Sponsored Post & Giveaway: Glö Paperless Wedding Invitations & Wedsites

So, many of you are newly engaged, or got engaged last year, and are back from the holidays and realizing that it’s time to buckle down and get the wedding planned. So, I’m delighted that one of our first sponsored posts of the year could not be more practical (in the literal sense). I’m thrilled to get to talk about and do an amazing giveaway for Glö, a paperless wedding invitation company. But they are so, so much more than that.

Glö has totally beautiful paperless wedding invitations, which save the planet and your wallet (and are delightfully classy). But they also have some of the most powerful RSVP software out there. And now, if you want to use their RSVP software, and have paper invitations? They offer those too. YES!

If you haven’t planned a wedding before, you have no idea that the stress that the invite list can cause you. You need to track everyone’s addresses, you need to know who’s coming to what (Rehearsal dinner? Welcome Picnic? Wedding Itself?), and in this age of email, you want to be able to email people easily. Like, “Hey you people who haven’t RSVPed to the Welcome Picnic, what’s up with that? Are you coming or WHAT?” And, if, like we did, you’re trying to run all of this from your own color coded spreadsheet, you might find yourself tearing your hair out, while you slowly melt into a wailing blob on the floor.

So, enter Glö. There amazing lady-preneur Taryn (who you guys got to meet in my interview with her), has designed a site that does all of the following things:

  • Email Save the Dates (DO THIS THING, TEAM. Seriously. If I had to do it over, I’d email Save The Dates to everyone with an email address. The older people, I’d call.)
  • Paperless Wedding Invitations that are classy. You don’t have to use them to use Glö, but what an excellent green option to have at your fingertips.
  • A wed-site, called a Glö-site, that you can totally personalize.
  • Smart RSVP Technology. Unlimited events and RSVP questions. You can select which guests can view each event + related RSVP questions on your site. All of your RSVPs will be pre-organized for you and saved to your database.
  • Paperless Group Thank You Notes.
  • Interactive Design. Yup, you can totally use a Glö design if you feel so moved, but you can also upload your own designs (yay DIY!) You can see a bunch of examples of what people have done on their site.

But here is the bottom line: APW-ers love Glö. They say it’s the best technology on the market, with the sanest coolest most responsive tech department (that would be Taryn). They say that Glö solves a problem, and saves them enormous amounts of cash. And with all that, I say Glö is a no-brainer.

Thus! I am delighted to start the year with a Glö giveaway. Here is how it works:

What you win: One Complete package, for a Large Celebration. That includes website for 18-months + unlimited invites (for STDs, invites, etc.) for unlimited guests. It’s the biggest package they’ve got (sweet).

To enter: You need to sign up for a Glö trial (Honor code. To enter you must say in your comment that you signed up for a trial, and then I will believe you). Then play around with Glö a bit and leave a comment stating why you want to send paperless invitations, or use Glö’s amazing! amazing! RSVP technology.

To win: Taryn will select a winner using the magic bowl (e.g., at random) – just like last time!

Plus! We will also give the winner an opportunity to select a second winner from the comments on prize day – which makes it doubly fun to win!

So go to it ladies and gents. Leave a comment, and lets start the wedding planning year out right. And, um, go sign up for a Glö free trial. They are, quite honestly, super super awesome, not to mention a huge sanity saver. And you’ll need your sanity wedding planning, so save it for the big stuff, yes?

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  • Signed up for Glo after reading the interview with Taryn several weeks back. LOVING IT!

  • LC

    Just signed up for the free trial!

    I’m excited for this because my FH seems really set on paperless wedding invitations. As in he goes, “If it’s between spending $ on booze or invitations, Grandma can get a gmail address.” Plus, it’s green. And I used to work in an invitation shop!

  • Kathryn

    I am peeing my pants! Hurrah! This is some coincidence: My boyfriend and I just had our January Wedding Summit, and invites landed on my plate. I went straight to Glo–having been a convert since Meg featured them way back when–and signed up for the free trial immediately (no lie). We’re having a green-as-can-be wedding at the North Carolina Botanical Garden, and paperless invites and Save the Dates make the hippie in me positively GIDDY (I’m taking the green theme to the extreme, baby). My boyfriend, Nick, is won over by the RSVP technology. Good lord, I’ll go Glo even if I don’t win, but Nick, our budget, the earth, and I would love to win!

