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Today I’m thrilled to introduce one of APW’s brand new sponsors. (You guys, we’re getting such great new talented people, it’s so exciting.) JC Lemon Photography is located in New York City, and you guys know how excited I get about talented and affordable New York City wedding photographers. So I’m thrilled to introduce Jonathan to you all today. When he emailed me, he told me he was just starting to build his business. So I was shocked to navigate my way over to his portfolio and find that it was jaw-dropingly good. (Seriously, do yourself a favor and go look now because his work is even stronger than this selection can to convey.) Turns out, he second shot for our own Katie Jane Photography all last year, and she says this, “I love the way he sees the world—it’s totally different from the way I see the world. I’m really pleased to see him growing his business this year—I think he’s going to go on to do big things. Plus, he’s funny, laid-back, and just the type of guy you’d want to hang out with on your wedding day. It’s super important to actually like your photographer, as a person, and I think APWers will definitely like Jon. Also—dude is an off camera lighting genius. Seriously.”

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The thing is, when we were searching for wedding photographers, I kept saying that I wanted something that was actually simple: I just wanted someone who could capture us, being ourselves, in a no-nonsense and direct kind of way. And I can tell you… that’s actually the hardest thing to do. Capturing life as it is, in a pure way, is profoundly difficult. And yet, somehow, that’s exactly what Jonathan of JC Lemon Photography does (and so beautifully, too). He captures the moments, the grins, the jokes, and the pretty stuff too. And best? He does all of it with no ridiculous filters or trendy tricks. This is simple, true, ageless photography that is going to stick with you forever.

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And, beyond that, his pricing is totally no bullsh*t as well. You go with the simple package? It’s $2,300 (insanely cheap in New York City, you’d be crazy not to snap this up now), and you get 6 hours of coverage, and all your images. Or you would, except Jonathan is offering a deal for APWers, so it’s better than that. JC Lemon Photography is offering you free package upgrades across the board! (For weddings, this means a free engagement session or a free photo booth, plus extra hours of coverage and a print credit bump. For elopements, this means an extra free hour of coverage.) BAM. Done.

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Jonathan may just be building his business, but he’s been working with APW couples for a while as a second shooter for one of our own. He’s already on the team. And what he says about you guys puts something into words that I hadn’t quite figured out. He said, “Weddings tend to bring out the person residing at the center of your body, whatever’s left after stripping away all the outer layers. Do you actually let things roll off your shoulders or do you have to keep reminding yourself that you’re an easy-going person? You will find out quicker than minute ramen who you really are after dealing with some of the stresses that a wedding can bring. APW couples always end up having a kind, smart, and practical person at their core. They might get stressed like everyone else getting married, but at the end of the day, they always know that the wedding is the celebration to start the beginning of their new lives; not a day to lose their sanity over.”

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I asked Jonathan about his artistic philosophy, and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of an artistic philosophy that fit so closely with an artist’s portfolio. (Did I mention you need to go look? Go look.) He said, “I like clean images; I go for relaxed but strong portraits. I love the look of off-camera lighting so I use that a lot through my work. I also try out at least one crazy idea every session, just to see if it works; if so, cool; if not, things to think about for next time.” And you’ll see all of that and more on his blog.

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And finally, just because I like to talk about awesome creative projects that people are working on, let’s talk about this amazing project. Jonathan told me, “I just kicked off a personal project called ‘Climb the City’ that combines my love for photography, rock climbing, and NYC. I take rock climbers out in the city to take a portrait of them climbing an object, something that hints to the presence of NYC or an aspect of it. This one is of my friend Minna climbing the Brooklyn Bridge. If any rock climbers wants to participate, they can go here to sign up.”

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Basically, it’s as simple as this: the wedding planning dream is that you’ll somehow find an affordable photographer that’s just getting started in an urban area, book them for your wedding, and get great photos before their rates skyrocket. It’s like the unicorn of wedding planning. Everyone talks about it, but you’re never actually able to see it for yourself. Except today, you’re seeing it. (That’s right, I just called JC Lemon Photography a unicorn.) So New Yorkers, Tri-State area folks, you know what to do. Browse JC Lemon’s portfolio, look at his blog, and get excited, and then get in touch. I sense some amazing wedding collaborations coming up (and maybe some rock climbing ones too).

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  • Rowany

    Holy crap, I’ve been dreaming about finding a photographer that loves and can capture climbing. We’re not based anywhere near NYC, unfortunately, but I’d love to sign up to participate in his project for our next visit there.

    • Head on over and sign up! It’s a project I’m looking to generate pieces for over the long term, so whenever you’re visiting will surely work!

  • So excited to see what Jon does this year!! Y’all need to hire him STAT.

    • Sweet! Jon!! I’ll be rooting for you this year!! =D

  • Maggie P.

    Damn you JC Lemon! Making me miss New York with these gorgeous shots! ::sigh::

  • Class of 1980

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that first photo!

  • This guy has got THE EYE. I can’t wait to see all of the magnificent grad posts with his photos in them!!! Get on it, NY.

  • I am SO psyched to see this post! My fiance and I live in NYC, and after much research/debate, decided we can’t afford to have the wedding we want in NYC. So we’re having it in Indiana where our family is.

    But, the main thing I wanted about a NYC wedding is awesome pictures of us looking snazzy all around the city, so we’re going to do that for our engagement pictures. Jonathan’s photos look amazing. We’ll be in touch. :)

  • What an awesome idea to capture urban climbing! Another photographer who loves climbing? I think we’d get along.

  • Aims

    I think I’m in love. Rock climbing in NY? Just awesome.