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When I told you that APW editor Lauren was spreading her wings and leaving APW last month, a few of you emailed me right away to find out if we were taking new APW interns. And while the first project underway was bringing Maddie on as the APW submissions editor, we are in, in fact, taking on a new APW intern for 2012. Whee!

We’re looking for something very specific: a person who is in the middle of wedding planning, will be getting married in mid/late 2012 or early 2013, and is interested in writing about planning for us twice a month in the coming year. This is an unpaid position, but you’ll be joining an awesome team and you’ll get to learn a whole ton about online writing and publishing. In fact, if you’re interested in learning more about the business, let us know. The job is open to people who just want to write, but also to people that want to learn the ropes of working in social media and what goes on behind the scenes. (Up to five hours per month. This part of the internship is fully optional, so just let us know if it’s something you’re interested in!)

We’re accepting applications till December 1st (so you can work on them over Thanksgiving), and we’ll be offering slots by Christmas. Then, come next year, all of you will get to meet the new intern! You can email applications to team at apracticalwedding dot com. We can’t wait to read them. Now. The details.

The Job:

  • This is an internship position for someone who is in the trenches of wedding planning, who is getting married in mid/late 2012 or 2013, who wants to write about it.
  • The intern will be responsible for two posts on wedding planning a month and will need to meet deadlines and accept edits with grace.
  • We expect you to understand, and be on board with, the APW voice and mission. Bonus points for writing that is both funny and deep.
  • That said, you can be dyslexic! You don’t have to be a crack copy editor! You just have to be a good writer.
  • You’ll be responsible for tying in the APW book to your posts now and then, as you work through the process. That said, you’ll get an extra-special signed copy of the book, and our gratitude.
  • There is the chance to learn some of the back-end of the business of blogging, if you so choose (not mandatory!)
  • This is an unpaid internship and won’t necessarily result in a paid position.

What we’re offering:

  • A chance to work with the (awesome) APW team for a year. You will love them.
  • Opportunity for APW to promote your writing.
  • Opportunity to learn about the business of online publishing, and build your social media resume.
  • Any perks we can throw at you. Staff parties. Cocktails. Trips to the zoo. (Ok, the last one was a lie).

What you need to include in your application:

  • Please include in your cover letter:
    • A Twitter handle, if you have one
    • Your Blog URL, if you have one (Don’t worry! You don’t have to have one!)
    • Your wedding date and a 3-4 sentence description of your wedding
    • What you hope to learn from the experience
    • If you are interested in doing any work for the site beyond writing (optional, so please be frank)
    • Your relationship with APW
  • A resume
  • Two writing samples of posts you would write on wedding planning (These can include posts you’ve already written for APW.)
  • Links to any past APW posts, if you’ve written any (again, not mandatory)

We’ll be looking over the writing samples, cover letters, and resumes, and will contact a handful of people to interview in mid-December. I can preemptively say that it breaks our hearts not to be able to offer a slot to everyone who applies, but we can’t wait to meet the new intern, whoever they are. Let’s do this!

Photo of the APW Team by Emily Takes Photos

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  • Sara C.

    Quick questions:

    1. Do we need to live in CA?
    2. Do you have an ideal word count range for the submissions?

    Thanks :-)

    • meg


      And they should be post length. I’ll give you some latitude on that. Make sure you edit them to tighten them up, but posts come in a lot of different lengths on the site. These should be an example of two posts you’d submit if you had the job.

  • How awesome is it that Meg yells at people AND gives them the opportunities to make good? Definitely using the superpowers for good :)

  • Elle Marie

    Oh dear lord I wish I felt eligible for this – see, we’ve decided on a December 2012 wedding, but my partner says we’re not “officially engaged” because he wants to get a ring. Which I have told him repeatedly that I don’t care about, but he insists on it and says it’s important to him, so I’m respecting it.

    At this point all I could write about planning is “venues in the Boston area are far too expensive” and “I already resent my mother even though we haven’t told her our plans because of what she did to my sister’s wedding plans”.

    I wish I could feel like I have the happy-funness of the freshly engaged period. Instead I have “no, you can’t talk about it with your friends” and “explain to [my partner’s] mother why we won’t use this church she’s blathering on about.”

    • meg

      You’re clearly totally qualified for this. Now go write us two posts about your personal experiences so far. No excuses.

    • You have discussed an agreed upon a date with your partner?