  • Seanie

    Totally signing up for the trial…was just fretting *last night* over invitations and what to do, etc, and somehow Glo had completely slipped my mind.

    So excited to give it a test!

    • Seanie

      Oh man, do I love this site!

      I love that I can upload our own designs, not only for the invitations, but for *everything* – the wedsite, all of it! Completely customizable.

      I love that I can print out invitations for our out of state, non-technologically advanced family members – and still use the awesome RSVP tool.

      I love how reasonable the price is…invitations are insanely expensive, and I love that this gives such inexpensive, but amazingly high quality options and choices.

      Love, love, love, love.

  • Amy

    I signed up for a free trial! It all seems pretty awesome so far! I’m really interested in trying out the RSVP system.

  • Molly

    I signed up, of course!

    The site looks awesome, and I love the idea of a paperless wedding. My grandma even has one of those print-out-every-email-you-get programs, so what are we waiting for? :)

  • I love this idea! What a great site. After helping my friend a little with wedding planning, I know it would be great to have a service to track and organize RSVPs
    (and lack thereof). I just signed up for the free trial and would love to win a package!

  • Denzi

    I am totally cheating on the pact T. and I made not to do any wedding planning for the next two weeks, but I really wanted to get in on this giveaway, so I went and signed up for a free trial. Shhh, just don’t tell T! We are both total hippies (of the buy-local/pay-cash/be-super-frugal/make-stuff-your-damn-self variety), and sending paperless invitations is pretty much our style.

    I am totally loving the ability to tag people into different groups, and to customize which events each person can see. Honestly, even more than the paperless invites, that is probably the feature that will win me over to using Glo, rather than another wedsite. And it’s super-easy to preview the site as each guest! Hurrah!

  • Kelly

    I just signed up for the free trial and am already obsessed with their RSVP features. I love spreadsheets just as much as the next planning nerd, but the thought of trying to keep track of this many people makes my eyes cross. Thanks Meg and Glo! This is such a great idea!

  • I have been meaning to do this for a while – so I just signed up for the free trial. I have a feeling I will get hooked and go for it, giveaway or not.

  • Keely

    Just signed up…have been searching for a good way to track responses online!

  • Anna

    I have signed up for a free trial but have also played around with glo before and I adore this site! The only reason I haven’t used them yet is because I’m SUCH a penny pincher. The site is super easy to use and makes managing rsvps/meals/etc. SO EASY!! Also, all of the designs are fun so you can still send out something visually appealing without having to use paper. Love love love.

  • Mallory

    Signed up for the free trial as well! I’ve been ogling Glo ever since I saw their ad on the side of APW. I love the idea of having paperless invites. When my partner and I started planning we decided we wanted an open bar and a casual fun atmosphere and didn’t want to kill our bank account or the earth in the process. So we are trying to make eco-friendly decisions at every step we can. Winning this contest would be budget friendly, eco-friendly, and super stylish. win-win-win!

  • Jen

    There are so many things that I love about the glosite. Not the least of which being that they’re part of APW. I feel such a sense of comfort working with vendors who are part of APW.

    I think my favorite thing is that you can select what events guests see and are invited to. I mean, besides the obvious that they’re gorgeous and green!

    • Jen

      oh yeah, and I totally signed up for the free trial.

    • meg

      Awwwwww….. (and I do screen the vendors for you, I swear it.)

      • Jen

        it shows :) I was so happy to see that there are photographers listed for the Wisconsin area too! (Love today’s post, but am so not ready for do-it-ourselves photography – completely happy to pay someone for it!)

  • Sarah

    My free trial just ran out…and although I have more or less stuck my head in the sand on wedding planning so far, I was so excited about the time, money and trees that using Glo would save that I made my fiance sit down to look at it and we agreed to go for it! So, winning this package would be very timely :)

  • Angie Guerrero

    Ahh! I was already planning to use paperless invites from another company, but the RSVP software at glo is so much better!! We already used the other service to send out Save the Dates, but I’ve been agonizing over what to do about invitations (which need to include options to RSVP for shuttle buses and menu choices), rehearsal dinner invitations and day-after brunch invitations. Glo might be the answer!!

