Hello Lucky: Affordable Wedding Invitations & A Giveaway!

Today I get to talk about a great local San Francisco business run by two sisters (I love this kind of thing) and do a giveaway that I want to win. Hello Lucky is a design powerhouse that specializes in stylishly designed wedding invitations, that are high quality, and you can afford.

Where to start? Well. How about with Hello Lucky itself. This invitation studio is a small San Francisco-based business owned by two sisters, Eunice and Sabrina. Eunice had an over-the-top DIY wedding that was featured on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings last spring.  Sabrina eloped. So they totally understand the range of wedding aspirations, and are here to help with wherever you’re at, on the scale of fancy to simple.

Hello Lucky specializes in Letterpress printing, they offer all designs both letterpress and digitally printed. But the best part is, everything they do is printed on thick, textured, cotton letterpress paper, so even affordable, digitally printed invitations feel luxurious. (And they are, quite seriously, affordable. You can get 100 of these stunners for $264. Yes please).

Plus that means, you can also do mix and match: letterpress invitation matched with digital reply cards, programs, or you name it. This, my friends, is the secret of invitation design—everything depends on good quality and good paper, and Hello Lucky nails the combo.

You can personalize and order wedding invitations and coordinating stationery on the Hello Lucky website or stop by their San Francisco studio (which I think you should do, because it’s adorable).

But now, on to the exciting part! The Giveaway! Hello Lucky is giving away a copy of their new DIY book, Handmade Weddings (which I’ve seen and is excellent), and a $200 gift certificate towards wedding stationery (a coupon code will be e-mailed to the winner – not applicable to custom design services). So ladies (and gents), you want to win this one. Leave a comment with a note on why you’d like to win, and we’ll do a random drawing for the winner.

And then go browse Hello Lucky’s site. Good design, affordable prices, good customer service, and an awesome sister owned business? Magic.

Staff Picks

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  • Leanne

    I’ve had my eye on some Hello Lucky designs for our Fall Wedding. I love their aesthetic, and their mix of artisan-meets-budget-friendly approach to their business. I’d love to spring for some gorgeous letterpress, but can’t justify the budget right now so I LOVE that they have the option for digital. Would love to win!!!

  • Alison

    I am moderately terrified of DIY’ing (DIM’ing?) some things for my wedding, and any help that I can get would be SO helpful! Anything to help save my sanity and keep our day beautiful and classic. :)

  • Mia Culpa

    I’ve just started the wedding planning process. And even though my lovely fiance is awesomely crafty and wants to use our Print Gocco, the truth is we’re both so busy with work right now that taking the time to design our own invitations and make them doesn’t seem possible at the moment. I love Hello Lucky because they have some beautiful designs that work for our personalities, and I’d love to win Handmade Weddings because seriously? The DIY wedding resources online are overwhelming and I have no idea where to even start looking.

  • Amanda

    I think Hello Lucky is a great company, and I love that they are based out of San Francisco (I’m just across the bay in Oakland). The Groom has left picking stationary up to me, but I want to take his asthetic into consideration when I am doing the picking. I feel like Hello Lucky offers a great selection of invitations that aren’t too “girly” for the Groom, but are still awesome and fun and that I would totally love to send to my friends and family. What a great giveaway!

  • We used Hello Lucky for our wedding invitations, which turned out beautifully. We got so many comments on them! Also, they were so wonderful to deal with – the designer I spoke to did not care that I was graphically/stylistically challenged, answered all my questions, and made some great suggestions. Totally recommend them!

  • I used Hello Lucky. It was the smoothest part of the entire wedding planning process. I highly recommend!

  • Katie

    Hello Lucky is currently all over my bookmarks list for me & my man’s November wedding. I have a huge paper products fetish, and I’d love to win the giveaway to send our friends and family something gorgeous to announce our wedding!

  • A.

    I’ve already made a craft out of the book — we ordered it at my library and I took it home before we made it available for checkout… one of the perks — only I had to bring it back the next day so my coworker could borrow it too! I’d love to have a copy I didn’t have to take back to work. :p

  • Ooh yes please! We opted to scrap most of our paper budget to invite more folks, so we did word-of-mouth save-the-dates, our invitations were like mailers, no envelopes or anything, and we don’t have assigned seating, so no placecards or table numbers. Having a degree in advertising and being in the design world, paper and printing and good design are some of my secret utmost delights. Although I do not regret our decisions thus far, having the magically gorgeous paper goods for our programs and/or thank you notes would be a real treat for me.

  • Fab

    I love good design and the way that nice paper feels in my hand, so I’d LOVE to win this.

  • Katie

    Oh I love this company!! Such precious designs!! I want my Fall wedding full of personal touches so I would LOVE love love to have that book!! A $200 credit!!! Oh my goodness!!! How awesome would THAT be!! I will begin my first year of teaching in the Fall with my wedding 2 months later! Tight budget so this would be a tremendous relief!! I hope I win!!

  • Elaine

    I would love to check out the book. Fun projects!

  • SpaceElephant

    I have been drooling all over Hello Lucky for my entire engagement, but unfortunately they were out of our budget (we used vistaprint for our invites: ghetto, but can’t beat the prices!). I would love to win this to get some signage for the day of, or some really nice thank you cards. My love of paper products + lack of money has been =ing a sad bride.

  • Mary C

    I am the queen of arts and crafts. My room is overflowing with crafts for my wedding, and when we finally have a house, we will dedicate a room to crafting, and only crafting. Whether it be scrapbooking, painting, paper crafts, jewelry making, or anything else you can imagine – I have done it or plan to do it. I would love to get my hands on this book full of ideas.

    On top of all that, I am so glad you shared this link to Hello Lucky designs. Their invitations are exactly what I have been searching for! I am planning a vintage romantic wedding with a slight rustic touch at a country club (bringing in a little chic!) and this designer has invitations that would fit perfectly!

    I would love to win! :)

  • we are trying to do as mush as we can for our wedding to try and save money and make the day our own.
    and while I love blogs and all they have to offer (re: a LOT), nothing beats a good, physical, honest-to-goodness book.
    god I love books.
    great giveaway!

  • Carly S

    I’ve seen Hello Lucky stationary advertised before and I LOVE their work. Gorgeous invites that are *truly* affordable are a rarity!

