Glö + APW Present: Wedding Websites & Much More

Today’s launch is the culmination of a year’s work, and something I’ve been hoping to build for the APW community for a long time. For years and years I’ve wanted to have wedding websites that were designed by APW affiliated designers with APW readers in mind. Y’all have a very particular design-y, quirky, slightly minimalist style, and I wanted you to be able to get that in your wedding websites. So! Last year, I started talking with Taryn of Glö about making this dream a reality. And, after tons of work, Glö is now offering their signature wedding websites, paperless invitations, and streamlined RSVP system… now in partnership with the phenomenally talented designers behind A Printable Press, e.m. papers, and up up creative,. The designs are so gorgeous I want them all. And the best part is, you now have the choice to use Glö‘s gorgeous websites and pair them with the designers paper invitations if you don’t want to go paperless! In fact, this launch is such a big deal to me, that we’ve launched an APW + Glö partnership page on the site. You’ll find it right up in the navigation bar, beside spreadsheets. By shopping there you support APW,  GlöA Printable Press, e.m. papers, and up up creative with your wedding, all in one fell swoop. That means you support a whole bucket of creative lady entrepreneurs in one go. Rad.

So, before I dive into the awesomeness that is Glö, I want to give a huge tip of the hat to the designers that worked hard to bring you awesome and beautiful wedding website designs. They each have a bio on the APW + Glö partnership page, but they are:

Kimi of A Printable Press, who launched her design business through APW a million years ago, is a deeply talented designer who will mash up anything into something you want to put in your mouth. She sells printable PDF’s of wedding invitations along with party invites and baby announcements, and she is now a personal friend of mine (because she is awesome and I am lucky).

Eleanor of e.m. papers, who is a long time APW reader (you’ll remember her weddings in Germany and the US). She designs downloadable print files for invitations that you can personalize and print on your own, and she even has a free invitation for those of you that need it. Her aesthetic runs towards beautiful interpretations of the natural world. She is the cat’s pajamas.

Julie of up up creative, who you’ll remember from her campaign to completely shake up the wedding industry by letting you guys set your own invitation prices. After she did that, she wrote a brilliant post about how price is not the same as value. Her minimalist design-y wedding invitations speak for themselves, and I love them. (Also, she has elopement announcements, greeting cards, and way more.)

Now let’s talk about the magic of Glö, which is not just about wedding websites, it’s about excellent RSVP technology, paperless invites, and so much more. Basically, Glö takes the part of wedding planning where you tear your hair out over managing your guest list and RSVPs off the table. Worth it! With Glö, you can:

  • Send Glövites: beautiful email wedding invitations, save-the-dates and even a group thank you. (Here are some examples.)
  • Create a Glösite: your multi-page wedding website. You can personalize like crazy by adding photos, a countdown, fancy slideshows, videos, interactive maps, or any other widget. You can even specify which guests can view each page. And yes, now you can have the whole thing designed by an APW designer.
  • Add unlimited events to your website (e.g., rehearsal dinner and reception) and select which guests are able to view each event. The website only shows the correct events to each guest, thus preventing hurt feelings. Ta-dah!
  • Add unlimited RSVP questions for each event, seamlessly collect responses, and view them online or download them to a .csv file. Guests can edit RSVP responses for their entire household, preventing duplicate RSVPs. You can also update your guests’ RSVP responses online.
  • Easily communicate with all or some of your guests before and after the wedding celebration using our easy messaging tool. It’s super easy to ping and remind guests to RSVP or send last minute updates.

Glö offers a 21 day free trial, and after that their prices are excellent. (Plus, Glö now offers monthly pricing plans!) You can get the Light Package (the website, with events & RSVPs) for $75 a year, and the Complete Packages with Online Stationary start at $109 a year. APW designs for your website are purchased individually, and they are $20 (and are so pretty).

I’ve been dreaming of this project for years, and I’m so glad to finally get it into your hands. It’s the perfect blend of APW values: functional technology to make your wedding planning less stressful; quirky and lovely designs; supporting female small business owners and creatives. Happy browsing, you guys. I hope you enjoy these half as much as I do.

