Five Engagement Rings Under $1000 From

Even outside of our superpartnership with them, I’ve always held a special fondness in my heart for Partly because they are based in my hometown in Maine (founder Adrianne actually lives just a few miles away from my family), but mostly because they are committed to supporting independent artists, so I always feel really good after I buy something from knowing that my money is going toward artists making a living with their art.

These days, with their awesome selection of hip handcrafted necklaces, is my go-to for things like Mother’s Day Gifts, the graduation present for my sister I really ought to buy since she’s graduating next week, and sometimes for presents I really just want to buy myself (cough Gondola Earrings cough).

But today I want to rewind and take it back to what made me fall in love with to begin with when they first joined APW as sponsors a zillion years ago: indie, artisan, and vintage engagement rings that are beautiful, ethical, and affordable. So today we bring you five engagement rings under $1K from This doesn’t even begin to represent all of the amazing, varied, and equally affordable styles these guys have in their inventory, so I encourage you to hop on over to their site and see for yourself. It’s possible there’s something there for everyone (even me, with my Liberace tastes).



From top to bottom: 1. Monhegan Moonstone Engagement Ring ($250) 2. Dainty Diamond Trio Engagement Ring ($625) 3. Nested White Pearl Engagement Ring with Gold Nest ($515) 4. Willa Diamond Engagement Ring circa 1950 ($754) 5. Serenity 4mm Diamond Engagement Ring ($905)

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  • The vintage ring! Swoon. I can never get enough of sparkly things.

  • Laura C

    Since TurtleLove’s last post here, I’ve regularly gone over to look at their vintage rings. One of them really, really tempted me as the dynamic pricing dropped. And I mean, I specifically asked not to have an engagement ring, but still I’m so tempted! Keeping my eye on that vintage section in case anything along the lines of what I had in mind for a wedding band pops up…

  • I was thisclose to having a moonstone engagement ring and seeing this one makes me want to buy one for myself. I also love the vintage ring.

  • Marina

    Forget engagement ring, I’ve been married almost four years and I’m trying to think of reasons to get the diamond trio. Holy gorgeous, Batman.

  • Yay for Maine businesses (I’m one, too)! I’m totally going to share this with my clients, thank you so much for bringing TLC to my attention. I love promoting great Maine artisans.