TurtleLove.com: What’s New!

As many of you know, APW has what we affectionately call a Super Partnership with TurtleLove.com, sellers of awesome and affordable vintage, indie and artisan wedding and engagement rings. This means that TurtleLove.com‘s founder Adrianne contributes a whole variety of content to APW (like this great post on the power objects can wield in resolving fights) all with the same signature smarts that brought us one of my favorite APW posts of all time, Authenticity and Wedding and Engagement Rings. So today, Adrianne is back to give you a little update on what’s new at TurtleLove.com. And guys, this might be my favorite post from Adrianne ever. Because it involves a puppy.


Hello dearest APW friends! Here’s what’s new from TurtleLove.com, your fearless purveyors of engagement rings and wedding bands for independent-minded folks:

We’re proud and excited to introduce our new mascot. His name—you guessed it—Turtle! He’s a nine-month-old Australian Labradoodle puppy. Because of his allergy-friendly coat, he’s able to join us in the office every day, which makes our office extra fun. We love having Turtle around, and he’s having a great time resting during meetings, observing (and participating in) photo shoots, and cuddling everyone. Turtle will soon make his way into a more prominent role on the website, but he’s just learning the ropes this week, so give him some time as he eases in to his role as our fearless leader (um, I mean mascot)! Say hello to Turtle!

For you pre-engaged folk (or those who just love love—isn’t that all of us?) we’ve put together a sweet book of proposal ideas that don’t require a helicopter or a flash mob. We got lots of input from APW readers, and it’s a fun read! You can find it here.

Also, we have an awesome new Tumblr—you should check it out. The images of TurtleLove.com‘s vintage engagement rings, bridesmaid’s necklaces, and other sweet jewelry gifts simply ROCK. Here are a few:




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  • Sara

    My pup’s name is Turtle too, but completely independent of any sort of mascot deal.

    • meg

      Perhaps it’s time to tell him to get a job.

      It occurs to me that the baby should probably get a job now too. Maybe as a mascot.

  • Jasmine

    Whoa that bottom ring is gorgeous! I don’t see it anywhere on the site, though–has anyone else found it?

    • meg

      It’s probably one of their vintage rings, if I had to bet.

  • What a cute pup! He is so adorable that I have a hard time looking at the jewelry instead of him. I keep telling my pup he needs to get a modeling or calendar gig but he hasn’t followed through yet :-)

  • SJ

    Love it! My family’s golden doodle goes to work with my Dad everyday. He is “Head of Security.” He also wins employee of the month every month. I think it’s rigged.