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Today I get to do one of the really fun parts of my job—welcome a new and gifted photographer to the APW sponsor fold. I’m excited to introduce you to Jamie Marie Photography, serving Colorado locally, and all of the (contingent) United States for a flat $500 travel rate (hurrah!). Jamie is the perfect magic mix of an APW photographer. She’s dead talented (let’s meet up in a second to discuss that), has been hanging around APW for years and years, has a great artistic philosophy, and has some serious no-bullshit pricing. I’m not sure what I’m more delighted about—her crazy impressive body of work (with affordable prices), or how profoundly excited she is to get to work with all of you (her emails to me were confetti parties of thrilled).

The minute we get a new sponsor on APW, part of my actual job (lucky me!) is to dig around in their portfolio. Maddie recently wrote about ways to look at photos (lighting, composition, emotion, storytelling), and Jamie Marie Photography‘s pictures exemplify so many of those ideas done brilliantly. She’s a truly gifted portrait photographer, with art gallery quality images of people mixed in throughout her work. But more than that, her candid images capture a sense of warmth and community that I’ve rarely seen, while simultaneously expressing the complicated emotions of a wedding—from joy to wistfulness to longing. And not to get all Nina-on-Project-Runway on you, but Jamie has a seriously editorial style. If you’re someone who loves the way magazine photographers are able to uniquely tell the story of a wedding day (and I definitely am), you’re going to love Jamie Marie Photography‘s work.

Before we dive into Jamie’s relationship with APW, I wanted to take a little time out to talk about her background. As a former hippy kid, who grew up without a TV but with a lot of odd passionate hobbies, I completely fell in love with Jamie’s story of being a home-schooled kid who took to photography early. Jamie explains on her site, “I began taking photographs. It started with my sisters—dressing them up in my mother’s old prom dresses and marching them to the top of the mountain at sunset to take their pictures. And then it spread into taking other people’s pictures. I wasn’t old enough to drive when I shot my first wedding, so my mom to drove me there and picked me back up by ten o’clock curfew. I was so shy and worried about messing up the pictures that I hid behind a plant for half of the reception, taking incognito pictures of people. Don’t worry. I don’t do that anymore.”

Pure. Gold. People. I’m sad I can’t go back in time and hire LITTLE Jamie for my wedding.

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As I’m sure you picked up from the story above, Jamie of Jamie Marie Photography is your people. She gets you guys. And what you really want at your wedding is a talented photographer who just gets you, no questions asked. Jamie has been part of this community for a long time, and she says, “I love APW. I love APW people. When I found APW several years ago (before I was even engaged) I was entirely hooked. I love the down to earth, no nonsense, do-it-the-way-that’s-best-for-you-regardless-of-what-the-wedding-industry-tells-you mentality. APW helped me hold it together during my engagement and wedding, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop coming back. I love APW people because they are some of the kindest, strongest, most sensible, and all around lovely people I’ve met.”

Plus, she really understands the complex emotions of a wedding day and is able to clearly communicate that with her work. She told me, “When I’m invited into a wedding day, it’s something I consider to be a huge privilege. It is, after all, a super intimate, vulnerable, momentary, happy, and wildly emotion-filled day. Being invited to share something like this is no small thing, and every day I’m overwhelmed with gratitude thinking about how wonderful it is that I actually get to do this.”

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When I talk to new APW sponsors, I always want to know what makes them tick. What is their artistic approach, and how does that inform the photographs they take? And for Jamie, it’s all about memory, moments, and creating tangible objects that capture who we were in any given moment. She says, “I am a photographer because I am obsessed with remembering life. It is past moments that make up who I am today. Looking at old photographs and seeing who I was then, helps me make sense of who I am now. Life is momentary, and it’s because of this that remembering the bits of time that have molded my life is so important to me. My whole business is founded on memory—on remembering life. The photographs I hold most dear are the ones that I can look at and return to the moment they hold. I am a photographer because I want to remember. I am a photographer because life passes too quickly not to remember. I approach my wedding coverage with this mentality. The day is short and ephemeral, but the photographs from it are a portion of what will continue to breathe life back into that memory long after the day has passed. Capturing those snatches of time that create a life is the biggest reason I’m a wedding photographer, and it is a fundamental aspect to how I approach wedding coverage.”

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And with that philosophy, it makes perfect sense to me that one of the driving passions behind Jamie Marie Photography‘s work is physical printed photos (something I am a passionate advocate for too). Jamie says, “Please print your photos. I don’t care if it’s another photographer’s work, or mine, or your own personal family snapshots. But print them. Photographs are made to be printed. They are made to be passed around and hung on living room walls and loved and covered in years of fingerprints and held as objects of memory. So please stop allowing them to rot in a forgotten folder of your hard drive, and get them printed. Today. I believe so much in prints, and that’s why my wedding photography package includes several prints as well as a $150 album credit. Because I really, really, really want you to have prints and an album. I think it’s one of the most important aspects of wedding photography, and it’s an integral part of what I offer. Having something real to hold and share with family and treasure over the passing of years is indispensable, and offering albums and prints is a cornerstone of my business because of that.

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And then. If I wasn’t convinced that Jamie Marie Photography was an APW kind of photography studio from her story, her philosophy, and her photos… well… there is her no bullshit, no hidden fees pricing structure. Here it is, in all its simplicity. Colorado and the lower forty-eight, you’re totally in luck:

I offer one simple package, because weddings are complicated enough, and I’m not really interested in trying to sell more stuff. My wedding package is $2700. This is not a base price or half-inclusive package—it’s everything I think should be included in a wedding photography package. It includes all day wedding coverage without hourly limitations, me and a second photographer, a USB drive as well as an online gallery of all of the edited images, a $150 album credit, and four 8×10, and ten 5×7 prints. I shoot both digital and film. Hi-res edited digital files as well as low-res scanned film images are included in my package. (Albums are $550-1000.) I shoot anywhere within seventy-five miles of Boulder, CO without travel fees. After that, Colorado weddings have a small travel stipend for gas, etc. I’m offering a 10% discount or free engagement session to APW readers who book for 2013 weddings during 2012, and a $500 flat-rate travel fee for anywhere in the US.

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Jamie Marie Photography is one of those businesses that I can’t wait to see blossom in collaboration with you guys. What will happen? What magic will be made? What pictures will be created? I don’t know yet, but I can’t wait to see. Till then, you guys, go get her!

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