TurtleLove.com Loves Love (+ Unique, Thoughtful Gifts for Mom, Sister, Friend, Lover or Other)

As many of you may already know, this year we joined up with TurtleLove.com and formed what is now affectionately referred to as the APW & TurtleLove.com Superpartnership. As Managing Editor, what I’ve found most enlightening about this partnership has been getting all of the angles of Turtle Love’s business philosophy, both in writing (like this great piece on why you don’t need All The Things to be happy, but why sometimes the things can help) and in action (like when they agreed to help boost our venue directory listings by hosting a giveaway on APW last month).

Because it’s easy to wrap up a lot of awesome into one sponsored post every six months or so, but I think it speaks volumes to TurtleLove.com’s commitment to being sane vendors in an otherwise crazy market that they are consistently raising the bar for themselves, challenging their business to do better for the community, and giving back to the people who make their business run. So today, Adrianne (TurtleLove.com’s founder and Head Honcho) is here to give us an update on what’s new with them, including the winners of their engagement ring giveaway, a reinforced commitment to affordable engagement rings (yay!), and awesome gifts for the holidays if you’re like me and still don’t have anything to give…um…anyone.


Hi everyone, it’s Adrianne here.

I LOVE numbered lists, so here’s what I want to tell you about today:

  1. The winners of our engagement ring giveaway.
  2. Great values (read: awesome discounts) on vintage engagement rings.
  3. Unique and personal gifts for your family and friends, which I hope you will buy.

1. A month ago, we told you that we were so excited about advances in marriage equality on Election Day that we were giving away two vintage engagement rings to one lucky couple. Remember that? Well, we’ve done it!

The winners are Amanda and Katy (pictured below!), who by coincidence live in Portland, Maine (where our offices are), and who have been volunteering on the Maine marriage equality campaigns since 2009.

Amanda wrote: “We met on Craigslist (I know!!), and almost immediately everything felt different. I had been single for four years, and when that happens you tend to have a laundry list of ‘non-negotiables’ as you imagine who you could possibly give up the freedom of being single for. When I met Katy, it all went out the window…. Together, I know we balance each other in ways that feel grounding and safe.

“Our wedding is scheduled for May 26, 2013. We set the date a year ago, knowing the issue would be on the ballot. We were in agreement from the beginning: let’s set a date far enough away that we have a *chance* for it to be legal. We put our faith in Maine, a state we love more than… anything else I can think of, and took a leap. It paid off!!”


Amanda and Katy haven’t picked out their rings as of the time that I’m writing this, but we’ll definitely keep you posted on our Facebook page.

2. We want to keep our vintage engagement ring collection fresh and exciting, so for the rest of the year we’ll be creating deeper and deeper discounts on the rings on our site. Starting tomorrow, the discount info will be easy to find on the top of our site, and it’ll be updated every few days! So if you’re in the market for a vintage engagement ring, or know somebody who is, check out the collection at turtlelove.com!

3. So. Lots of people buy each other gifts this time of year… We love the elephant mother and baby necklace for a mom. (We also have necklaces with a duck mama and baby, and one with two babies.) Editor’s note: who wants to help me decide if I should get the elephants or the ducks for my sister-in-law?

(Also, if you dig the animal necklaces but aren’t into the mother and baby duo, just LOOK at the Brontosaurus necklace. Everyone in the office has one now—we just couldn’t resist!)

With our initial necklaces, you can order a single letter necklace, or build your own letter necklace with multiple letters to spell a word or to combine family members’ initials.

And of course, we’re rocking even more state necklaces, with all of these state necklaces available for giving this holiday season: California, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Washington State, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Montana, and Rhode Island.

All of us here at TLC are tremendously thankful for your support this year, and can’t wait to see what next year brings!

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    The link for TLC’s vintage engagement rings is directing to an APW post on Vintage Tea Length Wedding Dresses instead.

    • Maddie

      What a bizarre redirect. Thanks for the catch!