Experience Registries in NYC and Toronto from Better Ever After

More fun than a toaster (but costs the same)

If you live in a big city, odds are your living arrangement is not big on space. Closets? Basements? Attics? Those things exist only in horror movies and as passageways to Narnia. When it comes to the intersection of wedding registries and city living, there aren’t a whole lot of options that don’t leave you with boxes from Bed, Bath & Beyond piling your living room floor, or with weird pottery from your Aunt Kathy, or with your Nana complaining that she doesn’t know what to get you. That is, until Better Ever After. Better Ever After is an experience-based gift registry that focuses on what comes after the wedding: your marriage. And today we are excited to announce that Better Ever After is expanding their services to Toronto with a great mix of new gifts like rock climbing lessons from the Rock Oasis, wine tasting classes from iYellow Wine Club, and painting workshops from Paintlounge and tons more!

Experience Registries 101:

Better Ever After combines all the best parts of a traditional registry with the ease of an alternative gift registry. Your friends and family can purchase fun, unique experiences for you and your partner, from dance classes to painting, rock climbing to cheesemaking, sailing to wine tasting, and the list goes on. The average experience from Better Ever After is priced between $50 and $200, making it an easy and affordable option on par with what your guests might already spend on a wedding gift (with a few higher priced options that would make great group gifts). And instead of donating to an anonymous fund, your gift is sent as a gift certificate, in Better Ever After’s custom packaging, so your Nana can still feel like she’s giving you a “real gift.” (Or combine your Better Ever After registry with a traditional registry and let your Nana get you that crock-pot you want, while your uncle buys you beer-making lessons.) And since Better Ever After understands that you might not get to your experience right away, you have up to five years (and in some cases, longer) to redeem your gift. Do I hear an anniversary present calling?

Here are just a few examples of gifts you can register for with Better Ever After (click here to see the full scope of Better Ever After’s experience gifts, including new NYC experiences!):

The Secret to a Happy Marriage

Better Ever After is one of the few wedding registries that considers what you and your partner might do as a married couple outside of your home. Founder Olivia explains:

After spending yet another hour contemplating butter dishes for my own wedding registry, I was starting to wonder, what am I doing here? I didn’t really want a butter dish, didn’t have anywhere to put a butter dish, and on top of that, my friends weren’t exactly excited about giving me a butter dish.

Hearing stories of my friends’ similar experiences with their wedding registries, one thing became clear: we didn’t need more stuff in our lives! All these blenders and candlesticks and formal teacups were just taking up space in our already full apartments. What we really wanted to do as a newly married couple was to go out and have fun together. And so, Better Ever After was created.

For us, Better Ever After is not just about the wedding day; it’s about the fun you have as a married couple. We want to redefine how people think about wedding gifts, from “stuff” to “stuff that will make our relationship better and bring us closer together as a couple!” It’s all about doing, not having.

Next Stop: Your City?

Better Ever After loves getting feedback from APW couples on what activities they should add to their registries and which cities they should expand to next. If you want to submit your city for Better Ever After‘s next expansion, head over here and let Olivia know. (Psst, San Francisco, please?! I’ll happily be your test subject.)

So if you’ve been trying to figure out what to put on your registry, but can’t begin to fathom where you’re going to put a crockpot. Or hey, even if you have a traditional registry and just want to balance it out with some non-traditional items, check out Better Ever After and their experience gift registries in NYC and Toronto. Your closet will thank you. (And you can tell it “you’re welcome” with important things, like shoes.)

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  • Stacey H.

    This is one of the most fantastic ideas I’ve ever heard! I like how it allows your loved ones to contribute to your marriage itself through a variety of fun and different experiences. Having small “adventures” together sounds the perfect way to enjoy your partner and LIFE. Bravo!!

  • Alyssa M

    Man, this is one of the few reasons I’m disappointed by living in my tiny city. This is my dream registry, but no matter how much I ask, my cities just too small for companies like this.