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  • Shari

    Ohhh APW Ladies – this is lovely and timely for both this mother-of and the bride. YAY for P&G!
    My keep-it-simple beautiful blonde curly haired daughter is going to be an August bride at a garden cermony near DC. It is sure to be H.O.T.and H.U.M.I.D.
    No one ever covers DIY styling for naturally curly but fine hair that tends to get a little frizzy. And how does a DIY-er apply make-up for an outdoor summer wedding followed by an indoor air conditioned reception. The first layer may have dripped off! Different lighting, different temps. And yes – please show us contact-wearers how to apply lashes. PS-She’s a high school science teacher and he’s a surgical nurse in the US Army. We are so proud of these two and so many others who choose to serve their country and their community.