  • Melissa

    I visited this shop for the Elizabeth Dye trunk show. While I was trying on dresses, someone was showing my fiance how the letterpress works, and he came away fascinated and very excited about working on the invitations! The people who work here are the nicest people I have met in the wedding business!

    I’d love to win this because my fiance and I both absolutely love their work and would like to support such an awesome local business.

  • Mihaela

    We’re on a tight wedding budget, and sumptuous paper and gorgeous design for wedding invitations was quickly shelved as “superfluous.” But honestly? I love paper, and I would be so, so happy to be able to share that with my guests.

  • Shannon

    I love Hello Lucky’s invites and I would love to have more inspiration to help me with my DIY projects for my wedding!!

  • Keely

    I’d like to win because I’m broke and planning a wedding. Any help I can get is the best gift ever!

  • Amy

    I wanted to chime in as well to say that I used Hello Lucky for our wedding invites/response cards/place cards, and they were so so lovely to work with. The quality of the paper was amazing, and they had super easy online editing options as well as amazing designs(I lived in NY, so did it all online). They also offered a pretty amazing degree of customization for the price point – we were able to add additional colors to the font on the invites for no extra charge, and they were kind enough to use the glyphs version of the font we choose after I asked them. Plus – they regularly offer discounts to their blog readers/twitter followers – and 10-15% off on my invites made me a happy camper.
    Um, I swear, I don’t work there – It was just super nice to deal with people who made good quality invites for less than a grand!

  • Beth

    I would love to win because i love hello lucky :)

  • Beb

    Ooh, I’d love to win that book! I just got engaged last weekend and am already trying to find ways to throw a low-key and inexpensive (and handmade where possible) wedding. The book looks great!

  • meks

    i’d love to win this! i’m hoping to do tons of diy projects because i am poor poor poor!

  • Jo

    I’d love to win because I am WOEFULLY behind on even thinking about invitations for my weeding — eek!!! :) And the book looks divine. Thanks!

  • Jennifer

    What a fantastic prize to win!! I have just started the wedding process and I’m already feeling overwhelmed. I think a beautiful invitation sets the tone for the wedding and it’s the very first thing your guests see so it has to be impactful yet filled with the couples personality. I have been eying the Hello Lucky website and would be thrilled to work with them on our invitations!! I am based in NY so it would be great to spread the word about a small business on another coast. I recently had my own small business so I know the importance of word of mouth. Thanks for such a great give away and I hope to hear from you soon ;)

  • Hilary

    I’d LOVE to win the giveaway!

    We did our save-the-dates ourself, which was fine, but for the invites, I was SO hoping to find an affordable letterpress solution. Hello Lucky looks amazing, and they’re officially bookmarked.

  • daISY

    Beautiful, personable, affordable, and crafty? Isn’t that what being an APW Bride is all about? Having invitations to epitomize that attitude and a book to assist is a perfect combination. That’s why I want to win :)

  • Beautiful invitations! I’m on the waiting list for the book my library and would love to win it!

  • Christina

    Ooh la la! This might be a silly reason for wanting to win, but I’m super overwhelmed by invite choices and any cosmic nudge to guide me in the right direction would be appreciated. There are just so many designs we drool over (many of which are at Hello Lucky) that I don’t know how we’ll ever pick.

  • Lindsey

    Hi I would absolutely love to win (who wouldn’t?). B really really really wants letterpress, but it is outside our budget at the moment.

  • Chase

    I want to win because I am atext and design geek and love letterpress. I want to make the invites ROCK! and Hello Lucky can make that happen. Please, oh pleaaaaaaase!

  • Jacquelyn

    Hi APW, I would loove to win. I have a large wedding planned and I am pushing up against budget concerns from my soon to be mother-in-law. A DIY guide would greatly help me stay within budget and the Hello Lucky invitations are adorable. I especially love the spring Cala Lily one which compliments our colors perfectly. They definitely would be outside of my budget without the help of winning this awesome giveaway.

  • Jackie

    I LOVE Hello Lucky!!! I used them for my wedding invitations last year, and they did an AMAZING job. I received so many compliments on the invitations, and they were just fabulous to work with. I agonized over picking invitations, and looked at what felt like 100s of websites. I definitely made the right choice with Hello Lucky.

  • Joan

    I love the idea of taking on some DIY projects and already have some great ideas but executing craft projects is not my forte. The Handmade Weddings book looks like a fabulous, inspirational resource for figuring out just how to get started. And, we’re going the digital route (for the most part) for our invitations, but we’d love to send out thank-you cards. Hello Lucky letterpress cards would be such a treat (for us and for the people we’d send them to). Whether I win or not, it’s great to know about the book and this company!

  • Ashley B

    Just starting the wedding planning process and would love to win me a book for inspiration and $200 towards lovely letterpress!

  • Erin with an E

    I just wanted to say how lovely a book “Handmade Wedding” is for even just visualizing your wedding. I splurged and bought a copy last month and I can’t wait to actual try making stuff. I like it because you can use their ideas and techniques to help you actually figure out how to make those vintage-esque table runners you’ve been dreaming up. Can’t wait to checkout their studio!

  • Christine

    Their stuff is great–really unique and fun. I already ordered some samples from them and the paper and printing are really high quality. I’d love to get our invitations from them and $200 wouldn’t hurt my wedding budget!

  • I would love to win because their designs are BEAUTIFUL, and I think that’s reason enough! I’d also love to be able to tell everyone I know that m awesome paper goods came from some awesome folks.

  • mere…

    I love the personality of their designs. They seem to mix the right amount of handmade with love & professional quality/I know what I’m doing. Very excited about the crafty ideas in the book and heck yes, $200 toward invites would be such an amazing treat!

  • I feel like I’ve been stalking Hello Lucky since I first saw them profiled on a blog. I love their designs. I love their style. Heck, I love that they are located in one of my favorite cities on the planet!

    I’m also trying to infuse some creative projects into our wedding, so the Handmade Weddings book has been on my list for quite some time!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Jillian

    We have no idea what do for our save the dates, this would be a great help. I really want to DIY/DIT some stuff for our wedding, but really have no idea what I am doing. This book would be a fantastic help for me!!

  • Roxy

    I love that this is a local, family-run company! We have been looking for invitations that are interesting and unique, but that don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s been surprisingly hard to find! We’re on a serious budget (under $5k) so it would be amazing to win the book and the gift card.

