Fall APW Advertising Deal!

A Practical Wedding Advertising
(* Real APW advertisers, not staged.)

Sometimes, you have to celebrate your own accomplishments, you know? And after spending two and a half years wanting to put together a kick-ass APW advertising page, we did. And then we revamped our media kit. Both were a ton of work, and we’re proud of ourselves. So, eff it. Now we’re celebrating.

For exactly one week we’re offering our $750 all-inclusive front-page advertising intro package (three months of front-page advertising, an introductory sponsored post, and a Vendor Directory listing) for $550. This is probably the steepest discount we’ve ever offered in the history of the site, but hey, we have to throw a party for ourselves somehow (and you get to be invited, hurrah!). Currently, we have exactly four slots left for 2012. (And when they are gone, they’re gone!)

If you’ve been pondering APW advertising for awhile, this one’s for you. The thing that makes APW advertising different is simple: obviously, first of all, it’s mostly because APWers are awesome, and really truly give a shit. Secondly, it’s because when you do front-page advertising, you get the power of the staff and the other APW vendors behind you. You get a private APW vendor forum, Emily giving you business advice when you ask, Maddie chatting with you about branding, and me getting under the hood and trying to really learn your business the best I can so that I can write about it in a way that really explains who you are and what you do. (You can read more about what APW advertising is all about, and what our advertisers think about us on our brand new advertising page.)

And then get in touch with our Advertising Manager, Emily, using our contact form, to nab one of those last four slots. We can’t wait to get to know you.

(And yes, totally send this post to that vendor from your wedding who you loved, who you’ve been telling about APW for ages…)

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  • Ohhhh I wish my business was ready for this! Maybe by next fall :)

  • I am saving my pennies for my vendor listing, because you guys are awesome and my #1 priority for advertising this year. Wish I had cash on hand right now because this is an amazing, amazing deal.

  • Awwww just went on the advertising page and there’s the back of my head, representing all the UK laydeez! I am absurdly excited by this. (I’m such a loser.)

    • meg

      I was like, wait! Where! OH THAT’S YOU! (Maddie picked the pictures for that). Happy.

  • Just a note to let you all know that those 4 spots have been filled, but I’ve started a waitlist if you’re still interested in advertising!