  • D

    Signed up for the free trial! This is a great way to save money (for the younger people invited)

  • Mainon


    You mean… I could work on invitations… at my desk… on my computer… while continuing to look like a busy little worker bee? Genius!

    *mentally folds her little raffle-form into an accordion shape for luck and thinks, “Pick me! Pick me!”

  • Bevin Gaines

    I’m stoked to try Glo. I was just trying to remember about this site the other day after having read about it months before the engagement (finally happened, yay!). Thankfully, there’s no end to how many wonderful things can be said about a wonderful company and this lovely post / contest was here to remind me of the paper-free invite site that I’ve been dying to use. So, woot.

  • Jeannette

    All signed up and ready to go (or should I say, Glo?) can’t wait to try it out!!

  • Ginna

    I love it! Just signed up for the trial and can’t wait to start checking out all the great features!

  • Kate

    Just signed up and the RSVP system sounds GREAT. Can’t wait to get under the hood and tinker. I’m also thrilled that we were able to get “kateandmatt” as we have the two most common names for people our age! Take that The Kn*t : )

  • Don’t put my name in the magic e-fishbowl, because I’ve already bought me some Glo — I just wanted to say that the Glo service, and Taryn, are absolutely rad. We’re planning a sustainable wedding, so after Meg did a post on Glo’s services, I signed up for a free trial despite the simpering of my inner paper slut. And Glo. Is. Awesome. When I emailed “support” with a question, Taryn herself got back to me immediately — and kindly! We’re not close to the wedding date yet so the Success Story is still a few months away, but I just want to give a shout out for Taryn, Glo, tree-free invites, and practicality. Thanks for hosting such a great site and gathering a fantastic list of ideas!

  • Ceilidh

    I was so excited to find Glo (through APW of course) in my search for high quality paperless invite options (my free-trial just expired.. eek!). I am still so impressed with the variety of design options, the user-friendly website and the awesome RSVP organization. We had pretty much already decided on the paperless route, for environmental and budget reasons (10 years worth of post-secondary student loans and going strong) and Glo is a total find, leagues above all of the other available options.

  • Rohitha

    I’m pretty new to the wedding planning scene and I just came across APW by googling things like “inexpensive wedding ideas” which finally led me here… We had already decided that ‘our generation friends’ would get email invites, and my fiance had told me that people also have wedding websites for photos & other info – now I see you can get them all together in one website! This is definitely the way of the future. Nothing annoys me more than spending excessive money on things which will ultimately get thrown in the trash one day… Using the free trial I see that their online stationery is much more stylish than what I could come up with in an email invite! And a chance to get it for free? Count me in please:)

  • I am probably one of the few guys who comments on this blog; but, here it goes…

    I have worked with a lot of couples who spend big money on wedding related stuff that in the end just does not matter and frankly wont be remembered in years to come. Using paperless invitations strikes me as a great way to save money. 99% of the invitations that you send by mail will just end up in the garbage anyway.

    I see only one potential downside: It’s getting harder and harder to get people to RSVP for anything including weddings. People receiving a wedding invitation via email may interpret it as a somewhat informal invite and therefor take your RSVP a little less seriously.

    • I have to say though, if I’m faced with filling out a card, putting it in an envelope, sealing it, and remembering to put it in the mailbox or drop it off on my way to work, OR if I have the option of going to a website and clicking a few buttons, I’d totally pick the online method. I guess I’m a product of the 21st century, but if that’s where we’re headed, why not embrace it!

      And yes, Glo is online, but I think that it is so professional and classy and legit that people won’t think twice about it being any more or less formal than a paper invite.

  • woot! love the idea of going paperless. i’ve already had guests requests email only. this will be perfect. thanks!! just signed up :)

  • Catherine

    I signed up for the trial and I LOVE it! Honestly I think my future MIL’s head would explode if we tried to do electronic invites, but I so love the idea. In any case, I am sure I will use this for RSVPs after seeing it, so would LOVE to win the prize!

  • Manya

    I got engaged in October and am a few months into planning. Both my fiancé and I work in development and live in Kenya (we’re Americans). we are having our wedding here in Kenya, at the coast, and were sweating how to manage the distance, mailing hassles, RSVP complications etc. We have signednup for the Glosite Lite, which includes a fully functioning website and RSVP services. So far we Love it. Our site looks awesome, and people are commenting on how it is setting the tone for a Magical wedding.

