Lisa Wiseman Weddings In The San Francisco Bay Area

by Maddie Eisenhart, Managing Editor

I remember telling a colleague once that looking at her photos was like looking through water. I don’t exactly know why that combination of words fit the bill, because it doesn’t make much practical sense. Suffice to say I intended it as a high compliment. What I really meant was that looking at her photos, I felt as though there was nothing between my eyes and the subject. No camera, no filters, not even a photographer. Just clarity. Like water. When I saw the portfolio of San Francisco’s newest sponsor, Lisa Wiseman Weddings, my mind went to the exact same place.

Lisa Wiseman is clearly an artist’s photographer. It’s plain from just one glance at this post that Lisa’s photos are stunning. (Like looking through water right?! Is anyone with me here?) But what really sets Lisa apart from the pack is that she doesn’t just deliver quality images and leave it at that. Lisa Wiseman Weddings is about the place where beautiful stop-you-in-your-tracks photography and above-and-beyond customer service intersect.

Full Service Wedding Photography

Lisa describes her business philosophy as “full service.” When pressed to explain what that means, she gave me this example:

I had a meeting scheduled with a bride the week before her wedding to go over any last minute details. Instead of talking briefly as planned, we chatted for nearly three hours about everything that was going on in her life, including her nerves about the big event. I told her about my own experience getting married, about how during my wedding, while dancing and watching our group of friends and family all smiling and celebrating, I had a moment where I turned to my husband and said, “This is what it must feel like to be a parent and hear your kids laughing: pure unadulterated happiness.” I told my client that I bet she’d experience the same thing: a moment where everything falls away and it’s just about the person you’re spending your life with and the crazy happiness of the day. Shortly after her ceremony she looked over at me and said, “You were so right, this is amazing,” and I knew that our time spent chatting resonated with her and helped her not worry about the stresses, to just focus on the big love.

The short of it is, Lisa Wiseman Weddings is there when you need it, for however long you need it. “Need help picking flowers? Wanna just talk over coffee? Opinions on shoes? I’m there!” Lisa added. In fact, in an age where photographers are moving ever closer to full digital delivery, Lisa¬†chooses to deliver her images by hand. She explained to me, “After a wedding, I usually like to meet with the couple for an hour or two to deliver the photos. I know there are ‘easier’ ways to do this (like an electronic download) but I really enjoy catching up with a couple and hearing about their honeymoon, future plans, etc.”

Sucker for the Love

So why does Lisa Wiseman Weddings operate this way? As Lisa puts it, she’s a “sucker for the love.” She told me, “I find many wedding photographers I chat with in passing don’t actually enjoy shooting weddings (what?!) but I adore it. I shoot a limited number of weddings each year so that I am able to provide great service and so that I continue to love weddings as much as I do now.” She added, “For me, photography is really a service industry and I aim to exemplify and provide excellent service all the time.”

Because the thing about wedding photographers is, we have a busy season. During the summer months, it can be harder to get the kind of attention you want from your photographer. But because Lisa’s bill-paying work is in advertising, she’s able to channel her passion for wedding photography into a select few weddings each year and really dedicate herself to giving you the most value for your money. And that right there (paired with the gorgeous photos, of course) makes her worth every penny.

Simplicity (and a Discount!)

With all this talk of service, it should be no surprise, then, that Lisa Wiseman Weddings is also about simplicity. In fact, inspired by APW’s love of all things easy and uncomplicated, Lisa recently revamped her pricing to be super simple and easy to work with. With Lisa Wiseman Weddings, classic wedding coverage starts at $1,995 for three hours of coverage, and additional hours can be added on from there. For elopements and other “petite” weddings, you can hire Lisa for $1195. Both of Lisa’s packages include the complete set of edited images (which Lisa hand-edits herself) and travel within one hundred miles of San Francisco. On top of all that, Lisa is offering a $200 discount to APW readers who book before August 31st*. (Get. On. That.)

The Photos, You Guys

And then there are the photos. Sometimes it’s hard to write sponsored posts, because I just want to draw arrows all over my computer pointing to great photos and saying, “Just look at this! Do you see what’s going on here?!” That’s the kind of work Lisa Wiseman Weddings produces. (And don’t get me started on Lisa’s personal work. I spent about an hour of time I didn’t really have this week poring over her stunning¬†30Love project, which you can read about over here.)

So fellow Bay Area residents, let’s give a huge welcome to Lisa Wiseman. She brings something to the table that doesn’t look like anything else around these parts, and for that I couldn’t be more excited. You, on the other hand, should be excited about everything Lisa is bringing to your table (which to me sounds like coffee, amazing photos, and a new best friend). But Lisa’s not being modest when she says she only shoots a few weddings each year (let’s just say I can count the number on my fingers.) So get on it! Secure that amazing skill before it’s gone.

*Discount cannot be combined with other specials or discounts

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  • Lovely work Lisa! I really like!

  • Rebekah

    Holy. Crap.

    How am I supposed to choose just one APW-sanctioned photographer when I love them all? Geez you guys.

  • Beautiful work, Lisa!

  • Abby

    Having reached out to Lisa for our wedding over a year ago, I can say that her enthusiasm for the craft is very self-evident, both through her portfolio (which has a very photojournalistic vibe that I totally dig) and what brief communication I had with her.

    We ultimately didn’t book her for reasons that had nothing to do with her personally, but I would definitely recommend her to my friends. It’s SO important to find a photographer who cherishes the day as much as the happy couple, and I think Lisa really fits the bill.

  • stunning photos, great work!

  • Thanks all for your very kind words! Much appreciated!