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We’re ending the week on an awesome note. Today’s post is not so much a sponsored post as it is a success story, and a thank you letter to Team Practical. Most of you know Maddie from one of a million things: the original Lazy Girl Wedding, her ridiculous proposal story, her crazy family rainbow, or most simply as one half of Hart & Sol Photo in New York City and New England (the excellent Monica is the other half). After launching their business with APW earlier this year, you guys booked them for your weddings (and booked them and booked them and booked them). This is their thank you love song to you. It’s the story of what they did with your trust. And it includes free wedding photography for someone. So trust me, you’ll want to read on. And now, Maddie herself:

A little over seven months into our APW sponsorship, we are feeling incredibly grateful for this awesome community of intelligent ladies and gentlemen and frankly we don’t know where we’d be without them. When we last wrote to you we poured our hearts out about why we wanted to do what we do and why we thought the APW community would be the best fit for us. Truthfully, it was kind of a Hail Mary. Monica and I were still trying to find our place in the sun, and the APW community had already been so receptive of me, so I begged and pleaded with my husband Michael to let us put the APW sponsorship on our credit card with the hope that if we booked just one APW wedding, we could pay it back.

And you guys delivered. When we had a teeny tiny portfolio and a big dream, APW couples came out from all geographies to support our vision. So much so that this year 2/3rds of our weddings are with APW couples. Two mothereffing thirds! I can’t express how that makes us feel.

And it’s not just that you guys keep us in business (uh, what? Did I say that?). The difference between APW clients and non-APW clients is that you guys really let us in. You know what I mean? There’s no veil here. For one, I’ve seen more APW boobs that I know what to do with. But more importantly, APW clients let us in on the wedding magic. We get to be there for the intimate moments when you sneak off to a corner to exchange gifts, or after your ceremony when you’re giddy and scarfing down hors d’ouvres while sipping champagne. Even when you’ve kicked out the rest of the family and guests, you let us stay. You make us part of the family and that closeness allows us to get photographs that are beyond words.

So to thank the community, we want to do two things. The first is we’d like to renew our promise to treat your wedding like it is the mother effing boss. If your wedding includes an hour long hike through Central Park, we’ll be there with our walking shoes on. If your wedding party involves your herd of cattle, we’ll tweet about it for days because that’s really freaking cool. We’re on your side, whatever side that is. We love weddings of all shapes and sizes and celebrate relationships of any kind. As long as the love is there, count us in.

The second thing we’d like to do is a real thank you to the APW community. Since you came out to support us when we were just getting off the ground, and since we truly believe in mutual appreciation, we are giving away a free wedding package to one lucky APW couple who books our services sometime in the next two months.

Any APW clients who book us before October 4th (2011 and 2012 weddings welcome) will have the chance to win their wedding coverage for free. No gimmicks. No strings attached. Only for the APW community. You don’t have to tell us some impressive story about why you deserve it (I always hated those. I was in love, wasn’t that enough?). Names will go in a hat and winners will be announced on our blog on October 5th.

And really? Thank you guys.

So with that, all you New York City adjacent readers, and all you New Englanders, go check out Hart & Sol’s shiny new website (re-launched for you today!) and look at their pictures. I’m so overwhelmed and awed by how their portfolio has grown and changed in the last seven months, I don’t have words for it. Ok, I do: quirky, femme, artistic, and all with a sense of humor (what’s up, accordion player?).

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  • Yay, Maddie & Monica!

  • I don’t have enough words to say how much I love these women. They make my life beautiful and shiny. SO proud of you! (and thank you to Meg and the APW community for being so supportive of them!)

  • haaa “we promise to treat your wedding like it’s the mother effing boss.” love it.

  • “I’ve seen more APW boobs than I know what to do with.” – spit out my water laughing
    “As long as the love is there, count us in” – awwww

  • I have a deep abiding love for so many of the wedding elfs (deep! abiding!) but Maddie might be my favorite by just a little. She is so sweet and so awesome without being arrogent or pretentious in the slightest. In my mind that is the best kind of person to be. I wish that we lived in the same town so we could be besties. I’d say it’s pretty obvious that Monica is really awesome too- and the pictures. I don’t even know how to talk about the pictures… they are stunning! What a gift it must be to have these ladies at your wedding. Go hart+sol go!

