Giveaway Winners: Elissa R Photography!

Remember a while ago, when Elissa R Photography in Austin, Texas gave away a photo session to celebrate marriage equality? Well. We figured this week was pretty much the perfect time to post the winner. So, the session goes to Susan who said:

This giveaway is for “an LGBTQ couple or ally.” My partner and I are a bit of both. I’m a bisexual woman marrying a super queer-allied straight dude. As you might imagine, this brings up some issues, from the dreaded “bi invisibility,” receiving unwanted yet unavoidable straight privilege, considering how best to honor my identity and our values when it comes to LGBTQ issues (not *only* marriage equality), and other concerns. It’s all worth it to be true to ourselves and committed to each other, though.

I’m a grad student studying to be a psychotherapist and he is a (hopefully) soon-to-be elementary school teacher, so as you can imagine our wedding budget is not exactly huge. But finding a good photographer is a big priority for us. So far we haven’t had any luck with finding a photographer that we can afford. Of all the Austin photographers we’ve looked into, Elissa R is a serious favorite, not only because her work is lovely, but because her philosophy as a photographer really speaks to what matters to us, both in terms of the purpose of wedding photography and bigger questions like the importance of LGBTQ rights. But even with her rates–which are on the low side for someone with such an awesome portfolio–we haven’t been able to figure out a way we can afford to hire her. This is, in part, the price you pay when you decide to go into the “helping professions.” But that’s ok. See above re: being true to ourselves. And who knows, maybe we’ll figure out another way to work with Elissa sometime down the line.

So Susan, email me. I think you guys couldn’t be more perfect recipients of this session. And have fun.

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  • YAY! Oh how perfect :-) I can’t wait to see the pictures that will follow.

  • Perfect awesomeness!

  • I’m so excited to meet Susan and for this session to happen! :)

  • Congrats!

  • :)

  • Yay! They sound like the winningest couple ever. :)

  • yay for giveaways! Congrats!

  • I’m always eager to see Elissa’s work. And they sound like an awesome couple to shoot :)

  • Just love the couple and these pictures look great! The Iphone was a really good idea huh?! :D