  • hoppy bunny

    What a great vendor! I would love to win the giveaway because 1) I need to DIY the heck out of my wedding, which has maybe the smallest budget evar, and 2) $200 in free, beautiful invites is perfect for my small wedding guest list.

    Anything free is a big help, and anything beautiful is appreciated. We are calling on our families to help us with origami decorations (pretty and so much cheaper than flowers) and I think that beautiful , high quality paper invites would really tie the experience together for our guests while making a nice keepsake for us.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win something I won’t otherwise splurge on! Good luck to all of us!

  • Samantha Hernandez

    I would love to win because my boyfriend and I are talking about getting married but because of money problems (credit cards, school debt, groceries) we are having a hard time finding spare money to put aside for a wedding.
    The invites are lovely by the way!

  • Julie

    Hoping I get lucky with the Hello Lucky! hookup! Great products, great inspiration. Thanks!

  • Ashleigh

    Oh wow what a great giveaway! Im so in love with the idea of DIYing our wedding, but in reality I’m so not artistic or creative. This book sounds like exactly what I need! I would love to win!

  • Liz

    These are lovely cards, and the book looks really interesting!

  • Jane

    Would love to win because the invitations are so cute and I would never be able to afford letterpress otherwise!

  • Marley

    I would love to win this wonderful giveaway as my fiance and I are DITing as much as we can and visual aids and step-by-step instructions are a must, and the gift certificate would keep me from buying an all in one pack of invitations and printing myself which would possibly lead me to have a stressplosion! Thank you for the generosity in holding this giveaway!

  • Anni

    I would love to get my hands on a copy of this lovely looking book and obviously would be very pleased to get some help with invitations for my upcoming wedding as well!

  • Lindsey

    Ooh, exciting! I’ve looked at Hello Lucky for design inspiration (and I love love love their city-inspired designs), and I actually JUST put a request to reserve their book at my local library. I’d love a copy of my own! Their aesthetic is really close to mine and my fiance’s.

  • Richelle

    Holy moly bucket of STYLE!

  • Oh my! I’ve been stalking the Hello, Lucky! website for a long while now, because I am IN LOVE with the initials in the heart design, which would tie in with so many other elements of the wedding. And I had no idea they had a book! I am a novice crafter (at best), so I’ve been patiently trying to teach myself little by little. This book and the gift card would be the best WIN ever!!!

  • Sara

    Invitations are one of the places where we’re trying to save money since they will most likely be thrown out by our guests anyway, but with a huge crush on all things paper that decision hurts a little. Our wedding will be at the local botanical gardens so any of the floral designs would be lovely…

  • Kay

    Hello Lucky has been on my links list – their invites are sweet and have a little spunk too. I would love to win!

  • Caroline K

    I love Hello Lucky’s designs! They are so fun and unique while still maintaining a classy look. I want our invitations to convey the fun, happy, casual feel of our wedding, and I think Hello Lucky! perfectly captures that.

  • Terrae

    I would love to win because my wedding is mostly DIY so the book would be a great tool. Also, I have heard so many good things about Hello Lucky and I love their work. It would be amazing to be able to use stationary from their line for my wedding.

  • I would LOVE to win! I am all about a handmade, homemade wedding and those invitations are gorgeous! I love the tones and hues used! Also, I think the book would be super helpful, and in this crazy economy, who couldn’t use a $200 freebie!

    Good luck brides!

  • Raqui

    Thanks for the contest!

    We don’t have much in the budget for the invites. We’re inviting around 30 people. Something beautiful from Hello Lucky would be a great boon!

  • Lauren

    Yes, please! Hello Lucky is amazing. I visited their studio for a wedding dress trunk show, and it is adorable. I would love love to have their design genius reflected in my invites.

  • Maureen

    So lovely! After browsing the amazing Hello Lucky site I just know my fiancee and I need need need the “Visit New York” invites for our June 2012 wedding, and since our budget is tiny winning this would certainly help (not to mention I need all the DIY help I can get, and that’s where the book comes in).

    We met in Brooklyn but now live and will wed in Massachusetts, but any way we can bring a little NYC into our wedding will just make us all the happier.


  • Katrina

    Oh goodness, I’ve been a total stress-fest over our invitations. It would be such a burden lifted off my shoulders if we could get a little help over here. :)

  • what a fun looking book and gorgeous invites! a great combination :)

  • Sarah F

    How amazing! My fiance and I are just now looking at wedding invites, realizing how expensive they are, and thus would be thrilled to win this givaway, have beautiful invites, and splurge with those $200 on other wonderful wedding fun (more booze, anyone?)

  • Celine

    I’d like to win because I am trying to find more DIY projects, and can’t seem to think of any! It’d be so nice to have a book I can sit with for inspiration & instructions.

  • Gidget

    Oh, pretty, pretty please! Absolutely beautiful.

  • Kaitlyn

    I am one of 5 sisters and about 15 female first cousins, including some very crafty individuals; we would get MAXIMUM use out of this book!!! I adore paper and greatly appreciate design, but am regularly brought to the verge of tears by the cost of pretty wedding invites (unfortunate fact: I have some friends and family members who will be more likely to show up to my wedding if the invites are extra-nice). So, having a little help in that arena would be great. AND! I could share the HelloLucky name with those 5 sisters and 15 first cousins; most of them will probably be planning weddings in the next 2-15 years :)

  • Shawnee Parsil

    In our craftastic wedding in June 2012 it would be amazing to have fantastic invitations that are crafted by someone else (and not us!) The design & feel of Hello Lucky’s work is fantastic — joyful and warm.

  • Wow. These are AMAZING. I might throw my entire “DIY” idea for my invitations if I win this!!
    Thanks for the chance, and thanks for a new website for me to drool over!

  • Vmed

    Oooh throw me in the hat. Because I love all things texture. And paper. And textury paper is letterpress and it’s amazing.

    And for the record, I commend anyone who can work with her sister on a regular basis ;)

  • Mallory

    That stationary is adorable and that book looks great. I love crafts but definitely need a bit of instruction to get started, that book looks right up my alley. I’d love to be entered in the giveaway!

  • Sasha

    Oooh I need this! I have a micro budget and this would help so much and these invites look amazing!!

