Favor Jewelry: Indie Wedding Jewelry & Rings

You guys! I’m really, really excited that I get to tell you about Favor Jewelry today. Favor Jewelry is located in Portland, and is focused on creating sustainable and ecologically friendly jewelry, which I love. That, and it’s beautiful.  I just got a huge package of Favor Jewelry from Monika, the artist, last week, and it’s my new favorite thing. I am wearing it non-stop. It’s perfect for weddings, for gifts for your ladies, or just for making you happy every single day.

So let me introduce you to my new jewelry wardrobe! First, the pebble bangles, pictured above. I’ve been wearing them with skirts and flow-y dresses and, um, everything, but I think they would be beyond excellent with a simple sheath wedding dress. And then later, you could wear them  with a t-shirt and jeans, and have a little piece of your wedding day with you. Or, eff it, you could just get them to wear with a t-shirt and jeans (I did).

Then there are my new Twig Hoops, which at $40, make everything I wear seem just a little more stylish. These would make a lovely gift for your ladies, or simple wedding wear. Other new favorites include the drop hoops ($46, and I’m wearing them three times a week), the petal hoops for  $42 (I swear, every photograph looks better with these next to your face, I don’t know what it is! Magic!), and the drip hoops for $46. (Which I’m dying to see with a wedding dress!)

And then there are the indie wedding ring options. I searched high and low to find a one millimeter wide, handmade wedding band, and y’all? Those are hard to find. But Favor Jewelry makes these slim rings, from $16-$70. They are beautiful and hammered, and the one in rose gold kills me.

And then there are her bracelets. Like this lovely oval bracelet (bridesmaids? yes?) And her necklaces, like this raindrop necklace, which would be a lovely wedding piece, for a strapless dress. So go. Browse her spring look book (which you will want to make out with), and then go shop. Buy yourself something wedding-y. Buy your ladies a gift. Heck, buy yourself a gift. And then next time we see each other, we can delight over our matching jewelry.

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  • yay!! i love monika’s creations.

    i wore a necklace and matching earrings from her on my wedding day and got soo many compliments.

  • Other Katelyn

    I’ve been looking for the perfect simple gold hoops – and I just ordered the twig hoops seen here. I’d so much rather buy from vendors that support my favorite sites than from any old shop. Thanks for the lead!

  • I too want them all. I need to think about my purchase carefully.
    At least with jewlery I don’t need to worry about how big my belly will be!

    • meg

      Amen to that!

  • Can you start featuring some ugly jewelry so I don’t continuously lust for every single piece of jewelry at every jewelry store you feature on this site?! ;)

    Kidding. But seriously. Your making it very hard for me to pick out ONE present to myself with all the gorgeous jewelry you routinely feature.

    • Exactly! (And I’m not even much of a jewelry wearer!)

  • The jewelry is very good.

  • So many beautiful new things just got added to my online wish list.

  • Nina

    Wow. Thank you so much for taking on such great sponsors, particularly Jewelry sponsors. I adore supporting business like these, and I love their aesthetic. Seriously, the are very very good odds that I’m going to purchase something from them within the next half an hour. Today is my Mom’s 60th birthday (Yes, this is the Nina whose parents won the free photoshoot in Austin from Elissa R, another APW sponsor!), and this would be a PERFECT present.

    Thanks APW, for helping me to become the best daughter of all time.