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  • Awesome awesome awesome. Eleanor at E.M. Papers is so excellent—we used her Bluebell design for our wedding last year and it was perfect (we had the color tweaked to be green), and she was so so so easy to work with. Having a cohesive “wedding design” wasn’t something I really thought about going into the whole thing but we wound up using the invitations as a springboard for most of the other things we printed up—the programs, the “please don’t drink and drive here’s a cab number!” notes we had on the table, everything. Lacking THIS AMAZING DEVELOPMENT we even found the free Tumblr theme that was closets to the fonts (<3 u, Bebas) and used that for our website. ANYWAY. Going on and on and on here. Short story, this is great.

  • This is SO GREAT. Everyone is fantastic.

  • Lucy

    I have been using glo for all my invites except for a couple of people I knew would want keepsakes and find it super easy to track everything. I am a computer person and the thought of tracking all those little RSVP cards made me want to cry.

    In addition to the great features already mentioned, i really like that i can add little widgets to the site like a link to travel sites and a wedding countdown widget. Another great feature is the ability to see whether guests have opened your invite. This way you can make sure nothing was caught in spam filters and that you have everyone’s email address correct which were both concerns of mine.

    • Erica

      I love that you can see which invites have been opened too! Except it has turned me into a little bit of a stalker….

  • These are beautiful. We used Glo and I did my own images, but if these had been around I would have had a very hard time choosing one. What a great collaboration, Meg! Now get the rest you deserve!

  • OMG. This. Is. Amazing. I’m so excited about this!!!

  • Wow! I’m a web designer, and of course I did our wedding website and designs for the save the dates and invites, but I think I would have sprung for this anyway. The RSVP system would have been a lifesaver!

  • ack! of all the cool sponsor/wedding elf/vendor-y things that make me wish i weren’t already married, this is the one. i could not for the life of me find a wedding website design that suited my (very APW, apparently) aesthetic sensibilities and, after much trying to customize the one i picked, i ended up using it far less than i would have liked. i can tell that these, on the other hand, are amazing. yay!

  • We’re using one of Eleanor’s design for our Glosite and invites and we can’t wait. The Save the Dates went over really well, I thought peole would be confused but they really weren’t. I am in love with my wedding website and can’t wait to send out the invites and launch it in just one month!

  • mimi

    This pre-engaged lady is excited! I love the concept and designs, and can’t wait to check it all out!

  • Allison

    Yay glo!! My sister used it for her wedding because I suggested it and now we are picking the design for our glosite and invites right now! Might be one of my favorite decisions so far in wedding planning to use Glo!

  • Granola

    Ooooh man! I was going to toil and build my website myself with wordpress, but this partnership just might make me change my mind. Even if I don’t use it WAY TO GO EVERYONE!!! Really thoughtful partnership and its great to see creative businesses developing solutions for their customers, sometimes even before we knew we wanted them.

  • Alix

    Wow. What an amazing idea! I really wish it had existed a few months ago, when I was painstakingly learning how to send HTML emails with Mac (close to impossible) and pulling my hair out when personalising a WordPress blog according to our wedding’s palette… And with three events (civic wedding in Paris this Feb + catholic & Vietnamese weddings in the Pyrénées next August), I really wish I had been able to add this “selected viewing” option on my lame blog.
    I am almost too impressed that the APW team came up with such a brilliant project to be jealous of coming brides… Chapeau bas!

  • CAMinSD

    We’re using Glo and EM Papers’ Garden Party. (But…but…Bluebells. Now for Glo! Think anyone would notice if I just changed motifs at this stage in the game?)

    Anyway, it’s been awesome so far. I’ve been advised that it is far to early to send out things that require actual RSVPs, but the save-the-dates were great and I’m really looking forward to blowing our guests mind with our high-tech handling of it all. (Except thank yous. Those will be pen and ink on paper.)

    Bravo, ladies!

  • Lauren

    As a long-time reader (2008!) who is five months post-wedding, I might need to stop reading APW just to avoid massive jealousy of engaged APW readers. First the spreadsheets? Now this? This is amazing! So many wedding website offerings are u-g-l-y. I didn’t want to spend a ton on ours, but good design matters to me, so it was a disappointment (not too much though, it’s just a temporary site that I’ll never look at again after all).

  • Wow!!!! you guys made my Valentine’s Day, Thank You!

