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There are a lot of ways to do printable wedding invites, but the excellent Eleanor of e.m. papers has devised what has got to be the hands-down simplest and most streamlined of all, and it’s probably the most affordable. For those of you who are, cough, procrastinators, but still picky design freaks who only want the best minimal awesome designs (but actually need it for your wedding programs tomorrow, or the birthday card you actually need to put in the mail by 2pm today) Eleanor is your girl. Also, Eleanor is also your girl if you are a calm organized pre-planner who wants beautiful wedding stationery at a really low price (think $29 for the design, and you can print it right at home. It literally will never get more affordable than that).

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How does longtime APW sponsor e.m. papers make this super affordable, super instant wedding stationery a reality, not a crazy myth that lives with the fairies? Well, what e.m. papers has come up with is a (kind of brilliant) online process. What’s different about e.m. papers is that you can instantly download their stationery (at a really great price) and fill the text in yourself.  The templates actually come with form fields for names and text. And don’t for a second think this is overwhelming, because it’s super simple. Eleanor has a brand new video tutorial on how it all works, if you want some guidance. But that’s not to say that e.m. papers isn’t hands on. They will do custom changes of colors and more, if you want to tweak the stationery to make it feel exactly right (something you’d never be able to pull off with old school pre-printed stationery).

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The best part is e.m. papers covers all your wedding bases, from the thoughtful and affordable wedding invites, to the oh-my-god-I-never-made-a-wedding-program-how-can-I-solve-that-now. Not only do they offer wedding invitation templates, they offer all the printable stationery you need before your wedding (Save the Dates, RSVPs, Enclosures). In fact, you can buy the designs for a full wedding stationery suite (nine designs that cover literally everything you could possibly need) for just $129. But if you only need one or two things, or perhaps you happen to be getting married tomorrow and need place cards, e.m. papers sells everything individually as well, like: printable menus, programs, seating lists, place cards, and table numbers.

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And also? How many of you got married this summer and know that you’re way behind on sending out thank you notes, but have been procrastinating because you figure you need to have exactly the right stationery, and it’s not like you’ve had time to get it? Achem. I saw half of you diving under your desks in shame. For you, e.m. papers has thank you notes that you can download right this second, and then print as soon as you climb out from under your desks. Shame solved!

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And if all that wasn’t awesome (and affordable) enough, Eleanor thinks like an APWer getting married. She told me, “Many of the templates do double duty; a seating list can be converted into a bar menu, place cards can be used as description cards on a buffet, you can use a version of an enclosure card (or an invite) for a rehearsal dinner, and you can even convert some of the items like the thank you cards into note cards to use as personal stationery after the wedding. The possibilities are endless!” And, really, how is that for practical?

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The best part about e.m. papers, well, other than the instant designs and affordable prices, is Eleanor herself. She’s a longtime (international!) APW reader, and you can read about her wedding in Germany and California right here. She has long history of both design and hanging around APW, and all of that fuses together into simple streamlined wedding invitations (that she makes sure you can afford. Eleanor says, “My dad is a letterpress printer and I grew up in his print shop. After being surrounded by metal type, paper, and classical typography my whole life, I spent over ten years in the online media world. This has infused my design style with both a traditional and modern sensibility. The question I ask myself with each new design I create is simple: “Would I choose this for my own wedding?” I find it rather poetic that the design I created for my own wedding, Garden Party, is an e.m.papers best seller! Working with APW couples is great. They are forward-thinking couples that approach their wedding thoughtfully and practically. Those are always the best kind of clients.” Because Eleanor loves you the best, she’s offering an APW 15% discount (use the code: APW812). So what are you waiting for?

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  • marbella

    Can I make a suggestion? Why does no one do new address printable cards? I would totally buy them for me and as gifts for new homies!

    • It’s on my to-do list, really!

  • Karen

    Eleanor is great to work with! Me and my partner really like the Love Joy Happiness invitation set and plan to use them for our wedding. We ordered this image in a poster format so people could sign it at the wedding. Eleanor was very easy to work with and quickly understood what we were requesting.

  • Ros

    We used the garden party set for our wedding this summer, and it was super-easy to print wedding invitations in 3 different languages. We also got tons of compliments on the design. :) Highly recommended!

  • Sarah

    We also used empapers and loved our stationary! It was great to get everything right away and to be able to print as we were ready with different sets of information. I recommend her to everyone that is getting married!

  • These look incredible!
    Very neat, simple and beautiful at the same time.
    Thanks for sharing these,
    It’s giving me ideas!