  • I’d like to win because I totally forgot to budget for programs for the wedding, and I’d very much like something that resembles a wedding program, and I just know I could figure something out with Hello Lucky! (Plus the book looks like fun!)

  • Dana

    We have a pretty nonexistent budget for wedding invites so winning this would be a HUGE help. I really like the Meadow invitations HelloLucky does-they would go perfectly with our backyard on the edge of a state park wedding, plus, we will be in San Francisco in 3 weeks (coming over from Aus) to wedding plan so it would be the perfect time to stop in to that amazing studio, like you suggested!

  • Roxanne

    I love that their designs are both modern and classic. Fits in well with any occasion.

  • Jenna

    I have just started the wedding planning process. I know DIY is one of the best ways to reduce cost if you have the craftiness and the patience and the time. I’d love to have a beautiful jumping off point.

  • Katy K

    Wow these are some of the best wedding invitations I’ve seen yet! I’d love to win the credit because as much as I’ve looked, I just haven’t found all of the perfect (and in budget) things for our wedding and I’d love the resource of the book and the credit to spend to get some of those perfect items! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Cassidy

    I’d love to win this giveaway because my finance and I are still in college (i’m graduating this year) and I’ll be going into teaching next year. We’re hoping to pay for everything ourselves and keep it under $2000 for a beach wedding in our hometown for 50-100 guests!

    Also, I’m in love with letterpress, but it’s out of our budget range. This giveaway would allow me to have awesome invites!

  • Megan T

    My budget is going to be very tight for my wedding, and that $200 credit will be extremely useful in helping me get my invites done and to everyone that I need to send them to! It will allow me more room to breathe in other areas.

    I’m also going to be DIY-ing a lot of things myself, and that book looks like it has many delightful ways to help me out!

  • Kate

    I’d love to win because I’ve been eying Hello Lucky’s site since…before I got engaged. I love their style! :)

  • Liz

    This is a great company! I’ve been looking for someone small and local to do our invitations, and they sound perfect! We would love to win the drawing, and we’ll probably use them anyway even if we don’t!

  • So I’m sorry this is kind of off-topic (I am not here to enter the invitation giveaway!) but I was wondering if Hello Lucky also did other stuff like business cards or custom thank-you notes?

  • Joyce

    Love the invitations from Hello Lucky! My fiance and I would be so grateful to win this giveaway. Thanks so much for hosting!

  • Laura

    I love pretty stationery, but letterpress invites are out of our budget.

  • Leslie

    I am a huge fan of Hello Lucky! I am busily working on many DIY projects for my late summer wedding and was so inspired by Eunice and Daniel’s wedding that we are incorporating a “parade of children” for the processional. We are getting married on a ranch so I would be thrilled to have more DIY ideas from their book and products!! Thanks!

  • Rachel

    I just got engaged to a dashing young Air Force Lieutenant and we are rushing to get married before his next deployment. We both come from huge families (I’m one of seven kids, and he is one of six!), so our wedding will have to be somewhat large, but also on a really tight budget! We will definitely be trying to DIY most of our wedding! I’ve always loved Hello Lucky, and have already had my eye on their book. $200 towards our invitations would be absolutely amazing!

  • Erin

    I just finished browsing Hello Lucky’s site, and I love it! Just what I had in mind. I fell in love with the sparrow design!

    Winning a gift certificate would go a long way in our budget-friendly church wedding. I am a public school teacher, and my live-in fiancé has been out of work the last several months. He finally has found a real, health-benefits-and-vacation job that fits with his education and goals, thank goodness, but things have been hard lately. Of course, the book would be lovely, too, since DIY is bound to happen with such a tiny budget!

  • Sarah

    We just got engaged a few weeks ago and I have been hesitant to visit any wedding websites (besides APW) because it is all so expensive and overwhelming. I would love to receive this giveaway so that I can learn some ways to keep the wedding affordable and integrate my own style. Also, I am a big ol’ stationary fiend and it is basically the ONLY thing I am looking forward to so far. :)

  • Ashley

    Hello Lucky’s designs are adorable — OF COURSE I would love to win! Thanks for the heads-up on their digital print offers, too.

  • K

    Oh man I already scoped out that book and was so impressed! Can’t justify buying a copy for myself given our wedding and personal budgets though (hello, dying laptop). One of the blessed frustrations of living in the Bay Area–gorgeous work like Hello Lucky’s all around, yet often out of my price range! I’d love to win this and be able to tell everyone at our non-Bay Area wedding about the local talent.

  • Amber

    I would love to win some stationary! I love DIY (hence the 15 month engagement…), but I’d really love some great stationary. We’re poor grad students, but don’t want to wait to get married, and trying to have a rockin’ party on a tiny amount of money…a DIY book and some money off invites would be amazing!

  • Gwen

    Just the cover is inspirational in and of itself! I feel like this is the kind of book with reasonable and realistic DIY instead of convincing me that the over-the-top, irrational quest into the DIY world is what everyone expects and I deserve. Here’s to rational!

  • Sara R.

    I would love to win thia giveaway because I LOVE Hello Lucky! Their designs are lovely (especially the letterpress…. droool….)

  • Lisa B.

    I would like to win because I could really use the $200 to go towards invitations. And because I’m trying to get all of my vendors through APW. (Or I will be, once I’m actually engaged.)

  • hooloovoo

    Letterpress stuff is so cool but so spendy… A gift certificate would help with that.

  • Jill Metcalfe

    I’d like to win for a number of reasons: 1. Because I love cute stuff esspecially when it’s affordable 2. My invitation designer had pnenonia and has been in the hospital :( and is therefore not able to do the invites (after searching high and low for cute and affordable) 3. Because I can’t figure out how the design programs work so that I can make my own 4. My wedding is 2.5 months away and I am freaking out about buying/making/sending invitations!!! Next step might be a handwritten note on scrap paper stuffed into a envelope….

  • Jmms

    Yes please! We could really really use some help with our invitations!!!

  • nicole

    I love the Hello Lucky products! I’ve been drooling over them, but haven’t bought them because of my limited budget!

  • Ooh! I’d love to win because the invitations are beautiful and because the book looks like a good read.