      That sounds pretty engaged to me … although it’s super cute that he doesn’t want to count it as official until you have the ring.

      • Elle Marie

        We know it will be either the first, second, or third Sunday in December. We’re planning to visit venues in January/February, after they come out with their Winter 2012/2013 pricing, and want to determine availability before we nail down a date. Our budget is going to be tight, but there are a few places near us that do cheap pricing for dates between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

        It is just really, really frustrating to not be able to talk about it with people. Though I did talk about it with my older sister, who then went on to tell me all of the reasons she eloped, and recommended I just elope to Vegas.

        • I feel you! My man and I had our guestlist decided upon for over a year before we got engaged officially … but at the same time, you can’t talk about it the same way and it’s hard and it hurst sometimes.

  • Melissa

    Timing fail – I just got married last month! Where’s my time machine? Looking forward to the lucky future bride’s posts!

    • I KNOW!

      • Sarah

        I know! I almost wish I wasn’t married already. Only almost though : )

        Maybe what the site really needs is a reclaiming wife intern . . .

        • Melissa

          Ooh Sarah – GREAT idea! ;) And I had the exact same thought *almost* wishing I wasn’t yet married but then oh yeah not really!! ha!

          I did take Meg’s yelling personally which motivated me to start writing a Grad post and a I Called Off My Wedding Post (my first wedding; the second one was to an awesome man and the wedding/marriage/husband I was meant to have). Funny thing is I have commented more since getting married than I ever did while engaged.

  • Does May 2012 count as mid-2012? It’s sort of in the middle…

    • meg

      I’m not going to tell you not to submit, because we might make exceptions. But it’s *probably* not a great fit. We need writers for the year, and the second we trained you up, you’d be gone! But still, if you want it, apply. Prove to us that we need you. We’re swayable.

  • I have been waiting for this post for SO LONG it’s crazy.

  • Kate

    I SO want to do this but… I’m getting married in September 2013. Is that too late? :(

    • meg

      Like I said to someone above, your timing isn’t ideal, but you’re still welcome to apply, and convince us that we HAVE TO HAVE YOU.

      • Kate

        Excellent. I’m on it.

  • This. Is. Awesome. Especially because after this morning’s post, I already have your voice (lovingly) yelling at me.

  • carrie

    I have been so inspired by APW, Meg, the post today and I saw this on Twitter and ran over here, thinking…is this my first chance to start to do some of these things I’ve been trying put together in my head? Nope. Married in July. Here’s hoping for more opportunities, and a huge thank you for getting me to think about what I really want in life and how to get there. Good luck to the hopeful interns!

  • AHHH. Are you SURE it can’t be someone who’s a newlywed?!? Like hasn’t even been married 2 months and had a very very APW wedding? :)

    • meg

      No newlyweds right now. Though you never know in the future :)

  • Hmmmm. I’m so tempted. So tempted.

  • Kate

    Obviously complaining about an awesome free website that I visit every day is totally lame, but for a while now I have been missing those planning voices! Meg, you read my mind. Thanks for doing this and I look forward to reading all about the new intern!

  • Aww….can I please unmarry myself for this opportunity! Pretty please!!

  • I am a photographer/software engineer who just got engaged (at least the American way, ring and all) on Nov 1st and we are planning our wedding for Late September/Early October 2012 (still picking our venues and stuff).

    I am Indian and he is white and my family is awesome and also insane-o. I am traveling to India in four weeks where i’ll be buying my traditional Indian wear and also dealing with the whole cultural rift thing about my fiance being American. I believe I will deal with very interesting opinions about my bi-racial marriage plans there.

    I DEFINITELY have a couple posts in mind.

    The awkward “is she engaged or not??” post because of our difference in ceremonies and standards as well as nutty relatives posts. My father just asked me to add a sparkle in photoshop to my ring so he can show it to his friends.


    My wedding will be typical judeo-christian for the wedding part but the reception is going to have to accommodate lots of our Indian traditions. My family is huge…think Big Fat Greek Wedding huge and the groom’s family is tiny. My side is ridiculously opinionated.

    I already feel like this wedding is going to drive me batty, especially with my mom and dad being a bit nutty. However, I plan on taking all this head on and making this merge a great experience for myself and my guests.

    Also, I live in Atlanta, Ga. Deep south, baby.

    Would I be a good candidate or are you looking for a more traditional american wedding to document?

