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Now in Chicago AND New York City!

by Maddie Eisenhart, Managing Editor

In the past ten years or so, wedding photography has taken off like a rocket. Gone are the days of the cheesy Sears Portrait Studio wedding photos with faces superimposed onto pictures of champagne flutes and the like. Now, wedding photography is regarded as art. And while generally I think this is a pretty awesome shift, I also think it’s still really important that your wedding photos look like…well, your wedding photos, and not something from a photo shoot. Which is why I have a deep and abiding love for the photographers who have worked really hard to hone and modernize classic wedding photography, rather than do away with it altogether.

Championing this style is APW’s own Emilia Jane Photography in Chicago. Emilia shoots in what I call the “Modern Traditional” style, which means that you’re more likely to end up with pictures that are somewhat akin your parents’ wedding photos, only updated and made more awesome (well, maybe your┬áparents. Mine got married in the nineties. ‘Nuff said.) So, if JFK and Jackie O’s wedding photos rev your engine, you’re in the right place. And today I’m delighted to let you know that Emilia Jane Photography is expanding her operation to New York this year, and I’ve got three reasons to be excited about it:

1. Free travel! Emilia Jane Photography is currently splitting time between Chicago and New York, so travel to either of the two cities is free of charge. Emilia says, “Several of my favorite Chicago wedding couples actually live in New York right now, so it’s a logical transition to want to be spending more time with these people that I love, photographing more of their friends’ weddings! My couples are definitely not exclusively Chicago people, but they’re city people. They appreciate life downtown and enjoy spending time with others who feel the same way. I love good food, and can’t wait for my NYC restaurant list to surpass my Chicago favorites. You’ve been to EMP and Momofuku Ko? You are my people.”

2. Emilia is quick. She’s quick-witted (“I don’t take BS from drunk groomsmen or anyone else,” she says. And I’ve met her in person, so I can confirm that. Girlfriend don’t mess around.) But she’s also quick with image turnaround, which means you won’t be waiting forever to get your wedding photos back.

3. Emilia’s elopement and intimate wedding coverage starts at just $500! She told me, “Elopements and small weddings hold a special place in my heart because my husband and I actually only had twelve people at our wedding! I think these intimate celebrations cut straight to the point of the marriage, and photographing them fills my heart with joy.” (Not having a small wedding? Standard coverage for weddings starts at $4,000.)

The real reason to get excited, however, is that Emilia is constantly challenging herself to create wedding photos that stand the test of time. Remember when we told you that your wedding isn’t timeless? Well, photos from Emilia Jane Photography get pretty damn close. (I mean, how many photographers will make you look like Elizabeth Taylor in her prime?) But it’s not just about aesthetics. Emilia’s entire motivation for shooting in the style she does comes from a deep respect for the life that you’re building together. She explains, “I appreciate the value and beauty in the heritage and family customs that are being celebrated at each of my weddings. There is beauty in tradition.” What she means by that, is that she wants to capture your wedding in such a way that when you’re old and grey and dancing at your grandkids wedding, the photo taken in that moment will not look wildly different from all of the photos of the you dancing that came before it. I know, I cried a little reading about it myself. And now the lucky New Yorkers whose values align with Emilia’s can hire her for free travel at the exact same rates you can hire her in Chicago!

So get excited New York. Emilia Jane Photography is coming for you. And she’s a force to be reckoned with in the best possible way.

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  • Drooling. Just. Drooling. Also, Emilia is SUPER fun to hang out with- definitely someone you’ll enjoy having with you on your wedding day!

  • Cleo

    can we talk about the dress in the first picture? I want.

    • It’s Rent the Runway Badgley Mischka! <3

      • Cleo


  • Emilia shot my wedding, which you can see on her blog under San Francisco City Hall Wedding. Her ceremony images were so pure and gorgeous. She captured the elegance of the day beautifully.

  • Those photos of the grandparents dancing and kissing? Wow.

  • Genevieve

    I adore Emilia! She was an awesome person to have with us on our wedding days, and our photos are killer.

  • Appreciable photography Emila.Adore!!

  • love the cute little pumpkin escort cards!

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