  • Alana

    OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS, I have drooled over Hello Lucky invitations since before I got engaged! The hardest part is picking out the nicest amidst such concentrated gorgeousness – oh and resisting the lure of letterpress, which is beyond our budget. Stupid budget. Maybe I could turn up at the wedding in a sack, or clothe myself in hundreds of gorgeous invitations? Needless to say, if I scored this giveaway I would be there in a flash buying the most exquisite of forbidden pretties…. Not to mention driving my fiance crazy with all the projects in the book! Hooray!

  • Heather

    I’ve used L’OISEAU as my theme for my wedding website – it would be great to have matching invitations!

  • T&Coco

    We are have a wedding in December and want some stationary that gets our guest excited! Thanks for running the promotion. They have some GREAT designs and we WANT TO WIN!!!

    Thanks again!

  • I love Hello Lucky! We would like to win because we have a shoestring budget and winning invitations would be so helpful. We’re also doing a lot of it ourselves so the DIY book would be great!

  • suzanna

    Oo, pick me! Pick me! We recently set our date for 5/5/12. Um, yeah. Without realizing it, we picked Cinco de Mayo. He’s Chinese and I’m white. We are not going with a Mexican theme, unless I sneak some sombreros into the (so far totally imaginary) photobooth. ANYWAY. I’m finishing my last year in nursing school, my brain is breaking, and I have about 3 oz. of creativity hiding in a corner somewhere, presumably to be dug out and used once I graduate and/or receive this book. Halp!

  • Ria

    After many tears and fights, I decided to stop talking to my family about the wedding. During that time, we found some plain-ish but decent invitations that we felt mostly “bleh” about, but they were on sale, so we ordered those and were so happy they came in under budget. Of course, my family threw a wrench in it and now we have a completely different set-up for the day and one more venue. So we need new invitations. Of course. We’ve been over budget on almost everything and there’s really no budget for the new invites. I’d love to win this so we can afford to have awesome invites! We’re also trying some DIT stuff but it’s…not going well…so the book would be a big help as well.

  • Genevieve

    This would be so cool to win! My fiancee’ is a graphic designer and is nuts for letterpress.

  • KT

    This would help me greatly for my upcoming wedding!!!

  • This is the coolest thing in the entire world — I am in love with these designs, especially the Many Many Many Many Thanks card. My fiance’s sister is designing our invites but we’re planning on getting some really cool Thank You cards. This seems like the perfect opportunity. I’ve always secretly dreaded writing Thank You cards but writing them on something this cute would make it all the more enjoyable!

  • My partner and I want our wedding to reflect the personal touch of DIY without looking cheesy. It’s important to us that our wedding truly reflects us as people, (as individuals and as a team) because for so many of our guests this will be their first queer wedding. Queer marriages are not legally recognized where we live and we continue to get questioned: why have a wedding if you can’t get married? We are keeping this wedding personal as a reminder that we are getting married for the same reason as everyone else- not *because* it’s legal, but because we want to share our love and commitment with our friends and family. Marriage is personal.
    That being said, some DIY guidance and financial help certainly would help!

  • Christine

    My fiancé and I recently moved to the Bay Area and we love it. We would love to win because this would be an opportunity to incorporate businesses from California into our Vermont wedding! We love the invitation and save the date designs on your website.

  • Amanda Way

    T-minus 6 months today until our big day and my fiance, amazing friends, and I are all kicking the planning into high gear! With priorities straight (i.e. plan a party, a big party, and make it fun!), we’re looking to save money by creating what we can… invitations, decorations, playlists, basically everything short of making our own liquor :) No doubt winning this Hello Lucky! giveaway would make our planning our wedding a little bit easier and a lot more stylish!

  • Courtney

    I would love to win this giveaway. I am planning my August 2012 wedding, and we are planning to do a lot of DIY aspects. This book would be wonderful for ideas and step by step guides!

  • Cort

    I should win because after wedding comes babies. And, as a queer person, the baby-making process is hella spendy. I could use some free stationary for the wedding…every little bit helps!

  • samantha

    I’m having a backyard wedding on June 25th of this year, and the feel of these invites would go perfectly! Thanks for letting me know about them, and here’s hoping to be a random winner! :)

  • CarolineK

    I am blissfully engaged but am terrified of being my own wedding planner! Companies like Hello Lucky give me hope that I will be able to pull off getting married.

  • Caitlin K

    I would love to win because this would save us some money for our wedding in July and I get super cute invites!!!

  • Flan

    Those are gorgeous! We’re still figuring out our wedding plans, but I love the ability to mix letterpress and digital, etc.

  • Kristin in OR

    I’d love to win because I’m in need of some DIY inspiration at the moment!

  • Natalie

    I’m in the preplanning stages of a wedding right now. My boyfriend and I are looking at getting married next summer, but our budget is definitely pretty small, since I’m in nursing school and he’ll be between semesters at grad school. With over 200 family members to invite (plus lots of friends), invitations are definitely going to be a big deal (and alot of money).

    Hello Lucky sounds like such a fabulous company. I’m a really big fan of supporting locally owned businesses, and I’d love to win this giveaway.

  • Melissa W

    Hello Lucky! is amazing! We ordered the our invitations from them a week ago and I can’t wait to see them. The staff is friendly and helpful! We’re getting married this July after nearly 17 years together and we’re paying for everything ourselves… winning this would go a long way to helping us have a practical – yet memorable – wedding day with our family!

  • Anna

    I would love to win as I’m from Spain and can’t get over the fact how tacky and “wordart””-like most invitation design houses are here…

  • Jess

    I don’t just want to win, I need to win!

  • Love all of the invitation designs, and especially love the new decor section! The crown is the cutest :) But seriously, there is no way we could otherwise afford invitations as lovely as theirs otherwise!

  • Would absolutely loooove to win the Hello Lucky give away. As an avid-lover of all things written word, one of the most important things to me in the whole wedding will be the invitations (is that weird? I just love paper and stationary!) I would love to have LetterPress, but right now, it’s a stretch on the budget. Two hundred would go a long way towards making it possible :)

    Also? The book? Looks awesome :) I might pick it up even if I don’t win!

  • Kim

    These are so beautiful! I’ve fallen in love with the look of letterpress, but they are sadly out of range for our budget. I’m planning on going the DIY route, but winning $ towards invitations would free up lots of time in my already busy schedule! :) AND that book is on my wishlist!