    • meg

      We tried :)

  • Rachel

    Just wanted to put in a word of praise for both Julie AND Taryn. Although we didn’t wind up using Julie (she didn’t have a glovite, but now I’m plotting…), she was incredibly responsive to our questions and willing to help. As for Taryn, she’s been AMAZING. I’ve probably emailed her about language and other questions (getting married in one country, live in another) about a million times, and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. she writes back, almost immediately, with an answer to my question, and again reassures me that I don’t need to apologize for asking questions. Can’t recommend Glo highly enough!!

    • oh, thanks, rachel. i appreciate your nice comments. : )

    • I know! If anything, Taryn needs to stop working every now and then to give herself a break. She replied to a HELP ME I’M DESPERATE email about half an hour after I sent it on a Sunday night. She’s so dedicated!

  • Anon

    I’m so happy to see Julie is involved with this project. I can’t recommend Julie enough; her work is gorgeous, the attention to detail is great and she is a pleasure to work with in my experience.

    • i don’t know who you are, but you’re awesome. usually people who write under the “anon” nom de plume are haters, eh? but not you! thanks!

  • Awesome, awesome, AWESOME. I cannot say enough great things about Julie at Up Up Creative (the floral design on the Glosite example is close to what we used on our swoon-worthy invitations) and I’m THRILLED by this APW collaboration. We jerry rigged a free PITA e-RSVP solution, but the integrated functionality and matchy beauty of this email-print combo would have convinced me to spring for this APW-inspired product. And it would have saved a LOT of headaches (about the jerry rigging nightmare and the design freakouts).

    • Thanks, Becca, for the rave. Much appreciated. : )

  • Laura

    Amazing! I just started using Glo, and it’s FANTASTIC so far (helping to ease my growing guest-list anxiety). And if I didn’t have a friend designing our invites, I would TOTALLY take advantage of these AMAZING designs! What an awesome collaboration!

  • Wow! Great read for Valentines Day! Thank you!

  • These are gorgeous! I’m super proud of my fiance for making our website from scratch, but if he hadn’t wanted to reinvent the wheel, these would totally be on my shortlist. Pretty and Practical. Love it.

  • Flan

    We’re using Glo (and the BlueBells design) for our wedding, and so far, it’s been wonderful and seamless! I found them through APW, and they’ve been a dream to work with.

  • Jeannine

    I had such a great experience using glo e-invites, website and rsvps–honestly thought it could not get any better. and yet ta-da!!!

  • looking good, meg + taryn. congrats on the much-anticipated response.

  • I can not even begin to tell you how happy this makes me feel – thank you all for the lovely comments! I always feel so lucky to work with APW Glöbies and now Meg, Team Practical, Kimi, Julie and Eleanor are in the mix! Best Valentine’s Day ever. (lovely, content, joyous sigh.)

  • *perfect* timing! I was just about to hunt around for a place for an online site (vs. setting something up myself)!

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  • Erica

    I love Glo! Fun fact: I was having some issues with formatting and submitted a tech request, and Taryn herself replied maybe 10 minutes later. It was also pretty late at night, wayyy past most business hours.

    One of the things I really like is you can fully customize your site and it’s incredibly easy. We sent out two save the dates, one more formal and one with silly wording for our friends, and assigning who got which one couldn’t have been more easy. We also uploaded our own designs for both, with pictures of us. Even our less tech-savvy friends and family have loved it!

  • Wow, I wish something like this had been around when we were doing all the paper-shuffling for our wedding…best to leave the shuffling to the dance floor! :)

  • suzanna

    omg. Printable Press in web site form? SWOON.

  • Ms. Whatsit

    I just wanted to say that I had been on the fence about using Glo, but your post here, the wonderful new designs that are now offered, and some discussions with my fiance have convinced me. We signed up for it Friday night. However, once we got into setting up the glovite for our Save the Date, we found out that something we thought would be changeable actually was part of the image. We emailed Glo about it, and Taryn replied to us the very next morning (a Saturday on a long holiday weekend) with two good options for us. We decided to pursue the option of asking the designer to tweak it for us for a small additional fee. Then, today, Taryn said that Kimi from A Printable Press decided to go ahead and make the minor change on the house. I’m so glad that we decided to go with Glo! They’ve gone above and beyond in service.