Introducing New APW Sponsors

You guys. I seriously do not know how this works, but every time I think, “APW has the best sponsors in the WHOLE WORLD,” then they totally get even better. I’m thrilled to welcome an amazing crop of new sponsors in December. I’ll be back soon with in-depth sponsored posts about each of them, but for now I wanted you to have a heads up about their phenomenal awesomeness. In no particular order I’m thrilled to introduce:

Katie Jane Photography in New York City. Katie Jane is a Team Practical member through and through, and she commented on her wedding business when she left an “OhmygodIgotmarrieditwassoamazingohmygod” comment from her honeymoon, and I was like SPONSOR NOW PLEASE. And then she was one. (And don’t worry, she’s totally going to be a wedding grad too).

Shop Joielle. Y’all! It’s a bridesmaids dress online shop that’s really well curated and stylish (and pretty darn affordable!!). Having seen a lot of online bridesmaids dress shops, I think this is like manna from heaven. You guys know my long and complicated history with the bridal brigade. But here is the thing – I didn’t have my ladies match, and even THEN helping them find dresses was tough. WHY did shop Joielle not exists for me? You can sort by color and fabric for goodness sakes! Well, it does exist for you. Lucky.

Elissa R. Photography in Austin Texas. Another Team Practical member through and through. Elissa has been slowly building her business, and chatting with me for the last nine months about so wanting to come on. And she finally felt ready and did the thing. EFF YEAH. Her work is stylish, and she’s affordable, and Texas, time to give her a call.

Little Borrowed Dress. Oh my god ladies, how did this not exist before??? How did we all survive??? Finally, finally, finally, you can rent really chic, high quality, perfectly matching bridesmaids dresses for your ladies. RENT THEM. I knnnooowwwww. So you won’t have to lie and say, “You’ll totally wear it again,” though they’ll want to. Plus the owner is yet another amazing young female entrepreneur, which makes me so happy.

And finally, Chi-Ling Wang Photography in LA, who you’ll hear all about tomorrow.

Amazing right? Well played Team Practical. You guys attract the very best businesses.

And to all you sponsors who have been hanging out on the sidelines, wondering if now is the time to jump into the APW pool, but knowing you really, really want to? Hint: now is the time. I only have three regular slots left for the beginning of 2011 (starting at $75/month), and I’ve got four Prime slots left (starting at $100/month). I’m booking sponsored posts for March right this second for monthly sponsors. And once those spots are gone? They are gone. I’m selective, and only take businesses that are a really great match for APW, but if you think that’s you… drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you.

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  • yes yes YES on the bridesmaids dresses! Shop Joielle looks really great. I wish I’d found them, or the renting option before my wedding. Welcome, sponsors!

  • Little Borrowed Dress is one of those businesses I wish I’d thought of!

  • Sarah

    Hooray new sponsors! And such a lovely variety, too! I can’t wait to read more!

    One burning question for now … HOW can I own that green dress? Too cute. And me with holiday parties coming up…

  • OoOooo! I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Jane at the recent New York APW meetup and she is such a lovely person! Yay for awesome new vendors!!!

    P.S. OMG Dress Rentals??!! Sign me up.

    • Aw, thanks Maddie! We need to have some drinks and talk photography soonishly!

  • Thanks for the fabulous introduction, Meg!!!

  • Looks like I’m surrounding by good people :)

    • surrounded* surrounded*
      gah! Way to make a first impression :P

  • Thank you for the love. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  • beautiful new sponsors! loving the photographers!

  • Corie

    Thanks everybody for the very kind comments! And thank you Meg for the fabulous introduction.

    I have been reading this site since the beginning of this summer and think you guys are such a wonderful group of women! I’m so happy to be a part of your community :)

    Order functionality will be up on our website in the next week or two (I just couldn’t wait to get the world out to you guys during the beta stage before I officially launch to the rest of the brides out there) If you are interested in renting a dress in the meantime for a holiday party, please email me at corie at Yes, the green one would make for a spectacular holiday dress too! (and so would the red strapless number…that is my favorite)