Emilia Jane Photography in Chicago

Emilia Jane Photography

I’m delighted to get to introduce one of APW’s newest sponsors: Emilia Jane Photography out of Chicago. Emilia is one of my favorite kinds of sponsors. She started as a reader, and then was an APW Bride. She told me that Team Practical not only helped her plan her own celebration, but restored her faith in weddings, as well. This is a lucky, lucky thing (go you guys!) because Emilia is also a talented wedding photographer. So, she got to thinking and realized that she really wanted to be shooting your weddings.

Emilia Jane Photography

Emilia told me, “I want to work with APW couples because they are real, down-to-earth people. I love that they’re about planning for the marriage, and not just the wedding day. My goal, through being a wedding photographer, is not just to take awesome pictures of the big day (which is a given), but to invest in relationships that last. Also because I was an APW bride not that long ago, I totally connect with a lot of the awesome people here, even though we haven’t met yet!”

Emilia Jane Photography

But not only does Emilia get you, and take pictures that capture vivid emotional moments, she offers super affordable rates. Her wedding packages start at just $1,800, and Emilia is giving all APW couples a free engagement session, just because she really loves you. She also offers special packages for elopements and weekday weddings starting at $900 (and still including that engagement session). Emilia got married in March at a beach house with 15 people in attendance (wedding grad post coming soon!), so she has a serious soft spot for those of you having small and simple weddings.

Emilia Jane Photography

Emilia told me, “I want to capture real moments of real people experiencing real emotions. I want to tell the story of the lives of two people coming together, and the celebration that follows. As most families’ first heirloom is the wedding album, I want to help be a part of crafting that and having it tell their story.” Or in other words: Emilia Jane Photography is about the fleeting moments that make up a wedding day, not about trendy shots, or wedding stuff. She wants to shoot what really matters, and that’s the two of you.

Emilia Jane Photography

So, go, browse Emilia Jane Photography’s site, check out her blog, and fall in love. Also, she’s doing a Starbucks gift card giveaway on her Facebook page today, so go “like” it (because I know you like it already).

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  • I want to be the first to say that I’ve met Emilia in person when she came down to Texas for a wedding and she is really, genuinely sweet and very laid-back! She asked me to be a second photographer for a wedding because her regular second shooter broke his hand, so I saw firsthand how she works with her couples… and she was super-duper nice to me too! So yeah, y’all want her to be a part of your wedding.

  • Emilia is an absolute sweetheart and super easy to work with. She genuinely cares about you and goes out of her way to establish a personal relationship. I can’t wait for her to shoot my wedding next spring!

  • Remy

    Emilia is shooting our wedding in August and I couldn’t be more excited! Our engagement photos (see her blog -Remy and Alex) are amazing and she was so fun to work with. My fiance does not enjoy photo taking in the least bit, but he actually had fun on our engagement shoot! Thanks so much, Emilia!

  • Sarah T

    Just out of curiosity, when photographers do things like a free engagement session, is it standard whether or not the couple actually gets any photos for free? My photographer did that, and we didn’t think to ask, but then we could only buy physical prints, or get the DVD for $300. Obviously we should have communicated better, but just wondering whether there’s a norm. We assumed we’d get the digital files because we’re getting them for our wedding, and that was part of the contract, but there wasn’t any separate paperwork for the e-session, so it could have gone either way.

  • Hi Sarah! I include the digital files :-)