry and Craig, December 11th, 2010; Blog: Spotty Typewriter (formerly of Fancy Notion)

Suzanne and Andrew, December 19th, 2010; Blog: Eyes Open, Feet First

Mary and Mark, December 28th, 2010; Blog: Marriageable, Twitter: @renascentia



Please note that submissions in 2011 do not carry over to 2012.  So if you were featured in any of our monthly wedding and anniversary round-ups in 2011, please resubmit your information to roundup [at] apracticalwedding [dot] com.  (Can’t remember the guidelines?  For shame… click here.)  And remember, as much as we swoon over your wedding photos, we swoon just as much over those adorable photos of you and your partner just being you.

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  • Sarah

    Good luck December brides! And congratulations to those celebrating anniversaries!

  • Looking at all the happy couples never gets old! Best wishes and congratulations to all!*

  • aww yay! such a small but awesome crop of weddings this month. <3

  • Congrats everybody! Hope you have wonderfulawesomemarvellous weddings.

  • Happy weddings and anniversaries! Winter wonderland wedding pics are the best!

  • Krista

    Wowee! Congrats all :)
    Also Julia and Andy’s photo has captured me… breathtaking!

    • Laura

      Me too! Julia & Andy’s photo made me smile on a really crappy day – it is awesome!!
      Congrats to the December couples :)

    • Love it so much! It’s everything a December wedding photo should be.

    • That photo reminds me of the snowy photo we feel defines our own winter wedding.

      Yea snow!!

    • Julia

      Thank you Krista and all who liked our photo! I’m Julia of the Julia & Andy photograph. We’re having a wonderful one year anniversary (started a new tradition of getting our Christmas tree on our anniversary) and it was made even sweeter by seeing this post and your comments. Happy weddings/anniversaries everybody!

  • So I already get all warm and gooey when it comes to APW, but add that to having our anniversary on it and I’m pretty much a puddle of love and happiness right now.You all rock! Now to go mop myself up and get back to work. Happy anniversary and wedding day to all of the other winter couples!!

    (Oh, and I think the inter-web may have eaten a few letters, but my twitter is @ckhail :) )

    • Alyssa

      That’s my shoddy copy and pasting skills. Fixed! :-)

      • haha no problem. I do that all the time!! Thanks for the correction though :)

  • Best Wishes to the soon-to-be married couples & Happy Anniversary to the married couples!! Pops of champagne for all~

  • KD

    Oh man, totally forgot to submit mine… I’m wedding date twins with Kerry and Craig!

    Congrats to all!! Woop!

    • Congrats, 12/11/10 twin! Can you believe its almost been a year?

      The best thing about a December wedding is that, after that year, managing the stress of the holidays seem like the biggest, most giant piece of cake. “Oh, you mean I don’t have to think about gifts and holiday cards while SIMULTANEOUSLY creating a seating chart for X number of people?? Psh. I got this.”

    • I forgot to submit mine too! how did I miss this? We are just squeaking in with 12/30/11 :-)

    • Emily

      I know, as soon as I saw the title of this post I thought “Aww crap, forgot to sent mine in”. Getting married in 8 days, 12/10! And big congratulations to all the weddings and anniversaries this month!

  • Congratulations to all the December couples!!

  • Alyssa

    I’m getting married December 31st of this year! Sending warm wishes to the other December Brides, and looking forward to the anniversary round up next year! <3

  • What a perfect winter wedding photo!!!! The brides beautiful smile, her dress and the veil in the wind…its just so Perfect! Thanks for sharing all these!

  • Somerset Wedding Gal

    What a lovely selection of couples! Many congratulations to them!