Introducing Two New Collections at Shop Joielle!

Dresses "maid" easy!

Sometimes I think Shop Joielle is one of the best-kept secrets of the sane wedding world. While so much of bridesmaid dress shopping in the real world is about hidden costs and additional fees and making things as complicated as possible, Shop Joielle is remarkably straightforward:

  1. They have a huge, but beautifully curated selection of bridesmaid dresses in a variety of styles and prices and from a variety of designers both big and small.
  2. They actually list their prices online and those prices are often more affordable than wherever else you’ve already looked.
  3. They offer a 10% discount to bridal parties of four or more.
And today Joielle is upping the ante by debuting not one but two new collections in their shop. First up, the Flounce collection, which is a made up of gorgeous chiffon, satin, and charmeuse gowns priced at the unheard-of-for-bridesmaid-dresses rate of $138–$168. I know. That’s almost the cost of a normal fancy dress.

Hot, no? And dare I say it, but do those dresses actually look…comfortable?

Then there’s the Synderela line. At first the ladies at Joielle didn’t know if they wanted to highlight Synderela because the dresses are admittedly on the more expensive side for bridesmaid dresses at $385. But who wants to accept my dare and be the bride that wears one of these for a wedding dress? I mean, these two-tone numbers below are practically begging to be worn with some Game of Thrones braids and comfy gold sandals at your spring wedding next year.

But in case a colorful wedding dress isn’t your speed, the other secret bonus of shopping with Joielle is that most of their bridsemaid dresses come in white or ivory. Which means that you can get this number for less than $200:

And this one for under $400 (shown in grey here, but available in both white and ivory).

But what really makes Joielle the best-kept secret is their new “Quick Delivery” program, which is being offered on select Dessy styles in their store. The quick delivery program means that Shop Joielle will always have a selection of in-stock styles and colors that can be ordered to ship in 1–2 weeks, as opposed to the usual custom bridesmaid dress process that takes 6–10 weeks. Basically, Joielle understands that sometimes you need things a little faster than the industry standard, and they are willing to make that happen. Tammy of Joielle adds, “We have found that there are always some customers that are in a bind to get a dress—either there was a reason their original dress didn’t work out for them, or we just happen to have what they are looking for—and our in stock dresses are discounted from the original retail prices so customers can save some money that way!” Quick Delivery dresses (as well as other in stock and on sale options) are available in the In Stock Sale section of the Joielle website.

There are plenty of things the wedding industry over-complicates. But bridesmaid dress shopping shouldn’t have to be one of them. (I mean, we buy dresses in our everyday life, right? Why does it have to be such a project?) So head over to Shop Joielle, where the hardest part is picking just one of their super hot dresses to look amazing on your nearest and dearest.

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  • Leslie

    A little off-topic but related: I notice that some of the dresses don’t have a lining, and you can see the dummy underneath them. This isn’t really a problem… as long as you can find a slip! I have foregone SO many lovely, but unlined, dresses and skirts because I just don’t know where you can buy a decent slip anymore. All department stores look at me like I’m a little nuts when I ask if they carry them.

    Any advice, APW?

    • Maddie

      I’m a big fan of You can get a full-length half slip or even one of these crazy strapless full slip things, which looks like it could be a magic garment:

      They categorize by length, so just look for the 36-38″ section and you’ll find a few different options!

    • KC

      I know this is a little crazy, but thrift stores and estate sales can be useful. Because, yes, I have also had that problem.

      The other thing is that half-slips are pretty easy to sew up (and can be paired with top-half neutral undergarments, which lots of places *do* still make); just make sure the dress material and the intended slip material slide past each other correctly (no static or hitching), sew together a tube that fits generously over your hips (or widest point; if it’s long, make sure it’s wide enough to allow walking, too, or go for more of an A-frame underskirt than a tube), put elastic at the top for the waist if the overdress allows, or pinch darts in until it fits and stitch them up and give it a side-slit at the waist with some sort of closure (zipper, hook-and-eye – you don’t necessarily need the waist slit totally closed if the dress is sufficiently opaque at that spot, you just need it to stay on at the waist), then hem the sucker.

      The two main duties of a utility slip are 1. to block things you don’t want being seen from being seen and 2. to not show (by lumps or weird colors), and that’s actually not super-hard to accomplish in most cases. Ugly, uneven sewing: totally fine. Hand-basting with giant stitches knotted every so often instead of “proper” sewing: also fine.

      But yes, I don’t know why department stores don’t make slips anymore, but do sell transparent clothing…

    • Thank you for asking this!! All summer my mom was gently nudging me to buy a slip to wear under my favorite don’t-wanna-wear-pants jersey maxi skirts. (Turns out they’re a little sheer when I stand in the sunlight. Whoops!) So I asked her: “Mom, when’s the last time you saw a slip for sale anywhere?” We’ve been on the lookout, but haven’t been able to find anything.

    • Emmy

      I bought mine from They had a few in stock. But you’re right, slips are hard to find! I don’t get it, because even though styles have changed, see-through skirts still exist! And I actually wear mine all winter because otherwise, my dresses and skirts stick to my tights.

  • Katherine

    I’m married now, but I’m sure I’m not the only one with this question, so I’ll throw it out there: How do people manage to buy non-returnable clothing? I thought about some of the Joielle dresses as a wedding dress, but I had no idea how to judge what would be alterable to fit me, let alone look good on me in the first place. Suggestions for others (or for any future shopping I might do)?

    • Maddie

      I can’t speak for other retailers, but with Joielle I think it’s worth the $25 to get a loaner from them to try on. It’s also helpful that a ton of their dresses are things you can try on in store and then order from them. But yeah, it can be tough. I think a lot of it also depends on if you’re normally an “off the rack” kind of person. I’m not. I have to try EVERYTHING on. But I have friends who just…know their size and can eyeball it.

    • Emmy

      I used Joielle for my wedding dress and yeah, I bought the loaner dress. It was two sizes too big, but at least I got an idea of how it would fit and I could see the fabric in person. I also bought a color swatch. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been brave enough!

    • Thanks Maddie and Emmy for highlighting our sample loaner dress program! And if you don’t see a style listed in that section, please contact us as we often can get a loaner from the designer if we don’t currently have it in our collection.

  • Lacey

    Is the Joielle web site really, really slow for anyone else? It’s taking about 30-60 seconds for a page to load.

    • Allyson

      Same here.

    • Sorry to hear this! The site should be loading faster now. Please let us know if you are still experiencing any issues!