Emily Alt Photography: Have Airstream And Talent, Will Travel

by Maddie Eisenhart, Managing Editor

A few months ago, we introduced you guys to Emily Alt Photography, the woman with a vintage Airstream and an idea. It turns out (no surprise here), y’all were just as excited about Emily and her husband Ian and their wacky (read: awesome) idea to travel the country photographing weddings in their vintage RV as we were, and you have been booking them like crazy for your weddings since, from big celebrations to small and everywhere in between.

In just a few months, Emily and Ian will be packing up their airstream and heading out on their country-wide tour (locations featured above), and they want to photograph you getting married as part of the adventure. But before they hit the road, Emily and Ian wanted to let you know that when they aren’t traveling in the Airstream, Emily Alt Photography will be taking up permanent residence in Michigan, and will be proud to represent APW in and around the Great Lakes. (Did I just hear a collective squeal from somewhere near Lake Michigan? I think I did.) To top it all off, for weddings outside of Michigan that aren’t part of the rolling elopements special, Emily Alt Photography has also decided to eliminate travel charges for all weddings in the continental US. Which means that wherever you are, and whatever kind of wedding you’re having, Emily Alt Photography is your gal.

And it’s a damn lucky thing too, because Emily Alt is the real deal, folks. Really, it’s Emily’s work behind the camera that makes all of this news of relocating and free travel so exciting for you guys. Emily jokes on her About Emily page that she very nearly called her business, “Damn Good Photos.” The truth is, that’s exactly what Emily Alt Photography offers: damn good photos from someone used to teach The Great Gatsby as a crime novel, and who gets you. And while Emily is every bit as talented at color photography, I find her black and white images to be so gripping that I can’t take my eyes away from them. I mean, these are the kinds of images that you frame and hang on your wall for years and years until you’re old and grey.

You know there’s nothing APW loves more than a good success story, and Emily Alt Photography has been one of this year’s most exciting. Emily says, “Working with APW readers has been…beyond the best. All my APW couples are sweet, thoughtful, considerate, creative, unique, and just plain fun. I haven’t had one single experience with an APW couple that didn’t end with me thinking ‘Oooh, I want to be friends!’ Having so many APW readers get in touch with me has been a huge honor—I feel so excited and also so humbled that so many APWers want to work with me!” With that in mind, Emily Alt Photography is offering 10% off to APW couples getting married in 2014 who mention this post and 15% off for anyone who books a remaining 2013 date (not applicable to the Airstream Rolling Elopements). With prices starting at $2,100 for basic coverage, I think it’s fair to say that’s a steal.

So what are you waiting for? Emily Alt Photography has left the door wide open for you to line up this talented artist at your wedding anywhere in the continental US, whether it’s a tiny elopement in the middle of nowhere she can travel to in her Airstream, or a big wedding on the banks of Lake Michigan. Emily Alt Photography currently has plans to visit the following cities between October of this year and March of next, so if you think you might fall somewhere in between, give Emily a ring and make that magic happen:

  • Asheville, NC
  • Tyler, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • Charleston, SC
  • Beaufort, SC
  • Quad Cities, IA
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • Lake Tahoe, CA
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  • Ellen

    Vermont tattoo!!!

  • ellebee

    Emily, your photos are so beautiful and I am so jealous of your Airstream life. We are in the early planning stages of having a lengthy road trip ourselves and are trying to come up with some sort of business idea to keep us on the road. I wish one or both of us were as talented as you!

    • Awwww! So sweet! We are just crossing our fingers and hoping this works! Where are you heading on your road trip?

      • ellebee

        Eventually? Hopefully around the world! It’s a long-term goal but is still pretty nebulous at this point. We did a great one in California and the Southwest this year and didn’t ever want to come home. We saw a couple in an airstream on the road and I remember telling him about your business and how inspired I was by it. I’ll just need to come up with my own business plan I can run out of a Lancruiser!

        • That’s so awesome though! I feel like I am hearing of more and more folks heading out onto the road and leaving their “regular” life behind–I can’t wait to see how this time goes for us–I’m sure we’ll be ready to come home eventually, but life in the Airstream is super comfortable and so nice to have only 10 things as opposed to 1000 in your life. I can’t wait!


    Welcome to Michigan!

    • kate

      aliasalias (oh jeez, I thought your name was Alia Salias, not alias-alias – hahah!) :) where are you?

      Seriously, we need to do a Michigan Practical Wedding “happy hour” !

  • Crayfish Kate

    Eeeee Michigan! The Mitten and I welcome you! Not sure where you’ll be settling, but if you’re going to be in the West MI/Lakeshore area & looking for friends, I’ll be around. Just sayin’ ;-)

    • We’re going to be mostly based in Grand Haven but will also spend a lot of time in Leelanau County–we’re originally from Grand Rapids, MI. Where are you Crayfish Kate? I am SO looking for new friends! Seriously….like I really want to be friends…for real. :)

      • kate

        yay Michigan!! Our wedding photographer, Mae of Bryan and Mae is in Grand Rapids.

        I’m hanging out (now near) Bay City if you ever get yourself over that way! :) Seriously, we need to do a Michigan Practical Wedding “happy hour” !

      • Crayfish Kate

        NO. WAY. My FH & I are in Holland, and we LOVE going up to Grand Haven! We took our first vacation together ever last year & went up to Leelanau & fell in love with that area too. We’re in the market for new friends too! I really want to be friends too! Shoot me an email at kpc4s [at] yahoo [dot] com, let’s make it happen!

        • Crayfish Kate

          (Wow, I must be really excited, b/c I have never used that many ‘too’s before. Sorry!)

  • Oh wow! Oh wow! There’s so much to love here. Can I come with you guys?


  • Love this, the bride is like a dancing angle, I was attracted by her deeply!

  • Great pictures. I was looking up moving companies in Michigan and things to do in Michigan. My husband and I are moving for his job and I am feeling a little apprehensive about it. I wish my wedding pictures turned out as nice as these did.

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