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Today is one of those rare sponsored posts that’s as much for the married, pre-engaged, and single ladies as it is for the engaged ladies. And I love that. Favor Jewelry…  it’s something we can all get behind! Monika, of Favor Jewelry came on as an APW sponsor last year, and I can’t personally endorse her work strongly enough. Oh, wait. Yes I can. Because you’ll see me wearing Favor Jewelry when I was holding my book for one of the very first times, as a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding, at Yay New York, and going dancing. I’ve worn it everywhere. I even lost one of my Favor earrings in Istanbul, and am still grumpy about it.

Why do I love Favor Jewelry so? Well, it’s beautiful, first of all. It’s simple, delicate, hand hammered, and stunning. But it also has soul, which I think comes from being made by hand by an artist like Monika. But Monika isn’t just a super talented artist, she’s also focused on running an ethical business. She says, “As nature provides the inspiration as well as the materials for Favor, I feel it is an obligation to act environmentally and socially responsibly. I carefully research materials’ sources and I am committed to American distributors, who I feel confident are providing fair wages and are meeting ethical working standards. I use natural gemstones and reclaimed, hypoallergenic, and nickel-free metals. My sterling silver and 14k yellow and rose gold are certified to be 100-percent recycled. My 14k goldfill has verbal assurance that it is manufactured from post-consumer recycled metals. Additionally, I recycle all metal scrap, use recycled paper in printed materials, and all packaging is post-consumer recycled, recyclable, and reusable. I design and produce all of Favor Jewelry in Portland, Oregon, to support the local economy.” Plus, she gives a portion of her profits to the American Brain Tumor Association, the Audubon Society, and the Natural Resource Defense Council. (How much do I love that so many APW sponsors give a portion of their profits to charity, as part of building businesses we can all be super proud to support?)

Plus, Monika has worked with tons of APWers for jewelry to wear on their wedding day. (You can see Danielle wearing a lovely Favor necklace at her beach wedding!) She says, “I’ve gotten so many customers from the APW community and each one has been a treasure to work with. They’re laid back and so sweet and really, just my favorite type of person. I’m always honored to know that my jewelry is going to become an intentional part of someone’s special day. (Or permanently on their finger!)” (Not to mention she’s done things like worked with my husband to get me an anniversary gift!)

But enough with all the pleasantries. Let’s talk SHOPPING, shall we? Yeah, I was pretty sure you were with me this Tuesday afternoon. First up, I’m pretty obsessed with the ring the model above is wearing. It’s two of the shaped triangle rings worn together (for just $34. I want them now, now, now). She’s also wearing two of the $34 isosceles bracelets, which I’m also borderline obsessed with.

And then! How about these $46 isosceles posts, and the $72 triad necklace (mmm, triangles)? I’m also pretty obsessed with the chevron necklace and the hex necklace (you’re going to want to go look at those).

But the other thing I really want to discuss is Monika’s simple rings. They are perfect if, like I was, you’re searching for a very simple handcrafted indie wedding ring. Her halo rings are $18-$90, depending on your metal choice, and are simple one millimeter bands. (This is exactly what I have as my wedding band, which I had a terribly hard time finding… and here, the problem is solved for you.) Her glint rings and pebble rings are also perfectly perfect for wedding bands. And then there are the slightly edgy droplet rings, which would be amazing wedding rings, but I also want just because.

So enjoy. Favor Jewelry is perfect for simple and affordable wedding bands, wedding day jewelry, and just every day jewelry. It’s also perfect for sending links to your partner to make them buy you presents. Take my word on that. And wearing it is like wearing something with a tiny little soul, made ethically and by hand by Monika. You can’t get better than that.

Photos from Favor Jewelry’s summer look book by Leah Verwey

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  • Allison

    Ooh. I want the halo rings to stack on my right hand with my great-great-aunt’s tiny little delicate wedding band.

  • Lauren

    I left my Favor boulder necklace in our wedding night hotel room six months ago, and I’ve been mourning it ever since. So, I may have just clicked through to buy another. Maybe.

  • Those rings are amazing!

  • Lturtle

    Yay for beautiful handmade stuff from Portland! One of my favorite things about living here is how many ethical local businesses there are. Now for some jewelry shopping…

  • Lovely!

  • I’ve been jealous of Meg’s petal hoops for a long time and I finally got my own last week! I’ll tweet Meg & Monika a pic the first time I wear them.

  • KatieBGood

    Lovely! Does she do custom work? My fiance got my engagement ring from Brilliant Earth, but their prices for wedding bands are a touch step. My engagement ring has a curve to the band on top, so we’re hoping to get something made to fit with it. The halo ring looks perfect with a little work!

  • wow, I salute the jewelry designer and maker!