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If ever there were a triple threat wedding photographer, I think Jonas Seaman Photography in Seattle might be it. First, his photos are so good and full of artistry that they’ve been featured in actual art galleries (in Europe! Which I’m pretty sure adds a certain level of street cred to this fact). Second, his personality is so kind and humble that it almost doesn’t seem possible for it to go with such talent. And finally, he is available to shoot your wedding all over the country, with prices starting at $3,000. Huzzah!

But first, let’s go back to Jonas’ photos. Because they really are something else. I love this quote from fellow APW sponsor Lauren McGlynn on Jonas’ first sponsored post, who said, “People throw that word unique around all the time like they don’t know what it means. Creating unique looking wedding photography that is also good is damn near impossible these days, but Jonas does it. Please hire him because I need to see more. Morrrrrrrrrrrre!” Which is pretty much exactly it. Jonas’ images don’t look like anyone else’s, but they aren’t just different for difference sake. They are intentional and raw and edgy and just plain damn good. And all of that comes from the fact that Jonas Seaman Photography, while employing a photojournalistic approach to weddings, is meticulous with his craft, and uncompromising in his efforts to give you the best, most authentic photos of yourself ever. Period.

In short, looking at Jonas’ portfolio just stops me dead in my tracks every time. And not just the portraits (which are indeed lovely), but the candids. Oh man, the candids. I want them all. But what makes Jonas Seaman Photography’s work extra special is how it came to be. Because unlike a lot of wedding photographers, Jonas didn’t start out with the intention of photographing couples. Instead, the couples found him. Jonas explains:

In 2008 I started a photo-blog called Americanvirus as a creative outlet and personal diary. I bought my first digital camera and started posting my photographs. Soon my work was invited to be on exhibit as art installations in galleries throughout Europe and Los Angeles. My photos started being used internationally for everything from rock n’ roll bands to ad campaigns. The best part was when I started receiving emails to the blog from people who wondered if I would be interested in capturing their wedding day. I’m overjoyed that a couple would want me to be the one to make a record of what is probably one of the most important days of their lives. Wedding photography has now become my personal work. I believe in love, and I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know that it is my images a couple will be holding when looking back upon their day in years to come.

And do you know who Jonas really loves? You guys. He told me, “I’m so humbled and grateful to the couples that have found me through APW. You have brought so much to my work. I love collaborating with APW clients to create something special you can hold onto after the wedding day—something you can cherish for years to come. In the end, the images and the memories, these are the things you get to take home with you. It’s not lost on me how important that is. It’s also what drives me, the thought that many years from now it will be my photographs you will be looking at when remembering your wedding day.”

Now, you’ll recall above where Jonas mentioned he feels humbled to work with you guys? Well, I think that’s really the shining star of what makes him such a unique talent in this industry. Because for all that natural-born skill and hard-earned success, it would appear that all of it is completely lost on Jonas. Because he is one of the most laid back, silly, easiest people to spend time with I’ve ever met (and he spent three days sleeping on my couch during the workshop we hosted last year, so I’ve got the inside track). Which reminds me, I would be remiss not to mention Jonas’ leading lady, Mary, who is ever the yin to his yang and acts as Jonas Seaman Photography’s second shooter, assistant, and all-around calming force. Mary is one of those rare people who can tell you that you’re doing a great job, and somewhere deep in your gut, you just know she’s not lying to you. Together, they make up this dream team of cool, collected artistic photojournalists who will knock your socks off with their talent, while making you feel like you’ve known them for ages. (Also, I just love Jonas’ thank you to Mary in his recap of the year….for the romantics out there. )

And the proof is in the way that Jonas’ clients talk about him. Tera, a recent bride, had this to say about him, “Jonas is the best. No question. His work is unbeatable, as is his personality and commitment to his clients. Jonas was the only vendor we contracted with. Spending money on vendors and venues didn’t make sense to us and the do-it-ourselves wedding we wanted. Jonas, however, was an obvious exception. His work was worth every penny and then some. If we could do the day over again, we’d hire Jonas in a heartbeat. It was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding.” Which is exactly how I feel about Jonas. Talented. Kind. And worth every penny.

And the best part? Jonas means it when he says he wants to shoot your wedding all over the US and Mexico. Every time I talk to him, he’s coming back from some new, exciting location (like last week, when he emailed from Mexico just to say “Hi”). So he’s making it extra easy for you to hire him to come shoot at your destination by offering full-service packages starting at $3,000 and then only charging actual travel costs for any weddings outside of the Seattle area.

With Jonas Seaman Photography, you don’t have to choose between jaw-dropping edgy, artistic wedding photos and working with someone whose personality you jive with. Because Jonas has both. Plus, he has Mary. Which, I guess if you combine with his travel deal, makes him more like a quadruple threat. So go, check out the stories of full weddings on his blog, then contact him and make those photos yours. If his client testimonials are any indication, it’ll be the best vendor-related wedding decision you’ll make.

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  • Arianne

    Isn’t this the truth!?! We were lucky enough to have Jonas shoot our engagement and wedding photos. Not only is he an amazing photographer but he is an amazing friend! Hire him!! You will not be sorry!!

  • Jonas is hands down amazing! We put a 100 page book together of our wedding and it literally looks like a super interesting high level coffee table art book. He’s truly a talent and I will recommend him to the ends of the earth.

  • Valentina

    Best wedding photographer ever! Jonas and Mary were truly amazing to work with and above all, they’ve become lovely friends to have for years to come. Our wedding photos – 4 months after our wedding – get the tears going every time. Each single photo is a masterpiece. Our friends and family can’t stop commenting on how gorgeous the photos are and how great Jonas and Mary were throughout our day. Hands down best decision we made for our wedding, so you should too!

  • Jonas is simply an amazing photographer with a great eye for light, colour and has fantastic ideas for images that are timeless! We not only love every single picture of our wedding in Seattle we love the couple behind the camera. We had a blast with Jonas and Mary and are now SO proud to call them friends.
    They WILL capture your day perfectly. Its difficult to take an amazing picture full stop but to capture the emotion, the soul and the magic of your day is his speciality!

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