    Also, I really need to comment on Taryn’s exceptional customer service. I was confused about how to create live links and wrote to Glo. Taryn wrote back to me in, like 3 seconds, and had posted a video tutorial for me on YouTube. Un.Believable.

    I have to admit we did our save the date on a different service (which worked very well) and I was an artist in my last life, so am enjoying every minute of making my special hand made invites (they are cute…maybe Meg will want to post them, since this is a DIY kind of year), but Glo has been worth every cent so far.

    Thank you Taryn!

  • Hannah

    I’ve been meaning to sign up for Glo ever since it became an APW sponsor, but this post kicked my butt into gear and we finally signed up! :) The main reason we are using Glo is because my fiance and I live in China and are in the middle of coordinating our Wisconsin wedding. Already we can see how Glo is going to be a huge timesaver in terms of communicating with/organizing people from a distance. Even if we lived in the States we would be using this awesome technology for environmental reasons and the fact that grandparents are amazingly adaptable and can handle technology. Thanks Glo!

  • Katie O’

    I stumbled upon Glo from your site a week or two ago and am so excited (crossing fingers to win). I am signed up for the free trial and even though my fiance was not sure he liked the idea initially, letting him finish his morning coffee and dragging him to the computer screen has him thinking it’s a great idea (especially the $ saving). I love saving trees and time!

  • Deb Wylie

    I just signed up for the free Glo trial. It’s turned the process from “I’m dreading trying to figure out a tracking spreadsheet and asking all my married friends what they did” to “I can’t wait to play with a new software toy”. :-) And saving some trees is a huge perk too.

  • I have loved the idea of Glö since it was introduced a few months ago. Now that I am enganged (and no longer an APW stalker!) I really need Glö! We are planning our wedding for July 2011 (even though the WIC seems to want me to spend 2 years planning) and Glö is everything I want – it is beautiful, environmentallly friendly and will save my sanity by keeping everything organized.

    Thank you!

  • Abby C.

    Yay! Glo is awesome. We’ve always known we were going with e-vites of some kind: with relatives in the Middle East, India, and the United States, postage for paper invites would eat up our whole budget!

  • Lacey

    I love this site! And I love the opportunity to go-green. Just sent our wedding save the date video a couple of months ago – it was a great way to get instant responses from family and friends and a lot of fun to make. Would love to avoid paper invitations altogether.

  • Mary

    My fh and I have been thinking about Glo ever since your first post about it – we’re going as green as possible with this wedding, and paperless invitations are right up our alley. We’re just about to send out our save the dates in a few weeks, so the timing couldn’t be better on this – just signed up for the free trial, and am super excited about how easy Glo makes it to keep track of who’s invited to which events, as well as the RSVP’s. Like everyone else, we’re on a tight budget, so winning the giveaway would be awesome!

  • Fiorentina

    I’ve signed up!! Love this so far! I was planning to just build my own website and guest management set-up but Glo has done a much better job of it than I ever could have.

  • Lauren

    We’re just getting started on planning our wedding, and I’m so glad to have been introduced to this awesome tool! I like the green aspect a lot.

  • Such great timing. We just signed up for our trial last night! I love this idea and my honey wasn’t totally sold but he is liking the UI and the fact that we can add pics and video and really personalize

  • NC Heather

    I can’t say enough nice things about Glo. It was the very first wedding-related thing I bought! I’ve put so much time into designing our site and we have had absolutely no grumbling from anyone about not doing paper invites…I had all kinds of arguments ready and I didn’t even need them! It saves so much hassle. We put a “how likely are you to make it?” question on our save-the-dates that made planning so much easier.

  • OK: So, this thing happened where I’ve been planning on registering for a Glo-site for the wedding things. But, I knew we would do the 18 month one, and I was like, “Well, the wedding is YEARS away so I can’t register until it’s closer.”

    Turns out we’re getting married in 15 months. When did that happen?!? Couldn’t be happier, because now I get to indulge in the site that I’ve been anticipating since I heard about it on APW. I have spent hours (literally: hours) browsing through the sample invitations and fantasizing about my own.