  • PinkBink

    Gorgeous stationary and I see some items that I would totally totally love to incorporate into the wedding. I would love to have a chance to win the book too, currently DIY and I are not besties.

  • Not sure when or if I’m getting married, but would love to send photo Christmas cards! So many beautiful designs!

  • Stefanie

    I love companies that understand the range of needs/wants from weddings – plus their invitations are beautiful! I’d love to win!

  • Wow, Eunice and I are so honored and touched by the response to this giveaway! Thanks for all the lovely comments (as a small business that is very much a labor of love, it means a lot to know that what we are doing is appreciated and striking a chord! We are SO with everyone who is trying keep all those wedding planning plates spinning in the air – everything from managing headcount and vision to the lure of letterpress / love of paper with DIY and budget, budget, budget!). Good luck to everyone, and we’re looking forward to getting to work with the winner!!

  • Caitlyn Stypa

    I had never heard of Hello Lucy before this post, but I love their design and now plan to order my wedding stationary through them assuming I have the funds. I want to DIY a lot of stuff for my wedding, and while invites wouldn’t be hard, they would be really time consuming, and might not be worth it if I could get something from Hello Lucky instead. All the designs are so beautiful; I especially love the one with the simple blades of grass because I’m planning something like a farmers market themed wedding outside a historic home. I, along with everyone else, would love to win this one!

  • Jana

    I’ve been ogling Hello Lucky invitations since I got engaged! Would love to be able to afford them for my June 2012 nuptials…

  • Angelica

    I’ve just started the wedding planning process, but I’ve always loved Hello Lucky cards! Even before planning started, Hello Lucky invites were the first thing the soon to be Mister and I both adored and wanted. Our wedding isn’t for a year yet, so in the meantime we often buy their cards for holidays and other occasions. Everyone loves them!

  • Megan

    I LOVE Hello Lucky! LOVE everything they do! So cute and pretty and charming and sweet and everything marvelous that stationary should be! Alas, even $264 is too steep for this girl. I’m getting married in October, getting rolling on invitations and all the DIY-ness soon, and the generous credit and amazing book would help immensely. Thanks for a terrific giveaway!

  • Ms. T

    I’ve been wanting Handmade Weddings for the longest time! And the stationary is super cute!

  • Love Hello Lucky! I keep going back to their site over and over, I love how they make everything so unique and special for the Bride and Groom’s special day! Great ideas throughout the entire site and I love the mix of letter press and regular print! So many exclamation points must convey my love for them! :)

  • Courtney

    I’d love to win just because they are totally gorgeous!

  • Emily

    Our laid-back, semi-traditional wedding style + sense of humor + a love for design = Hello Lucky’s creative invitiations! Hello Lucky is a company that I’m hoping to use for our wedding because they truly speak to the feel of our special day, and I definitely want to support a local SF artist, as I am an artist in the area too!

  • I would love to win this wonderful give away! I am a theatre props artist and therefor a crafter by profession. I don’t think my wedding will feel like mine unless it is full of DIY, I would love to get my hands on this book.
    And the invitations are just fantastic, non-traditional while still looking classy, lots of personality but still professional. What a great little company!

  • Jenna

    I’d love to win because invitations is one of the areas that I’m finding myself unable to splurge due to budget and it’s really bumming me out. With the gift certificate, I’d be able to make my invitation dreams come true!

  • Laura

    I’d love to win because I’m knee deep in planning and I haven’t even considered invitations yet. And these look amazing!

  • Stacy

    I would love to win and have a DIY wedding. I’m a designer and I like to have things done hands on. I also adore hello, lucky cards.

  • Stephanie

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on this book since it came out, but don’t have the money to spend on it. So I was excited from the start. But the book and invitation combo? Now that’s just too awesome of a prize to not post!

  • Sprite

    I would love to win, as both of us are about as crafty and DIY capable as a pair of rocks. Our plans for stationary appear to be heading to badly done invites on our home computers!

  • Meg

    I love the look of these designs. They’re so fresh and pretty! Plus, this is a small business owned by sisters??? That’s hands down the best part.

  • Ooooh I loves loves LOVES Hello Lucky! I’ve been drooling over this book since I first heard about it, but I’ve mandated a buy-no-more-wedding-how-to stuff rule. So. I drool from afar. Le sigh.

  • Judy Zima

    My lovely daughter is planning her wedding for August 2012. She is a very kind, loyal young woman who has found a man who respects and loves her. He also makes her feels safe and makes her laugh. (Not suprisingly, these are the same reasons I married her dad 25 years ago!)
    While this is not her soon-to -be’s first marriage, it is my daughter’s. The husband-to-be did not participate in the planning of his first wedding (not HIS choice) but is trying to be involved in the planning with my daughter. They compliment each other well and work together well as a team.
    I would LOVE for her to be able to have the best of everything while staying within her reasonable budget. They so much want to do it all themselves and are being very discerning in their choices. I know they are planning a beautiful, meaningful ceremony and reception with their closest family and friends – about 100 people, and the Hello Lucky gift certificate would certainly help!

  • Sarah R

    Gorgeous invitations!
    I’d love to win because, while I think invitations set the tone for the event, I’m not sure that it will be something we set a priority on. Honestly, I’ve started thinking about hand-written notes to try to save money (crazy, right?), but winning a Hello Lucky gift certificate would save my wrist for other DIY endeavors!

  • Lacey

    Who doesn’t love a giveaway? And when you stumble across one that you actually NEED?! Bonus! And a couple of sisters as owners? How cute! My sister and I are super close and have often dreamed of co-owning a cupcake shop, so I can totally see the fun in the “Hello Lucky” business.
    We all know wedding planning and PAYing is hard. We would love it if we were somehow chosen for this giveaway. We can use all the help from super-nice wedding-folk that we can get!
    Congrats to whoever gets it!


  • Amanda D

    Ohh, yes, I’d definitely like to win this one… we have a very, very small budget (yay struggling musicians/teacher) and will be barely able to pull off a wedding as it is. Letterpress is so nice looking…

  • Chelsey

    I’d love to win – Hello Lucky makes such great things!

  • Renee P.

