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Today I’m delighted to introduce you to one of APW’s newest sponsors, Dennis Pike Photography in New Jersey, New York City, and the Tri-State area. Looking through Dennis’ body of work, I was first gobsmacked by how gorgeous it was and then was struck by how delightfully surprising it was. In a world of trendy wedding photography, his work stands out. It has a very particular voice, an art book quality, and a blend of photojournalism, detail work, and portrait work that’s breathtaking.

And emotion. And composition. Can we talk about this shot for a second, because I’m more than a little bit obsessed with it. This, in one photo, is what wedding photography is all about.

But today’s post is cooler than that. I’m not just writing a sponsored post for Dennis. Nope! I’m writing a post for him because Courtney & Rob, long time APW readers, and friends of Dennis, were so delighted by his work (that’s them in the rain!) that they bought him an APW sponsorship as a gift. That’s not only touching and exciting for me, it also an awesome character endorsement.

Courtney says, “Dennis shot our engagement photo session, and we absolutely love the moments he captured and couldn’t have had more fun working with him on that rainy September day. Our decision to connect him with APW readers was simple: Dennis takes beautiful photos, he is a cherished friend, and we want to honor him for being there for us on our wedding day by helping his business grow. It’s just that straightforward.”

And Rob says, “Dennis’ website shows he has a very uncommon quality in wedding photographers. Dennis’ photos are not about fuzzy filters and sparkle. He shoots real people in real places. He shows that love is not always a ruby in a tall tower. Sometimes it’s a diamond in the rough. “

Perfect, right?

And it makes sense that Dennis Pike Photography takes such intense and beautiful photographs, given Dennis’ passion for photography. He told me, “Part of the reason that I love shooting weddings is the different types of photography I get to do every wedding day. I have a deep love for photojournalism, and a good portion of the day is photojournalistic coverage. I love to challenge myself to get great moments as they happen, but not just capturing the moment, but capturing it in an artistic was with great light.”

“Aside from that, I love dramatic portraiture.  I feel that a couple should get to look and feel like rockstars on their wedding day. I want my portraits of my couples to have a big “wow” factor. I pride myself on being able to do this quickly and in any lighting, weather or location situation. Obviously, the more time I have to make portraits with my couples the better. It gives me more time to explore a location, set up lights and do something truly unique. I am also a bit of a selfish photographer… I want every wedding I shoot to be the best one I have ever shot, and I am always, always, always shooting for my portfolio. This kind of selfishness works out well for my clients though, because I am always giving 100% and trying to outdo myself and be better every weekend.”

“I’m always trying to find time to work on personal projects, but unfortunately they always seem to fall by the wayside.  But I literally always have my camera with me just in case I see something photo worthy. Even if it’s just driving down the street to get gas, I have my camera. Whenever my wife and I travel, the trips always take longer than they should, since I am pulling the car over every few hours to shoot photos of something. Photography truly is my passion.”

Dennis is so excited to work with more APW couples (and I’m tremendously excited to see what kind of work you create together and the emotions and moments captured). Dennis says, “So far, my only experience with APW couples is with Courtney & Rob, but they embody the type of clients that I want. Fun, smart, have an appreciation for photography, unique. I like the idea of people doing their own thing for their wedding rather than falling into what they think a wedding should be. A wedding should reflect the couple, not something the media or the industry dictates.”

To say I’m excited to see what comes of APW-ers in the Tri-State area working with Dennis Pike Photography is an understatement. His work is so unique, his prices are amazing (all inclusive wedding photography starts at $2,400, a miracle in crazy expensive New York City), and he’s beyond excited to work with you. It’s going to be good. I can tell already. Now let’s make it happen….

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  • Dennis’ work is immaculate. What an honor to have clients do this for their photographer!

  • I’ve been a fan of Dennis’ photography for awhile now – dramatic lighting, simple processing, and amazing photojournalism. We haven’t met in person, but from all our online interactions, he’s funny, cool, smart, and seems like he’d be a lot of fun to hang out with. So happy to see him join the APW community!

  • Dennis must be a totally awesome guy for his clients to buy him sponsorship here! Go Dennis!

  • Dennis is amazing. Love his work. The image in front of the train is incredible. So many layers of interest in that image.

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  • Love this work! Dennis is great, thanks for the post, just found your blog, its really cool! :D

  • Jen

    Wow! That photo of Courtney & Rob…so gorgeous! Also the lighting in general in your pictures is beautiful.

  • So great to see you here Dennis!! Keep up the stellar work!