    • meg

      Good lord, why would we only want to document a traditional american wedding? I mean, I didn’t even HAVE a traditional american wedding for goodness sakes. Apply already.

      • What i meant by more traditional was really less crazy! Haha!
        I will go ahead and apply!

  • Do you think in the future you may need a graphic-type intern? ;)

  • Kinzie Kangaroo

    I don’t think I’ll be able to focus the rest of today, thinking about essays and cover letters and resumes. Exciting!

    • Sara C.

      Haha – exactly! though with a 30 page paper due tomorrow, I feel that I need Meg yelling at me to prioritize instead of mentally recounting the past months of engagement…

  • Mahreesaw

    I’m considering proposing to my boyfriend just so I can apply for this!

    • meg

      CLEARLY that would be the best sample post ever ;)

    • mimi

      Haha I was feeling sad about being pre-engaged and not qualifying until I saw this :)

      • Fawmo

        For reals!

  • Jen W

    Counting down to 5pm here on the east coast so I can stop working on worky stuff and start working on my application…

  • Madeline

    Meg, where should we email applications?

    • meg

      It’s in the post! team at apracticalwedding dot com

  • We’re getting married in May 2012, plus I have no writing experience beyond my blog so my resume is all about my insurance job (if anyone needs to hire an insurance fraud investigator, hit me up), so I am hesitant to apply. BUT I am 1000% interested in the behind-the-scenes, inner-workings aspects of the internship! I guess I just talked myself into applying.

    • meg

      DUDE YOU GUYS. If you want to apply, YOU SHOULD APPLY. I don’t care what your day job is, I care if you can write.

      • I think I was just “yelled” at by Meg, this is awesome.

    • meg

      PS. Other than APW, not writing appears on my resume, though creative training does.

  • Remy

    Excellent. I was just applying to 2012 internships. *rubs hands together gleefully*

    Also, I found myself gushing to a contact at one of those internship opportunities about APW (she’s getting married a week after I am, next October). Opening line: “I am all about doing what works for YOU and your sweetie, and not just taking the script the wedding industry hands you because “that’s how it should be done”. I’m also kind of heavy on the Google Doc planning. :D”

    I think I love y’all that much. Will get to work on my application!

    • ItsyBitsy

      Somewhat sidetracking, but I love that you plugged APW to someone at your internship. I totally suggested to two random women in the bathroom of a restaurant to check APW out after chatting about planning a wedding.

      Me: Not to offer unsolicited advice or anything, but you know how most wedding media tells you that you need to, um, buy everything?
      Her: Ohmigod I just started looking and I AM APPALLED.
      Me: Yeah, I feel that. You should check out this one web site…

      Meg, just in case you weren’t sure, you definitely have a street team. :)

      • Here’s an exchange that happened in my life last week.

        Male classmate: Do you know of any good feminist blogs? I need some for a paper.
        Me: hmmm…Feministe is a good one. And Feministing. (noticing he has APW pulled up on his computer, probably at the suggestion of someone else) OMGTHATISTHEBESTBLOGEVERIREADITEVERYDAYITISFANTASTIC
        Female classmate: OMG ME TOO! Isn’t it amazing? I’m not even engaged, but I love it so much.

        Much bonding followed.

        End scene.


  • Meg

    Can the cover letter be a bit more informal than is traditional for something like this?

  • Waiting impatiently for the launch of apracticalfamily and the call for interns to continue running reclaiming wife and such like…
    Best of luck everyone!

    • Kinzie Kangaroo

      But it shouldn’t be called “apracticalfamily” because when we get married, we’re already becoming a family! …Maybe “apracticalfamilyplussomemore”??? :)

  • I don’t think I’m nearly a good enough writer to apply for this but oh my goodness would it be awesome!! Best of luck to all of the entries!

  • Oh this is so exciting. Here is wishing luck to everyone who is qualified to apply (this is a girl who has been married for 1 year, 1 year and a half if you count from the civil wedding). Can’t wait to see who will be the great new intern.
    But Meg, if you want someone reporting from Europe with a mixed background let me know :) I do love writing.

  • WISH I wasn’t married yet so I could apply for this! Good luck to the talented applicant, can’t wait to meet you!

  • Alicia


    I would just like to point out that the amount of people interested in working for free for APW shows how great, helpful, and insightful the site is. You guys do a great job everyday and deserve loads of kudos.

    Thanks for helping so many of us stay sane during the wedding planning process!