    After a failed attempt at creating my own letterpress machine, I have a deep appreciation for the art and a tremendous desire to have letterpress invitations for the big day. Love the beauty of what Hello Lucky has to offer. My husband-to-be and I will be having a luncheon reception and the colorful, vintage-inspired designs at Hello Lucky would be great way to prepare our guests for the fun to come.

    Thanks for doing this give-away! :)

  • Vanessa

    I’d love to win this giveaway! Hello Lucky has an awesome assortment of invitations.

  • I’d love to win because I 100% agree with Sabrina that, ” a wedding is a deeply personal experience, and there is no right way to celebrate it.”

  • Jenny

    My younger brother just proposed. I’d love to give my sister-in-law-to-be this give away as a way to welcome her into the family…

  • Sharon

    Our wedding is in my hometown of San Francisco, which is also where HelloLucky is HQ’d! I love the array of designs and would love to splurge on thank-you cards since it’s such a personal item that people will really look at!

  • Victoria

    Oh my goodness, this would be such fun to win… especially since I walk past the Hello Lucky studio often!

  • Sara

    Ooh…I am loving their Sweetheart invitations! My fiance and I are on a pretty tight budget, and winning this would really help free up a little wiggle room in the budget for all the things that I know will pop up!

  • Savychacha

    My fiancé and I are getting married in October this year and I have been silently trying to figure out what to do about Save the Dates and Invitations. I would like to be able to DIY them at home, but the lack of a good printer and graphic design skillz may just get the better of me on this project. We would love to win this package from Hello Lucky because we are trying to save as much money as possible on our ceremony with DIY so that we can buy a house in the next two years! I love the fact that their site even has a timeline run down for you as to when to send out STD’s and a very helpful tip about having your invite weighed at the Post Office as to avoid disaster!! I think this company is fabulous 

  • Lisa

    These are amazing! I love DIY and plan on doing a lot of it for my upcoming wedding.

  • I am having a very DIY wedding on a budget next Summer. I am all about personal touches and beautiful handmade thoughtful crafts. That book and the invites look so beautiful and go right along with my style and taste. The book would be so inspiring and of course any help with the cost of invites would be just fantastic!!!


  • Anna

    I would love to win! I browsed their website and loved the beautiful invitation and stationary designs! It would be so hard to choose which I love most. I would also love to win the DIY book – I am in need of inspiration! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  • Love HL’s stationary!!! I love paper! Love it so much I can’t stand to use it for my crafting but I will! I’m having a DIY wedding on October 1, 2011 and have yet to order wedding invites! We’re getting married on a farm and the reception is in a very rustic barn (it’s like an antique shop inside!). I would love to win! Thanks for the chance. Did I say I love pretty paper? :)

  • Maurissa

    Ooh I might be too late for the giveaway but I love Hello Lucky’s designs! We’re having our wedding in the heart of Hollywood and I’m really itching for their amazing LA invitations. But really any of them will do just fine – I just adore their work.

  • Kate

    I would love to win this giveaway – there are so many holds on this book in the NYPL system that they won’t even let me on the waiting list yet!
    Hello Lucky has such beautiful stationary. I would love for it to be a part of our wedding.

  • Kristy

    I love these invitation designs and the book looks fantastic. What a great giveaway!

  • I like the designs of this wedding invitation and you can give ideas for the wedding planner.

  • Yvonne S

    We’re doing a quickie courthouse ceremony for immigration reasons, and I’ve been throwing myself a (teeny tiny, entirely internalized) pity party as a result (“This isn’t what I dreamed of! Nothing is going according to plan!” etc.). Also, we’re poor as heck. But then I remember all I’m deeply grateful for: the stars aligning so my love and I would meet (back in 7th grade!); my parents, who have been married for 37 years, and who have been living examples of true commitment, fortitude, and a-little-laughter-goes-a-long-way-ness; and for knowing that despite what life may lob at us, we’re in the foxhole together. So this is my rambling way of saying we would be honored to have Hello Lucky’s designs in our wedding. Despite our modest budget, these invitations would set the tone for our celebration– quietly elegant, yet stylishly unique in the most modern way. Thank you for doing this!

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  • OMG! I was drooling over this book the other day at Paper Source, but am so budget strapped that I couldn’t convince myself to buy it.

    I would love to win this prize so we can get some swanky thank-you note cards to send to all of our awesome guests to tell them how they mean the world to us and how they all helped to make our wedding (and wedding planning) special!

  • Ashlee

    I’m a huge fan of Hello Lucky’s clean designs. Since I’m doing a lot of DIY projects for the wedding, the book and the certificate would be a huge help!

  • Sara

    I would love to win this because my wedding paper is one of the only things I haven’t figured out yet and would be so happy for the help!

  • Rachel

    I love the bright and cheerful designs.

  • Memery

    mmmm. I love hello lucky. So delicious! We’re foregoing (hmm, that doesn’t sound right) doing save the dates to have the best invites we can (I’m a paper product junkie), but letterpress is still out of the question… unless we won this! hee!
    I’ve been given carte blanche to pick the paper products because I could look at this stuff for hours, but the ones that we both like best tend to be cool designs a la graphic designer Jason Munn’s album covers. We’re huge music fans and I gave him “Small Stakes” for Christmas this year (a book of album art! So cool!) In particular, I love love love the “Big Day” design — that font just makes me melt. We’re not getting married in SF, so I’d probably change the icon to the heart. mmm. yay love!

  • Jessica

    The book looks awesome and the invites from Hello Lucky? Beautiful and lovely. Thanks :)

  • Amy

    I love love love letterpress, but it’s not in our budget. It would be great to win!

  • Amber

    I’d love to win because we DIY’d our invites and I spent about 5 too many hours at Kinkos dealing with cardstock jammed in the self-service printers, and meticulously trimming each of the 100 invites because I didn’t trust Kinkos employees to get it right. And to be quite honest, it wasn’t worth it. I would love to hand this over to professionals for the programs. I would really love to have beautiful letterpressed programs and rehearsal dinner invitations. (And I would love not to spend another minute at Kinkos.)

  • Liz

    I am hand printing our own invites, but I could use help for all the rest of the paper goods (and the budget that accompanies them)! Plus the book would be inspiration for weddings, parties, household stuff…

  • amysee

    I never, ever enter internet contests.* But this one seems awfully nice. There is a little old fashioned something inside of me that yearns for proper stationery and the time when people wrote real letters, etc. Hello! Lucky designs capture that aesthetic for me. And Handmade Weddings looks like it could make crafting 200 paper doo-dads a lot of fun.

