Introducing APW Editor Kate

by Meg Keene, CEO & Editor-In-Chief

Kate and MegToday I’m pleased to get to introduce the newest member of the APW staff: Kate Bolen. Kate is joining the team as our copy editor (I’m dyslexic, so to say that I need help on the copy editing front is a tiny bit of an understatement).

Kate and I have been friends since I first moved to San Francisco. She worked at the investment bank where I got a job when we moved, and it quickly became clear that she was one of the only people on staff who was… how shall we put this… a member of my tribe. So Kate and I got really chatty, and then I got engaged and she gushed over my ring. A few weeks later, when I decided to start a blog about wedding planning, I gave Kate the URL, and she became APW’s first ever reader. Literally. (Check out vintage Kate’s comment on my fifth post ever.) When we finally got hitched, Kate was our wedding stage manager (everyone needs a friend like this).

More recently, Kate and I both quit investment bank life (cue massive dance parties of celebration). Kate went back to school and is currently getting her second degree in graphic design at CCA. I started writing a book and hired Kate to be my on-the-ground copy editor.

And now I’m thrilled to welcome Kate onto the APW staff as copy editor. Kate says, “As a longtime member of the APW community, I am so stoked to join the staff.  I have to say, I am grateful that we have all found each other, Team Practical. The smart women who compose this group have bolstered me time and time again (first before, and certainly now, a year after my wedding).” Kate also knows all about the em dash, sleeps with The Chicago Manual of Style, and thinks I use sports metaphors too much (“Dive in” “Let’s tackle this”). She finds this amusing, since I’m not really a sports fan. She also wrote a hilarious staff bio, which you should read.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be back with Kate’s wedding, Wordless Wedding style, but till then, I’m leaving you with the above picture of Kate and me at her wedding. Please note that I’m wearing my wedding hair flower (for the second time ever) as a married hair flower, in honor of Kate. We’re that kind of friends.

Picture: Kate & me on her wedding day, by One Love Photo.

Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. She has written two best selling wedding books: A Practical Wedding and A Practical Wedding Planner. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit #NASTY

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  • “has more interests than she has time”

    Love this. Welcome (officially) Kate!

  • Contessa

    Welcome Kate! Did anyone else just lose 15 minutes on Wikipedia fully absorbed in learning the difference between en dashes and em dashes?? I love this place :)

    • Yes! Me! It’s like a whole new world of advanced punctuation. I’m now seriously considering buying myself a style manual for my husband’s birthday (what? I can totally buy myself a present for that, right?).

      Oh! Almost forgot – welcome, Kate. That picture of the two of you is too lovely for words.

      (Damn it that probably should have been some kind of fancy dash, but I forgot to read the bit about how you get the dashes on your keyboard – curses. Oh no, I did it again! This is too hard!)

      • meg

        It’s shift/option/dash—with no spaces on either side of the dash. Thanks book writing for teaching me a new skill!

        • Hypothetical Sarah

          Organizational tips, Google Docs shout outs, em dashes, AND shortcut keys? Today just keeps getting better and better!

          • meg

            We aim to please.

            Hum. We really do cover a *slightly* different subject matter than most wedding blogs, don’t we… achem.

    • Yea for Kate! And yes I did lose a significant amount of time to those dashes. I second the loving of this place.

    • JEM

      um…did anyone not even know there was an effing difference?!? *raises hand* All I knew was that Word autocorrects that ish all the time and I didn’t know why.

      Yay for learning new things!!!!!

    • Oddly enough, I spent a lot of time reading about em and en dashes two weeks ago when working on my CV…and trying to figure out how to do them on my francophone keyboard. Haha. So nice to see them mentioned here too! :)

      And welcome, Kate!

    • I actually have the pages in Chicago that mention em dashes bookmarked—I tend to over-use them and have to rein myself back in. ;)
      (And I don’t have an “Option” button on my Spanish keyboard, how sad!)

  • Bowties ARE cool. And so is Kate.

    Hooray Team Practical!

  • I love to see APW growing. Yay to Kate, who I’m positive will be a great addition to the site!

    • That’s what I was thinking! How great that there’s another staff member, and how great that she seems so cool!
      Welcome, Kate!

  • katieprue

    Kate, I love your bio!

  • Jo

    YAY KATE!!!

  • Yay! Welcome, Kate! (As a fellow English B.A., I salute you.) It’s so great to see APW growing by leaps and bounds this year.

  • This is way cool. Yay for Kate, and yay for growing the APW staff!

  • Remy

    Welcome, champion of CMS! I look forward to many, many serial commas.

  • More APW staff? Love it.

    Also can’t wait to see the wedding – I love love love her dress already.

  • FawMo

    Welcome aboard Kate!

    (Meg, full disclaimer: I overuse boating analogies/lingo.)

    • meg

      Ohhhh… BOATING analogies! That’s a whole new area for me to explore!

  • ka

    Em dashes and bow ties?! I <3 you Kate!

  • 20th-ing the YAY KATE! comments! She’s super fun, y’all, and super smart.

  • Cass

    After reading Kate’s staff bio, I think we’re long-lost twins. I love punctuation; my husband is cuddly; my cat is supportive; I am trying to save the world by composting.
    Also curious what that delicious beer she’s drinking is.

    • Kate

      I *believe* it was the Drake’s Red Eye Ale, but it was definitely at Drake’s Brewing Barrel House: I generally enjoy beer, and we did a lot of tasting that day!

  • Kate

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!!! I’m very stoked to be on board (thanks FAWMO), and a GIANT virtual hug to all of you fellow grammar, lit and Doctor Who lovers.

  • Happy official welcome Kate! Though as APW’s first reader, I feel like you should be welcoming us. Love that photo, looking forward to more tomorrow!

    • meg

      That’s a good point, maybe she should be welcoming you! We’ll get her a welcome mat.

  • liz


    and also, sports analogies are way better than war analogies.


    • meg


  • A friend of mine just introduced me to your blog. (I’m not planning a wedding but I am planning on starting up a wedding photography business.) My friend had such great things to say about your site. I can’t wait to browse around and read more!!

    PS – Kate sounds like a pretty awesome friend. :)

  • Em dashes for the win!

  • Meg

    It’s great to see the way this community keeps growing and especially nice that it gets to welcome as a staff member someone who’s been here from the beginning (not to mention a fellow anglophile with an BA in English).

  • Amy

    Welcome, Kate! Bow ties ARE cool.

    As are fezzes.

    (I really hope that was a Doctor Who reference in Kate’s bio).

  • Torie

    bowties are VERY cool as are people who quote Doctor Who … I’m also hoping you were quoting Doctor Who otherwise I’ve just outed myself as a sci-fi geek
    oops, anyway WELCOME Kate

  • wow awesome! yay Kate! go team APW! more exclamations!