Indie Wedding Jewelry & Accessories: My Cellar Door & Nomsa

It’s been a long crazy APW week, with a lot of intense posts and discussion and community. Which is why I’m delighted to end the week with some good old fashioned indie shopping. Mmmm. I’m delighted to introduce you to the brand new APW sponsor, Ashlee, who has two stores: My Cellar Door, where she sells beautiful handmade jewelry and Nomsa (Pretty Little Things), where she sells indie accessories and jewelry. Shopping that supports a working artist? Hooray! Her work is beautiful, and affordable (and was recently featured at Anthropologie). She also gives discounts on multiples, which makes her stores an extra great place to shop for weddings. It’s great for wedding jewelry, bridesmaid’s gifts, and um, just for shopping? For yourself? For no reason? Yeah. Happy Friday.

My Cellar Door

So! Because I love you, I picked some of my favorite pieces for your shopping pleasure. Like this Geometry necklace, $24, and some other slightly more indie picks: the black hole necklace for $29, or the pyrite (fool’s gold) nugget necklace for $24. Please wear these to your wedding? Or, you know, just with a tee-shirt.

I think the Gold Filigree Lace necklace for $23 would look killer with a simple sheath wedding dress. And a few other graceful picks that I loved were the goddess-y Brass Leaf Charm necklace for $23, and the sea-foam quartz square earrings for $24. Yum.

But maybe you want something more classic for your wedding? Well, I’ve so got you covered. How about this lovely gold infinity necklace (Which is clearly perfect for your wedding day. Infinity! Get it! Ha! Sigh.) for just $25. I have to admit that even my tastes in traditional jewelry veer a bit towards the quirky, but I’m awfully fond of this simple vintage brass locket necklace for $23. And for the actually classic among you? This freshwater coin pearl necklace would be a beautiful gift for your ladies, at just $19. Indie bridesmaids’ jewelry gifts for the win!

Nomsa (Pretty Little Things)

In Ashlee’s shop Nomsa, she has more pops of color, hair things, and floral accessories. I’m very fond of these purple mum earrings, and think they would be kicky little bridesmaids’ earrings (and a great way to tie together generally coordinated but not matching outfits).

And oh my god you guys. The Guinea Feather Headband? I don’t even know if I should recommend that you wear it as a bride, or give it to your bridesmaids or just wear it every day, or what. But I want one now. For me. For now. Forever.

And finally! The flowers that made her famous! These Poppy Red Satin Flower Hair Pins are $14, and she just sold bunches of them to Anthropologie, but you can get your own from her directly! Also, there are these beautiful white floral hairpins, if you want something bridal but still sassy for $17.

So happy shopping ladies. Get yourself something lovely and affordable. You deserve it. And happy Friday.

Staff Picks

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  • Fiorentina

    OMG! Not for the wedding but I just dropped about $30 at Nomsa for SEVERAL earrings and hairpins because I just needed something pretty for a change (we have been on veeeeeery strict essentials-only spending of late what with a single income and saving for the wedding). I can’t even say how tickled I am to have something beautiful for myself and no guilt over dipping into the wedding fund. I have not been able to do that for a while because I am all about not spending on stuff that won’t last or isn’t the height of awesomeness (can we say “champagne taste on a beer budget”?) They are sooooo pretty. I will be back closer to the date for bridesmaid gifts. LOVE.

  • Jen M

    I want to EAT everything she makes…sooo pretty

  • I wore some of those lovely little enamel hairpins for my wedding and they were just so vintage lovely, and a steal too. I love that I always love the A Practical Wedding sponsor posts as much as the regular posts. (Well, maybe not quite as much, but still…)

  • ElfPuddle

    I’m now trying to figure out how many hair flowers I can wear without looking overly odd. Thank you, Meg!!

  • These are amazing! I have been searching for some pieces to finish off my look for the big day and my dress is very simple so I think something like this is exactly what I need :)

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