    Good luck, everyone!

    *Okay not never ever. I did once enter one for a vegetarian Japanese lunch cookbook. I did not win. :)

  • Holy biggest contest sign ups!

    I want in on the drawing too! I just got engaged on Sunday and well I’m a broke ass bride and my fiance’ makes min wage and can’t even afford to pay his student loans. We are animal lovers and volunteer at our local county shelter and have been foster parents to several animals and have 2 rescued dogs and 2 chinchillas. I need that book for my very DIY/DIT wedding I will have in order to have everyone I want to be there and present.

  • B

    I’d like to win because otherwise I may not have invitations!

  • Jessica

    What an amazing giveaway! I want to win because I don’t yet have the letterpress skills to make my own invitations with loads of curled fonts and fun things (I’m taking a beginning letterpress class for fun right now) but I totally envy the skill of the Hello! Lucky team. My fingers are crossed for some early birthday luck!

  • I’ve been lusting over that book forever. And I LOVE paper!!

  • Genevieve

    Thank you for introducing me to such a fabulous vendor! I love their designs and it would be such a treat to be able to afford a bit of glamour in our invitations.

  • Jordana

    These invitations are beautiful! I would love to win ;)

  • Megan

    I have a newfound love for paper! I am giddy just thinking about the possibilities.

  • cathy

    i love, love, love good design!!! but i am a poor medical student…. the only way my guests are getting stylish invites is if i win them. love these!!! :)

  • Melissa

    I absolutely love Hello! Lucky invites! And the fact tha tyou can mix and match letterpress/digital printing in one invite suite is genius. We haven’t picked our invites out yet, but Hello! Lucky would be perfect vendor to use!

  • Sarah

    Wow, those are beautiful! We still need to make our aufruf invites. Have they ever done an aufruf invitation? We should win because aufruf is a funny word and a great tradition!

  • Tracy

    Who would not want to win this? I love the idea of DIY – and have done some of it – but have a hard time figuring out how to make my visuals come to life…so a how to book would likely save me a lot of discards! Also, the invites are gorgeous and I LOVE the fully customized range :).

  • Tracy

    Is it too late to comment to win? My girlfriend and I planning a Spring 2012 wedding and are sort of at a loss as to where to start. I’ve been a Hello Lucky fan for some time and winning anything from them for this special occasion would be too awesome for words. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Vera

    Oh I really want this one! I just finished writing my to-do list for wedding planning, so I definitely need something pretty to help keep me going! Thanks!

  • Victoria Valdiviezo

    Hello lucky is perfect for DIY kinda bride :) We are on a major budget for our September 2011 wedding, these invites would be perfect.

  • Heather

    I love the Hello Lucky invitations, but I’m trying to stay within budget and not get caught up in letterpress love. That said, I would love to win this giveaway and have absolutely gorgeous invitations.

  • ka

    I’d like to win because I have no idea where to begin on crafting things, and because we need all the help we can get to stay on our budget!

  • Sue

    I’d love to win both the gift certificate and the book to gift to my daughter who is engaged to be married next summer!

  • maud

    I am getting married in France and have an equal number of French and American guests. Designing and printing two different sets of invitations myself scares me out of my mind. Winning this would really save me a lot of trouble, even if it’s just for half of my guests!

  • Tiffany Ann

    I would LOVE to own this book. I have thought about buying it many times. We are planning a wedding on a tight budget and every little bit helps! PICK ME!

  • sarah

    I’d like to win because I love beautiful things, including paper, and often swoon in a bookstore, papeterie, or stationers’ shop. In addition, we will be paying for our reception and all ourselves (more me than he, as it were) and I would love to have something gorgeous, just for the sake of it.
    Thanks Meg et al … it’s funny how I felt just as much part of this site before I was engaged, now that I am engaged. A true testament to the APW community! :)

  • mish

    I would love to win this! I’ve always loved crafting, but because I work in the sciences there isn’t much opportunity to be artistic and creative. I love having this wedding as an excuse to be a little crafty (even if I’m not very good at it) and this book would be big help! It would be amazing to be able to have pretty paper products too! Thanks for the wonderful give away.

  • anash

    I would absolutely love to win this because the invitations are beautifully desgined and i love the vintagy look..it is appealing!

  • Darlene

    I love the Hello Lucky aesthetic, but printing my own invitations is what’s currently in the budget. So I’d absolutely love to win the giveaway. PS I’m so glad that you all say it like it is on STDs…when I first considered doing an email STD, all I could find on the interest were condemnations of how tacky they are. I went with an email anyway designed by a great seller on etsy and I’ve gotten so much positive feedback on them!!

  • We would love to win! We aren’t completely sure what we’re doing about all of the wedding-y paper-y things at the moment due to budget concerns, and we really want to showcase the work of a talented business that we want to support, so this would be fantastic for us!

    Thanks Hello Lucky for offering this opportunity to everyone!

  • KK

    I just got engaged and the invitations are the single thing I am most looking forward to planning. I love their designs, I would be beyond thrilled to work with them!

  • EmNey

    Winning this would help out tremendously in terms of the budget for our wedding. And I think DIY’s is a little scary!

  • Angie

    I’m definitely intrigued to see that this book will help you figure out how to achieve the aesthetic that you imagine because I think that is the biggest struggle in all of wedding planning. I would love to win this package!

  • Abby Bloom

    I would love to win this giveaway! I just started the wedding planning process and I can’t wait to start crafting and sewing! I would even more love to win this giveaway because we are a couple trying to afford a wedding on our own. So, anything that comes for free always helps! ;o)


  • Amanda

    I want to DIY my invitations, so this book would be great!

  • Cecilia

    I would LOVE to win because I think their designs are adorable and I want to take on some DIY projects! (That, and the small budget I’m working with)

  • Angela

    I would love to win because my fiance and I are all about do it yourself! He is an architect and I am a teacher so we love to be creative and this seems like the perfect opportunity! :)

  • Desiree Hadley

    I would love to win because who doesn’t love winning a giveaway on one of the most important, expensive days of your life! Especially when it is the most crafty, adorable, unique stationary I have every seen! And I have seen a lot the past few months from researching and planning!