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There are few things I love more than watching APW sponsors grow and expand their craft in ways that are fresh and exciting, but still really accessible for APW clients. Which is why I’m delighted today to give you an update on the husband-and-wife team JayLee Photography in Seattle, who in the past year has not only fine-tuned their business philosophies in the direction of radness, but also added new members to their team, and is even offering a $300 discount to any 2013 APWers who book them before the end of April!

But first let’s just take a minute to talk about their photos. When JayLee Photography joined APW as sponsors in late 2011, it was clear these guys had a vision that was all about crisp, clear, emotionally resonant images. “We strive for modern, timeless, and fresh photos,” is how they describe it. And these days they are really taking it to a whole new level. Which means that for those of you in the Seattle area who have been looking for classic, fun, but still powerful imagery? These are your folks.

But it’s not just in the style of JayLee’s images that they put their money where their mouth is. When I asked them about their business practices, Josh & Ali responded by saying:

It has always been important to us that we include our personal values into our business practices. We believe that your wedding should mirror who you are as a couple (not what others tell you it should look like) and that wedded bliss outweighs the importance of the wedding day! Our team is also highly in support of “offbeat” and “non-traditional” weddings and LGBT couples and marriages (Yay for Ref 74, Washington!). We are, and always have been, an accepting and inclusive business. Making sure we are the right fit is our number one priority, and every APW couple we have worked with is super unique, fun, and easy to work with, which we totally appreciate. When clients love our photos and trust us, we do a happy dance.

And while I’m willing to take this statement at face value, I love that I can see that effort shine in their portfolio. Because that tells me that JayLee is genuinely  a company that’s about what makes you special. So what else is new at JayLee Photography these days? I’ll let Josh tell you:

1. We are now a four-person team (that’s everyone above!) We (Josh and Ali) started the business, got married (coming up on two years in June!) and added two new members to the JayLee team this year (Jeni and Sean)! We include two photographers for every wedding to ensure full coverage. They are super-awesome, talented, and we feel so lucky to have them on our team so we can take on more weddings!

2. Little known facts: Along with weddings and engagements we also offer boudoir and family sessions. Josh also does music photography and Ali just shot a birth for the first time! (Editor’s note: OMG go look at those birth photos right now. Stunning.)

3. We have gone paperless! All images are sent digitally to save on paper and deliver images as quickly as possible. Yay for the environment! We still offer albums and product, but it is now a la carte to cut down on the package price.

4. We also offer a photo booth! We call it the crazy booth…because that’s usually what it feels like.

5. We travel! We love to experience new places and have had a great time traveling for weddings and getting to know far-away clients with the help of Skype!

But possibly one of my favorite things about JayLee Photography is their no-nonsense pricing structure (what can I say? I’m a sucker for simplicity). First of all, they refer to it as the “One Package To Rule Them All” (which, yes) and second, it’s straightforward to a fault. For $2,950 they offer:

  • Consultation (aka awesome hang-out time, or Skype meeting)
  • 6–8 hours of coverage by two photographers
  • Engagement session (which can be swapped for other things, even though Josh and Ali are big fans of doing the engagement session)
  • Digital delivery of ALL edited photos for your print and web-sharin’ pleasures.

But! In addition to everything you just read up there, JayLee Photography is also offering a $300 discount to any APW couples getting married in 2013 who book them before the end of April. Just mention this sponsored post when you contact them.

But just because Josh and Ali are making all kinds of great changes to their business, doesn’t mean they’ve stopped operating with the same core values with which they started their business. Josh explained to me, “We try to remain extremely genuine in an industry that sometimes just…isn’t. Every time someone gives us a good review, a kind compliment, speaks well of us on a forum, encourages us to share their photos, or provides a direct referral, we are beaming and grateful. We are a small business in a sea of other small businesses, so our clients are our greatest assets. We love to photograph emotion, real moments, and unique-to-you wedding components. We don’t purposefully shoot weddings because they are blog fodder, and we love blogs that love moments over ‘cute stuff.'”

Josh added, “We really connect with a lot of our clients. Recently, we met with a couple from last year and it was so wonderful hearing about their life and how their family has grown (their baby is due in two weeks!). Moments like this are why we do what we do. We document important memories that people value (from engagements to weddings, to births, maternity, and family sessions). The pictures we take are hanging on grandmother’s walls…they are sent to relatives who live far away. They matter to people. How cool is that?”

So guys, if you’re in Seattle (or elsewhere! These guys don’t charge travel for weddings in Phoenix and love to travel elsewhere!) and you’re looking for a photography team who gives it their all, accepts and appreciates weddings of all kinds, and who are committed to delivering fresh, timeless photos with some personality thrown in, then JayLee Photography is your people. So get crackin’.

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  • OMG. Those birth photos. Incredible!!!!

  • Rebekah

    ARIZONA! Yay!

  • marbella

    I just set up an APW-AZ group on facebook for AZ peeps – please come join! Love, love, love the birth photos. And as someone who witnessed my little sisters birth (in a pool like this) and was really grossed out by many parts, you captured the stunning parts perfectly. These will make for fantastic memories and be so wonderful for the baby to see.

    • Rebekah

      I can’t find it! Little help?

  • Tess

    Yayyy for vendors in AZ – keep ’em coming please! :)