    My favorite part of the site is how you can use your own design for the online invites, but you can still use the service. At the moment we told Donnie’s sister we were engaged, she claimed the right to design the invites (she’s a graphic designer). I was thrilled, but we had also talked about ways to have a more green and also a more cost-effective wedding. Glo seems to be the answer!

    (And a side note: our site is called The Kangaroos. This is named after the last name that my fiance has decided should be our new last name, since we want a common last name but neither of us wants to take the other person’s name. So while I’m working to find the perfect combination of several family names, Donnie is a big advocate for Kangaroo. “Hi, my name is Kinzie Kangaroo. What’s your name?” …… we’ll see. :-D )

  • Lina

    I’m on the fence about the invites, so I was delighted to sign-up for the free trial! Winning would definitely persuade me though! :)

  • Lina

    Oops — and I forgot to mention that I infatuated with the “customized view” feature since not everyone will be invited to every wedding event. It’s a real “face-saving” feature!

  • Being new to all of this (engaged last week), the first thing I got sweaty about was the organization of the guest list. I love to organize, but I do NOT love to learn new software. But I thought “there must be a whole system that exists to organize all of this for me”. Bingo! My (also engaged) friend just sent me a link to your blog, and Glo was mentioned immediately. Now I have signed up for a free trial and I understand now – that we can be organized, send email Save the Dates, and look hip too! Thanks!

  • Julie

    Fiance and I just signed up for the Glo trial together! From the moment Glo debuted on APW I knew it was perfect for us – young couple, small budget, BIG dedication to having an eco-friendly wedding – and Taryn has somehow made it even better by adding printable invitations (I know we are going to have to have one for his grandma). For me, the pre-set and example wedsite pages have already given me so much help with fun ways to word our info and invite our loved ones to our special day, and I am loving the designs (not a designer here, haha).

    Thank you to APW for introducing us to such an awesome resource, and to Taryn for making eco-chic possible for all of us!

  • I’ve done next to no wedding planning yet but we were willing to go with Evites to avoid sending paper invitations so this would be *fantastic*.

    My Excel spreadsheet pales and withers next to the options that Glo has and while I’m going for as simple as possible, the organizational haven they offer looks dreamy! It’s quite possible the fiance will swoon with me.

  • Sarah

    I am so excited about Glo and would love to win this amazing giveaway for their services. I am just now starting to plan for our marriage and the wedding to celebrate it. The glo website is wonderful and will be so useful to us, our family, and friends. Thanks for organizing this!

  • Sahily Reyes

    Hi!! I just found this blog today, and have been reading and reading it for the past hour, lol!

    I just visited the website, and I’m in love, just in love, with the All Lit Up invitations. Actually, I am in love with quite a couple of them, and would love to win this wonderful prize! My boyfriend and I are getting married in Puerto Rico next Christmas, and could really use a tool as cool as the RSVP technology!

  • Erin

    I just signed up for a free trial! My fiancé almost cried when I showed him the site I made at the k n # t, on account of it was so ugly and sad. Glo looks awesome! The RSVP stuff will save me weeks of headaches, trying to coordinate all the events (I never ever thought I would even *have* multiple events, but here they are!), along with all the various lodging (we’re sticking people in spare rooms and back yards all over town, and it’ll be great to give everyone specific info about their own spots!) and roles (all the little girls will be flower girls, and now they can get coordinated so easily!). Pick me! Ooo, random number generator, pick me!

  • Kelly

    Just signed up for a free trial! As a Bay Area Bride trying to coordinate a wedding in a different local with people traveling from all around the US I have enough to do besides stressing about updating an RSVP list. What a great idea! Love the eco-friendly aspect as well. I can’t wait to check out the free trial! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Hello everyone! I just wanted to say a huge THANKS to everyone who entered the contest. I am so jazzed about your comments – have had a massive, dopey smile on my face all week. You may have seen it on APW today, but the winner pulled out of the magic bowl was: Revanche. Woo hoo! I’ve asked Revanche to pick her winner’s winner and we’ll email that person directly. If anyone ever wants to get in touch with questions or thoughts on Glö, I’d love to hear from ya! taryn {at} glosite {dot} com

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