  • Kathryn in VT

    The sound I make when I look at these photographs goes something like this: EEEEEEEEE. It’s accompanied by some equally enthusiastic clapping and bouncing up and down. Maddie and her husband Michael shot our wedding earlier this month (that’s me! and my cow! and my husband!) and it was such a joy to have them with us for the day. I actually met Maddie for the first time on the morning of the wedding, but I already felt like she was an old friend; she’s so communicative and enthusiastic and friendly in her emails and on Skype, and she’s exactly the same way in person. She was down to earth and truly thrilled about our wedding. (And her husband is pretty doggone rad, too.)

    My husband was on the fence about hiring a photographer in the first place — in fact, Maddie and Michael were the only “vendors” at our very homegrown wedding. Neither of us wanted to feel like our wedding was a photo shoot, or that having our picture snapped was distracting us from soaking in the day. We shouldn’t have worried in the least! This was some of the best money we could have invested in our wedding. The pictures we’ve seen so far are priceless. I’m so grateful that APW led us to Hart + Sol.

    • meg

      WEDDING GRAD POST! (Or wordless wedding? Your pick!)

      • Kathryn in VT

        I’m thinking about it! I’m realizing now how much courage it takes to write about something as deeply intimate and emotional as one’s wedding day… That said, I took such encouragement from the wedding grad posts during my own engagement, so it seems only fair to give back a little bit.

    • Maddie and her husband nailed this day. I was so freaking excited to see Katie and Colin on their website today (not that I’ve been stalking it for cute pictures of them with their cows or anything…)

  • APW boobs. Haha…. Anyway, your photography is beautiful. :)

    By the way, how do I get a little tiny photo next to my comments like everyone else?

    • Sign up at gravatar.com!

  • I love these ladies, and their work, and all of their awesomeness! And I adore this love letter they wrote to the APW folks :) They sound exactly like the type of person you’d love to have at your wedding. I can’t wait to see tons of beautiful grad posts from the lucky people who have Hart & Sol for their wedding photographers!

  • Maddie & Monica are our photographers (one week! one week!) and they make our hearts sing! They are a vital part of our little wedding family, and I can’t wait to have them along for the ride on the wedding day! I am SO GLAD that their business is growing with the help of APW! We booked them way back when in February, shortly after their sponsor post went up, and my guy and I walked out of our meet-and-greet (where Maddie was wearing some particularly badass yellow heels) and didn’t even have to say a word to each other, we knew we had our photographers. It’s been such a joy to watch their portfolio grow, and to have a “We’re in Love” shoot with them, and to cheer them on while they’ve been simultaneously cheering us on during our wedding planning. Guys, seriously, BOOK THEM and you will have friends, not just vendors :D

  • Aw, you guys. I’m crying a little. In public.

    Seriously, we can’t thank you enough for the kind words. You make our hearts sing and you keep our little operation going round and round.

    All our love,
    Maddie + Monica

  • Amazing. And you guys? The website? Totally rocks.

  • These beautiful ladies make my heart fuzzy & warm. They are two of the most humble, kind-hearted people I know…who also happen to take kick-a** photos. And they deserve all the success & fabulous couples that have come (and are coming) their way. :) I seriously can’t wait to see what the future holds!! :) xo!

  • Ryann P

    Yay Hart & Sol! I’m so excited to have Maddie + Monica shoot our wedding next spring. Love the shiny new website & congrats on your success!

  • Hope

    They’re photographing our wedding today!!!!!
    It shows how professional Maddie + Monica are that they have continued communicating with me in my crazy state this week even while, unbeknownst to me, they relaunch their website and write this post.
    Wow and I can’t wait to work with them in 11 hours and see the pictures they capture.