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Today I’m beyond thrilled to get to write a post about APW’s very own Emily Takes Photos. Emily has been with APW since the very beginning four years ago. She was one of our very first advertisers, way back when APW was just me and we were on blogger. She has always been dedicated to the site, and to me, and to helping us grow like a weed. She took David’s and my engagement pictures (like this one, awww) and took my author photo for the book (you’re welcome, hilarity). And she shot your weddings. Emily has shot more of your weddings than anyone else in the world. She built her business with you: doing your hair and makeup, passing your mom tissues while she cried, making you feel like your most natural and beautiful self on your wedding day, and becoming friends with you long after the wedding day had past. And then, a little less than a year ago, she joined APW as our advertising manager, helping the site grow and thrive. She’s always felt like one of the family, but now she’s one of the family for real.

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This winter, Emily Takes Photos has been focused on making her business even better (which I didn’t even think was possible). She worked with Super Runaway, the design team behind APW, to launch a brand new site (seriously y’all, it’s so pretty, and you can read about the design process here). She’s re-worked her pricing, to make it even better for you… and is currently running an APW only pricing special with rates starting at $2,900, until March 16! Take her up on that! Emily is serious about no-hidden-fee pricing. She wants the number you see up front to be the number you end up paying, and I’m just crazy grateful for that. And then, there are the photos. Ohhhh, the photos. Emily has taken a ton of photos of me this year, and when it happens it’s so effortless, and you always look stunning. But today, Emily wanted to tell you why you and the APW community matters. She wanted to talk about how you’re changing the wedding world and have totally changed her life. Take it away, Emily:

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It’s hard to put into words what this community means to me. APW has become such an integral part of my life and my business that I wouldn’t know how to function without it.

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I started my business because of APW. I built and grew my business around APW. My business continues to thrive because of APW. And sometimes I forget there’s a world outside APW. A few things have happened to me recently that have opened my eyes and made me realize just how truly special the APW community is, both the readers and the vendors, and how lucky I am to be a part of it and run a business supported by it.

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While most of my clients are either APW readers or friends of APW readers, occasionally I’ll book a couple who found me elsewhere and haven’t heard of APW (though I fix that quickly!). I recently booked a couple who found me elsewhere, and during our initial meeting, they asked me, “What are your hidden fees?” I must have looked like a deer in the headlights as I asked them what they meant by that. In the three years that I’d been with APW, I was in the company of other vendors who were upfront with their pricing and readers who knew that about us, so this question caught me totally off guard. I had almost forgotten that there were a whole industry out there who was, for lack of a better term, out to get their clients. This couple almost didn’t believe me when I told them I didn’t have any hidden fees!

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I just came from a photography conference, and in talking with other non-APW photographers, I realized again how totally different and awesome the APW community is. These other photographers talked about “brides brides brides,” were never gender neutral, and totally played into that whole WIC hype. It all just felt so foreign to me! Fortunately, other APW sponsors were there representing and spreading the word!

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Oh, and speaking of how awesome the community is, I’ve always said that meeting APW clients is like meeting new instant friends. Well the same goes for the team of sponsors! I’ve gotten to know them through my role as APW Advertising Manager, but meeting them in person was like catching up with old friends I’ve known my whole life.

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So really, I just want to say thank you to the entire APW community. Because of your awesomeness and dedication to APW, I have been able to grow as a photographer and as a business owner. I have made so many connections and friendships with people I truly cherish. I have gotten so lost in the APW bubble that it’s a shock to my core when I step out of it. So, thank you for that bubble. It’s pretty great.

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So Team Practical? Emily Takes Photos is one of our own, through and through. Her photos have such clarity, movement, and warmth. They’re not just stunning, they’re shot through with emotion and are the real thing. Plus, she’ll crack you up while she delivers you pitch-perfect wedding pictures. So snap up that APW only pricing right this second. You may never get Emily for $2,900 again. BAM! Magic: happen.

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  • Now that we’ve met I can say more definitively than ever before that Emily is awesome.

  • Aw Emily, this is wonderful. Really people listen to Meg when she says to hop on the special APW pricing, you won’t regret it!!

    • Liz

      Look at you-commenting!

  • Emilia

    I have to agree that Emily is awesome. I think having her as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made about our wedding. So, if someone is still looking for photographer, go for her. She’s just so fun to work with!

  • I love me some Emily!! And Meg is right – she does do some mean hair. (Seriously. I never “do” my hair & she did mine at the photography conference and I luuuurved it!) :)

    Oh and there is the fact that she takes some fabulous pictures while she’s at it… and all of that along with a healthy dose of funny (which always makes everything better!!) :)

  • Aww thanks ladies! Now I feel all warm and fuzzy :)