I Luv Photo: Artistic Chicago Wedding Photography

I’m always excited to introduce a brand new sponsor to APW, and what an excellent sponsor it is today! ILuvPhoto is a husband and wife photo duo out of Chicago that shoots some of the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous images that I’ve seen of late. For those of you who, like I was, are looking for that magic blend of art and photojournalism, Luis and Clarissa are your duo. Their images capture the pure (colorful!) joyful nature of getting married without seeming forced at all, and they also stand as tiny works of art. Which? Perfect.

And more than that, iLuvPhoto is super excited to work with you guys. They put it this way, “One of the things that make our jobs so enjoyable is that we get to work with a really remarkable group of people, and APW seems to be filled with them! We love the APW philosophy, the awesome featured weddings, the quirky couples, and we love how much fun people seem to be having around here. We want in!” Plus, they just fit with you. They told me, “We love how APWers don’t always follow the norm and make their wedding day really unique to who they are as a couple. As photographers, we try our best not to follow the norm as well, and it’s always a pleasure working with other couples who share the same mind set.”

Also coming as no surprise to me, given the completely stunning nature of their work, they seem to migrate towards working with lots of creative couples (and in some sense, I consider every single APW reader I know creative in one way or another). They told me, “Probably 75% of our couples are involved in the art/creative world in some way, which we take as a huge compliment. We’ve had other photographers, graphic designers, art restorers, people who worked for museums (SAIC), art directors, and other creative positions.” And they love building a business that way and getting to focus on the blend of emotion and aesthetics that we creatives love so much.

I asked Luis and Clarissa to tell me a little about iLuvPhoto‘s artistic philosophy, because, well, you know that’s one of my all time favorite subjects of conversation. And I particularly want to pick the brains of people making such beautiful images. They told me, “We would describe our artistic approach as photojournalism with a contemporary/artistic/sometimes vintage vibe tossed in. We really don’t want people to feel like they have to look at the camera and smile every time that it’s pointed at them. In our experience the best photos come from real moments with real emotions. Like some sort of photo ninja, we do our best to capture all the fun and excitement of the wedding day while being as unobtrusive as possible.” Which completely jives with their photos: photojournalism plus art, real moments plus photo ninja-ry.

And Luis and Clarissa have a long history creating images together. Their story is one that goes back for a long time: “We’re a husband and wife team who’ve been married for five years and together as a couple since 2000 when we were 15 and 16. Even though we’ve been together for a long time, our love for photography started before we’d ever even met. Both of us started taking photo classes while in middle school, and by the time we were dating and done with high school we already knew what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives.” Plus, Clarissa recently graduated with her MFA in photography, and she’s in the July issue of PDN (Photo District News) where she won an international contest that was “searching for outstanding and undiscovered fine-art photography.” (I have this theory that photographers whose work grabs my eye tend to work on their own fine art projects as well and/or have formal training, and I now consider my theory proven.)

All that, and iLuvPhoto‘s wedding rates start at $3,000 in the Chicago area. They’re also offering a $200 album credit to APWers. Oh! And they are game to travel to you… anywhere. So I’m seriously not even sure what we’re waiting around here for. Go! Browse their (seriously amazing) portfolio and blog, and then get in touch. I’m wiggling at the edge of my seat waiting to see the first APWer + iLuvPhoto wordless wedding. (Amiright?)

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  • Laura

    I am using I Luv Photo for my wedding photography (event in Elmhurst, IL) and I couldn’t be happier!! Besides taking beautiful pictures, Luis and Clarissa and totally sweet and very professional. I have not posted on APW before (although I’m a long-time reader) but I know these two are perfect for this community. My fiance and I are planning a smaller, vintage inspired wedding with tons of DIY and fun – I can’t wait to see the photos they take!

  • Carbon Girl

    Just went to their blog and those photos are absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want to get married again. And for $3000, WOW!! All of you who have yet to book a photographer are so lucky.

  • rys

    Wow, those are some of the best photographs I’ve seen in a while.

  • Yea, totally agree, images are so pretty

  • All these images so cute and show real moments.