Announcing Indie Jeweler Bario-Neal’s New Showroom In NYC!

Custom Textured Three Stone Rough Diamond Ring

by Maddie Eisenhart, Managing Editor

If you’ve been here a while, you may remember last year’s intern Madeline joking that after she got engaged, her friends in the UK kept telling each other “she got her ring made by Barry O’Neil.” That story always makes me giggle, because, of course, there is no such Barry O’Neil (well somewhere out there, probably, but not here).

Lace Band

There is, however, the exceptionally talented duo Anna Bario and Page Neal of Bario-Neal, known for making ethically sourced, rad-as-hell indie jewelry that is as affordable as it is beautiful. And today I have the pleasure of announcing that Bario-Neal are expanding their blossoming empire by opening up a brand-new showroom in New York City! The showroom (a.k.a. where I’ll be headed next time I’m in New York) is conveniently located at 195 Chrystie Street, just a few blocks away from the Broadway/Lafayette subway station.

At its heart, Bario-Neal is an independent business made up of two women who bust their asses to push the limits of jewelry design, all while maintaining a commitment to environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing, and marriage equality. Bario-Neal’s handmade designs are crafted in their Philadelphia studio storefront using one hundred percent reclaimed metals whenever possible. And because their designs are made from a variety of materials, Bario-Neal’s engagement rings and wedding bands begin as low as $80 and go all the way up to $6,000+, with lots of options in between (which reminds me, it’s acceptable to buy yourself a birthday present, right? Because the Knottedrush Ring below has my name all over it and someone is turning another year wiser in a few weeks).

Knottedrush Ring

But honestly, Bario-Neal’s awesome business practices are just icing on the cake. Because what Page and Anna really excel at is amazing, amazing jewelry design. From the standards to their stunning custom work, the design aesthetic and craftsmanship of Bario-Neal’s products are the stuff heirlooms are made of. And at prices that rival the big box stores, you’re getting a whole lot more than what you pay for. So with that, I’m not going to waste any more of your time talking. Let’s get to the good stuff:

If You Like Sparkly Things

Custom Linear Rough Diamond Ring

Asymmetrical Avens Ring with Rough Diamond

Baguette Diamond Band

Custom Asymmetrical Avens Ring with Large Colored Gemstone

If You Like Minimalist Things

Milla Ultra Thin Hammered Band

Custom Macle Diamond Bezel Ring

Custom Allium Enamel Band

Custom Trinity Ring with Prong-Set Diamond

If You Like Quirky ThingsCustom Grotto Ring with Champagne Rose Cut Diamond


So next time you’re downtown, or shopping at the Whole Foods on Houston (is that still there?) be sure to pop into the brand-new Bario-Neal showroom on Christy Street. If the above photos are any indication, they’ll be happy to design a custom piece for you. Or you can always shop the already amazing selection of Bario-Neal engagement rings, wedding bands, and everyday baubles. Plus, when you shop at Bario-Neal, you get the added bonus of supporting a woman-owned independent business that’s been around this community for about as long as it’s been alive.

And when you do go say hello to Page & Anna’s new location, be sure to say hi to “Barry” for us, will you?

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  • Oh, yes. I’ve been lusting after Bario Neal’s jewelry for ages, and have already picked out the wedding band I want. I’m also insanely proud that they’re from PA :-) Can’t wait for the day when we’re ready to hit their Philly workshop and get ourselves some!

    • scw

      the Philly shop is so sweet! my boyfriend and I went there to pick out rings and had a great experience- just the right amount of attention, no pressure, a cute dog, and great advice about everything from sizing and metal allergies to pairing engagement ring with wedding band (we found both!). I love this company and am excited that they’re expanding.

      • Cute dog?! As if I needed another reason to book the trip!!

        • scw

          yes! I only met kemba but I just looked it up and apparently there are two shop dogs! all the more reason to visit.

  • Audrey

    I’ve never visited one of their showrooms, but my husband and I LOVE our wedding bands that we ordered from these ladies. They are amazing, beautiful and totally us.

  • I LOVE Bario Neal! We used to live down the street and purchased both our wedding bands from them. It’s also a great place to get gifts for those who love unique jewelry. They had this sharks-jaw pendant necklace I got for my sister that she now wears all the time. Buying our wedding bands from them felt so much better than going to a more “traditional” jeweler.

  • marie

    love, love, love bario-neal! we got my engagement and wedding rings from them, they are gorgeous and anna and page are delightful to work with. so glad to hear they’re growing!

  • ML

    We got my fiance’s ring made by Bario-Neal. Learned of them through the APW ads and was delighted to find that they were in our city! Jeweler’s row kind of freaked us out but going to their shop was very relaxing. They are fun, friendly, and very organized and professional — not to mention great designs. The ring was done exactly when promised. I’d definitely recommend.

  • B (the other one)

    We got engaged this past Sunday and ordered the Aldine wedding band Tuesday!! I loved them after my boyfriend bought me their cross earrings, such great workmanship and customer service!!

  • love bario-neal! we got our wedding bands from here and they could not have been sweeter. great customer service and phone etiquette! i’m looking for an excuse to get another one of their pieces already!