hibou photo in New Brunswick, Free Travel in Canada & New England!

Today’s a big day for APW because we get to welcome our first ever Canadian sponsor (and the crowd roars!). hibou photo, located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, is offering free travel to all APW couples anywhere in Canada or New England through the end of 2011. So Maine and Boston, you should also take notice.
But Kandise at hibou photo isn’t just any Canadian vendor. She’s one that’s so perfect for APW, both in artistic style and personality, that she couldn’t be a better way for us to jump into Canadian photography waters. Her work is a lovely blend of emotionally honest, strong visual composition, and a beautiful artistic through line.
She specializes in catching people at their most vulnerable and honest and real. Brides with their heads thrown back laughing, grooms giving a tearful toast. Add to that the fact that she’s so excited to work with you guys that it’s off the charts.
Plus hibou photo offers excellent rates. Wedding packages start at just $2,000 (Canadian), and as mentioned, she’s offering free travel to all APW couples in Canada and New England through the end of 2011. She’s also cooked up an “off-menu” super all inclusive package for APW awesomeness: 12 hours of continuous and unlimited coverage; password-protected online gallery for viewing, sharing, ordering; an archival DVD containing all the high-res images with a personal print release; and a 20-page 8×8 leather album*. $3999+tax. So you’re going to want to move on these rates because they won’t last long!
As for why Kandise wants to work with Team Practical, she says, “I want to work with people who think and act like me. Happy, sane, smart (geeky), sassy, grounded, creative people… who love and value photography. What excites me about APW is the thoughtfulness and care and personality that APWers inject into their weddings. They’re not going to do something that means nothing to them for the sake of tradition; they’re not going to want wedding photos that make them look like rockstar douchebags. Real people, real moments, real love, that’s what I will capture. Since the market I live in is very small and traditional, I’m hoping to find those people near me with APW. And since I love to travel, I’m excited at the prospect of meeting these kinds of people throughout Canada, New England, and all over the world!” I’m not even going to comment on the rockstar douchebag comment, because her hilarity speaks for itself.
And, because you should get to know Kandise and hibou photo (because she already knows and loves you), she provided me with this list of facts. It will make you love her more:
  • 99% of the day I’m going to be that fly on the wall, capturing (almost) everything about your wedding as it happens. No direction, no posing.
  • The other 1% will be painless and fun.
  • Love is for everyone.
  • Your wedding photographs are family heirlooms.
  • I think I’m funny. If you don’t, that could get awkward.
  • I’m shooting for YOU… I’m on your side.
  • I blog every session. All of my clients are beautiful and deserving of having their stories told. (My wedding blog posts are kind of epic.)
  • Simple and straightforward. Always.
  • My favourite feedback from clients is when they say things like “is that really me?” or that I captured the FEEL of their wedding.
  • I cry at pretty much every wedding.
  • I’m running the greenest business I can manage, including being 100% green-energy powered via Bullfrog Power.

And with that, ladies and gentleman, what are you waiting for? New Brunswick, all of Canada, Maine, Boston, the rest of New England? Hop on over to Hibou Photo’s website, browse, play, and then make some beautiful music together. Y’all are going to have piles of fun, I can just tell.

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  • YAY! I am so happy to be here. :) Thank you, Meg!

  • Woohoo! A Canadian sponsor! And only a town away from me in Saint John. Very nice. Love the photos.

  • Roseanne

    I went to library school with Kandise, and I can definitely attest to the fact that she is hilarious and exactly the kind of person you’d want at your wedding.

  • Kris

    Wait… they’re offering free travel to anywhere in CANADA? Are you sure? A flight NB to BC could cost $800+!

    • meg

      Of course I’m sure! But just for the rest of 2011. Do it now…

    • I know right?! I’m nuts.

  • Lauren

    A Canadian vendor – how exciting!! I’m not getting married in 2011, but that’s a great deal. Thanks APW :)

  • I loooove that photo of the bride laughing as she walked down the aisle. Awesomesauce.

  • hahahah “I think I’m funny. If you don’t, that could get awkward.”

    also all of canada?? amazing.

  • Mary B.

    Oh man, a New Brunswick vendor! We were married in Ottawa, but my husband is from Woodstock, has family all over NB, and we went to school in Sackville! This makes me giddy (and also makes me miss the Maritimes in a big way. Maritimers are the best).

    • I am from Woodstock and upon writing this I realize that I know who your husband is…. aaaaaand I feel kinda creepy.

      • Mary B.

        That’s kind of awesome, it happens quite a bit! There’s just something about the Maritimes…

    • Cassandra

      We totally went to the same university! APW is a small world.

  • Now I want to go have a vow renewal at my folks’ place in Cape Breton. Kandise, you seem like someone I want to know. As others have attested, Maritimers are the best, so that makes total sense.

    • I think you should DEFINITELY do this. Let’s know each other :D

  • Erin

    Yay Canada!

  • Meredith

    Fredericton! That is *my* hometown! :) And now I know who to recommend if anyone asks if I know a good local wedding photographer! Right now I’m just enjoying looking at all your beautiful photos and feeling a bit homesick…

  • Burying a test post here!