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One of the coolest things about running APW, is that we have a long history of getting to help kick-start some deeply awesome wedding talents. So we’re always on the lookout for young businesses that just seem to have the right… je ne sais quoi. We’re looking for people with the right mix of awesomeness and talent to really click with you guys. Which brings us to our newest sponsors, JayLee Photography out of Seattle, WA and Phoenix, AZ (and everywhere… they’ll fly to shoot your wedding for the cost of the plane ticket).

I almost never actively recruit sponsors, but when the JayLee Photography team of the married couple Ali and Josh joined the APW directory, we just felt like we had to have them as sponsors. They were somehow just right. Young, readers who just got hitched, funny, passionate about gay rights, and on a talent-fueled-rocket path. We were sure you were going to love them.

So, I’m delighted to announce that they are so excited to work with you that they’ve put together super interesting and cool APW packages. First off, while their main packages start at $2,950 (and is pretty darn all-inclusive with an album, two shooters, an engagement season, and all your images on DVD) they also have a stripped down, budget conscious package  that starts at $2,000. They just got hitched. They know what it’s like. So if you need that, you’ve got it.

But! For those of you interested in their excellent all-inclusive packages, they’ve crafted some special deals for APW-ers. First off, they will travel anywhere in the US for just the cost of getting there. They’ll also do the same for international travel and probably cut you a great deal to boot if it’s somewhere awesome. But beyond that, they’ve made an excellent Date Night Discount Package just for you guys. It’s seriously such an excellent package that I’m absolutely envious of those of you who take advantage of it. (Do. It. Now.) Here is the scoop:

We are offering all couples who book a package with us by January 6th a “Date Night.” The idea is for them to have an opportunity to reconnect as a couple and de-stress from all of the wedding planning and remember what the wedding is all about—each other! Though we could just give the couple a discount on their wedding package, we want to make sure the money is used to spend time together. We know first-hand that logic often outweighs prioritizing funds for dates, and planning time together while planning a wedding might be stressful in itself. This way, we play the date-night coordinators and ensure that the couple is allowed one night, just the two of them, to re-focus on the love and enjoy dinner, a show, and a little pampering!

The date night details:

  • For any and all APW couples who book one of our main wedding packages (A, B, or C) by January 6, 2012.
  • Date night must be planned and enjoyed prior to the wedding day.


  • A lovely dinner for two (a gift-card to be used at the restaurant of their choice—within $100 total)
  • A show (a play, symphony, concert that is happening on your “date night”—within $100 total)
  • A boutique hotel stay OR a spa treatment for two—within $150 total
  • Couples give us the date that works for them and we plan the date for them around the couple’s chosen dinner location.
  • More details on the JayLee Photography blog

And of course, for me, the kicker about JayLee Photography isn’t just their talent, or their sense of humor, or their offering you of awesome date nights to relax. It’s also about they fact that they get the core of what APW is about and who you guys are. They told me, “We strongly believe that weddings are about the marriage itself, and this is what we feel really sets APW and it’s readers apart from other wedding blogs out there. Not only does APW show what marriage is all about, but it also covers real wedding and love dilemmas, gives terrific advice, and offers an accepting place for couples to share and discuss their lives. It’s couples and clients with those priorities that we find we just click with. We are also strong believers in marriage equality and are always ecstatic for any couple who wants to celebrate their love.”

That, and their business ethos is awesome. They told me, “We just posted on our blog about our philosophy. We call it the “JayLee M.O.” It covers how we run our business, our personal beliefs, the way we shoot, and our feelings about photographing weddings. It is us in a nutshell! (‘no, THIS is us in a nutshell’…ugh)”

So, Seattle, Phoenix, and anywhere else in the US… I’m so happy to introduce you to JayLee Photography (go read their APW-er welcome). I can’t wait to see what magic you guys get up to together and how their business grows and thrives with Team Practical support. Let’s make this magic happen! (Claps excitedly and enthusiastically and then wiggles with excitement!)

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  • BAH! Date Night sounds awesome! Sent to my engaged besties on the double!

    Also, Seattle! YAY!

  • Marina

    Dude. Date night package = brilliant.

  • Rebekah

    Hooray! An Arizona sponsor!

  • These two are awesome :-)