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It’s my personal belief that everyone has superpowers. Not like flying or climbing walls or anything (though today’s sponsor actually does the latter, so maybe I misspoke), but something that we truly excel at with passion and flair, something we do intrinsically that makes other people do a double take and go, “Huh? What was that?” Which is why I’m thrilled today to get to talk about Jon of JC Lemon Photography in New York City. Because on top of his $2,300 starting price and rad APW-only discount, Jon has photography super powers unlike anyone else I’ve seen in a while.

When we introduced APW to JC Lemon Photography back in March of last year, Jon was just starting to build his business (though he’d been second shooting with APW clients long enough to know what y’all were about). And in the time since we last wrote about him, something awesome has happened to his portfolio: it’s completely come alive. Now, Jon was talented before, don’t get me wrong. But when I looked through his images this time, it was like every picture had a heartbeat all its own. Jon’s photos are vibrant, they have movement, and they just feel like…fun. Which brings me to Jon’s super power.

What I think stands out most about JC Lemon Photography is just how natural all the photos look. Because the thing is, as a fellow photographer, I can tell where the photos are posed and where they aren’t, and in Jon’s portfolio, it’s almost like there’s no difference. And seriously, that is a skill. Because it’s one thing to capture someone being themselves when their guard is down. But to get natural looking portraits while posing? Not easy. And JC Lemon Photography makes it look effortless. He makes you look effortless. (Jon also does the same thing with off-camera lighting, which he loves, and which is especially difficult to make look natural. But—he totally nails it.)

And the best part is, you can tell that Jon’s clients are having a great time while they’re being photographed. Which can totally be attributed to Jon’s approach. He told me, “I strive to get to know my couples and make the day as easy-going as possible for them so that they remember me more as a friend than as a vendor. I also adapt my approach to the day depending on the couple I’m working with. If they’re comfortable with posing and confident in front of the camera, I will push them a little more towards dramatic, pose-intense photos. If they’re more shy in front of the lens, I will concentrate on capturing them candidly in a casual manner. No matter what type of couple you are in front of the camera, you’ll walk away with great results that feel true to you.”

The reality is, Jon just seems like a cool guy to hang out with. And on your wedding day, trust me when I tell you it matters. But I love that JC Lemon Photography is all about being cool so that you have a better time. Jon says, “I’m one of the most laid-back people you’ll ever meet, even under all of the stresses of a wedding day. Why absorb or reflect any of the stress going around on a wedding day? Let’s shoot this bad boy and get some rocking photos!” And get some rocking photos he does.

Which brings me to, and please forgive the pun in advance, other reasons why JC Lemon photography—ahem—rocks. Jon has this amazing side project called Climb The City that combines his love of photography, rock climbing, and NYC. (See what I did there? rocks…climbing…No? Fine. Moving on.) He takes portraits of fellow climbers as they climb objects all around New York City (like the one above).  What I love about this project, other than the fact that the photos produced from Climb The City are seriously rad, is that it shows just how passionate about photography Jon really is. And side projects like this always make photographers that much more creative when it comes to shooting your wedding. (Though Jon says weddings are still his favorite. He calls weddings “photography with meaning.”)

And if you want to book Jon? Well, his prices start at just $2,300 for full-day wedding coverage and $600 for elopements. (What?!) Plus, because he’s all about making your wedding less stressful, JC Lemon Photography is totally up front about what you get with that. Seriously, go check it out. He made a freaking chart, that’s how straightforward it is. Charts, people! Plus, as a measure of added awesome, JC Lemon Photography is offering APW readers 10% off any booking from here until eternity. Or as Jon said, “I just wanted to clarify that the 10% off has no ‘book-by’ or ‘wed-by’ date. I’m just slicing off 10% for all my homies.” Awesome.

The last time we wrote about JC Lemon Photography, Meg called him a photography unicorn (people who are just starting their businesses and are naturally talented are rarely seen and quickly fleeting). But you know what? I think it’s still true. The skill level, price point, and personality behind JC Lemon Photography make him just a little bit mythical. So go! Check out Jon’s amazing portfolio, his rad side projects, and his straightforward business practices, and then thank the universe for making at least one part of planning a wedding in New York City remarkably uncomplicated.

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  • Trin

    Oh, I love his work! If my honey and I decide to elope, NYC is definitely one of our options (since I haven’t been able to find a pretty courthouse in our hometown), and we’ll be calling Jon!

  • These look great! Loving the work and the attitude. Wish I was in the NY area… if anyone has recommendations for NC photographers, hit me up. We need more vendors from NC!

    • Hi Sonarisa! I love traveling and have very reasonable travel rates :)

      • Yay! We don’t even have a date set yet so it might be a while before you hear from us, but I’ll get in touch when we get things figured out!

  • Jon is awesome! I met him while working a wedding last fall. I can attest that he will go to GREAT lengths to get amazing shots. Such as climbing food trucks and shooting the people below. Stuff like that.