Brent & Jess: Custom Fingerprint and Signature Wedding Rings

And the stories behind them

by Maddie Eisenhart, Chief Revenue Officer

Whenever we talk about Brent & Jess, makers of custom fingerprint and signature rings, the conversation always comes back to their happy customers. Brent & Jess have some of the most glowing reviews in the business. (I’ve been on the receiving end of their customer service myself, and Brent and Jess are some of the most professional, personable, and timely people you’ll ever meet.) But the significance of Brent & Jess rings often goes much deeper than the experience you get with Brent and Jess themselves. Getting your partner’s fingerprint or signature engraved on your ring means that you get to carry them with you wherever you go, making Brent & Jess a particularly meaningful choice not just for sentimental types, but also for people who don’t get to see their partners all that often. So in the spirit of Brent & Jess customers, we asked a few of their past clients to share the story of their Brent & Jess rings and why they are significant to them today. Warning, tears ahead:

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Catherine & Tara

Tara found Brent & Jess online and we were both intrigued by the idea of having such an intimate part of each other so permanently etched into the symbol of our commitment. We were excited to see that the studio was in Topsham, Maine, about thirty minutes from Portland where we were getting legally married. We were pretty sold on them just based off of the website, but we wanted to see the rings and the process in person. Brent and Jess were both so happy to show us around their studiotheir pride in their work shone in their eyes and every aspect of their business and they really got into getting our fingerprints just right. Brent especially loved showing off his workspace and explaining the process our rings would go through! Having such a personal experience and a hand in the making of our own rings was an absolutely wonderful experience. The time and care they both took made us comfortable, and we really enjoyed the trip to meet them. While we are currently living in Indiana, we are from Virginia and got legally married in Maine where Tara’s mother was living at the time. It was important for us to have her be a part of the legal ceremony since we knew she wouldn’t be well enough to make it to the friends-and-family reception in Virginia in June. She passed away soon after in April, so these rings are a great memory of our trip as a whole and the commitment we have made to see each other through the good times and the bad.

Randi & Tony

Tony and I were married in March 2010. When I saw the advertisement for Brent & Jess’s fingerprint customized wedding bands, I knew it was exactly what we were looking for—something completely unique. Tony and I were so excited to receive our completed rings in the mail; but upon opening them, Tony lamented not ordering the wider band for himself. He sent an email to Brent & Jess thanking them for the beautiful work, and mentioned in passing that he wished he had ordered the larger ring. Our wedding was beautiful, as weddings are. To this day, people still tell me it was the best wedding they’d ever attended, and our fingerprint wedding bands played a big role in the ceremony itself. Upon returning form our honeymoon, however, we were surprised to find another package had arrived from Brent and Jess—they’d taken it upon themselves to recast my fingerprint into a larger band size for Tony, and sent it to him so that he would be perfectly happy with his decision. Tony wore both wedding bands—one on each hand. He always said he had two wedding rings because there was too much love for just the one to encompass.

In January 2014, Tony passed away suddenly. It was a shock to us all. At first I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the rings. He never left home without them and was very proud that he wore not one, but two. Part of me thought he would have wanted to have been buried with them. I considered sending one down, and keeping one for myself. In the end, I decided to keep them both, and for months continued to wear them on a chain around my neck. The ring I wore was engraved with Tony’s fingerprint on the outside, and on the inside, an acronym we often used when we were first getting to know each other: YATILAY—Yet Another Thing I Love About You. I realized as I was deciding what to do with these rings that band I wore was completely unique in the universe, in that it could never be duplicated. I had, around my finger, the fingerprint of the man who was my best friend, husband, and soul mate. At that moment I was grateful that I’d chosen to go with Brent & Jess—because having that ring symbolizes more than a marriage between two people. The fact is, much like Tony himself, this ring is one of a kind, unique, and special. I will always cherish it and the love he and I were able to share with each other.


Chris & Amanda

My wife Amanda and I have a matching set of Brent & Jess rings, both white gold bands with one another’s wedding ring fingerprint on them. It meant a lot to us to have a matching pair, something to connect to each other, most especially because of my job in the military. I had just come home from a deployment in Afghanistan four months before our wedding, and my job means we never know if we might have to be separated for a long period of time. We both love the fact that we can look down at our ring and know the other has the other match to the pair. We also especially love the fingerprints etched on the inside, when telling and showing our friends and family everyone is so impressed and intrigued, it’s not something that you see everyday in a wedding band but it sets it apart from the others, and it makes it that much more personal. Brent & Jess were wonderful with communicating to us via email during the whole process and we absolutely recommend, we are beyond happy!

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Maddie Eisenhart

Maddie is APW’s Chief Revenue Officer. She’s been writing stories about boys, crushes, and relationships since she was old enough to form shapes into words, but received her formal training (and a BS) from NYU in Entertainment and Mass Media in 2008. She now spends a significant amount of time thinking about trends on the internet and whether flower crowns will be out next year. A Maine native, Maddie currently lives on a pony farm in the Bay Area with her husband, Michael and their mastiff puppy. Current hair color: Purple(ish).

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  • Rebekah

    We got married in May after 6 1/2 years of dating, and I’ve had my heart set on a Brent and Jess ring for 5+ years. When I told my then-fiance that he was getting a fingerprint ring, he said “well don’t you want one too?” so we both got one. We have fingertips on the inside of the rings, and I love that I can feel the texture when I fiddle with the band. The whole experience was straightforward, and I loved using Brent and Jess, knowing that I was supporting independent artists with great values. We’re so grateful to Brent and Jess and love seeing their craftsmanship here on APW.

    • Thank you Rebekah!

  • Tara

    LOVE my Brent & Jess ring! We first saw the rings years ago at a Holiday art show, loved their unique style, and especially loved that they were made here in Maine. And we’ve gotten SO MANY compliments. A great product and a great experience!

    • Awesome! Thank you!