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Jonas Seaman Photography in Seattle. WHERE DO I EVEN START, you guys? I. It’s. It’s a rare thing that leaves me at a loss for words, but Jonas’s photography sort of leaves me at a loss for words. Why? Well, because it doesn’t look like anything else I’ve seen. Because I’m trying to figure out how I can hire Jonas to take some photographs that I can put on my wall. And also because I’ve met Jonas, I’ve chatted with him via email, he became friends with APW editor Maddie at first contact, and he’s just awesome.

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So Seattle, and everywhere else (because heck yes, he travels at cost), you’re totally in luck. I mean, beyond luck, really. In… kismet? Fate? I donno, but it’s good. Rather inexplicably, Jonas Seaman Photography offers pretty-much-all-inclusive wedding photography packages starting at just $2,600 (with an APW discount!), and including eight hours of coverage, and all your high resolution images. Which is just a flat-out steal given how remarkable his work is.

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And let’s talk about his work. He just wrote about his first year working full time as a photographer, and he let me pick some pictures from it. I might have picked some of the grittier artier images because, well, that’s what I’m into, and they blew me away. But Jonas shoots in a whole range of styles. But first and foremost, this is an artist (who’s had his work shown internationally) whose true passion is weddings. And is a seriously chill, super awesome, super nice guy, who you’ll really love. Which is the magic connection of awesome.

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But what’s truly amazing is he’s going to capture how your wedding day felt, not just how it looked. And that’s not only the most important thing, it’s almost impossible to do. I’m going to suggest that you take a deep dive into his portfolio, frankly, if you’re looking for a wedding vendor or not, because OMG GOOD. First, there is his blog, Americanvirus, which he started as a collection of creative work. Then there is the stories section of his site, not to mention his recent post rounding up the year. It’s mind-blowing, incendiary, deeply creative, and just alive. It’s a good example of what keeps me inspired, doing the work I do.

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So let’s talk about Jonas Seaman’s story, because it’s a good one. And it’s a crazy inspiring story for any of you trying to figure out how to make a change in your life and move towards your passions:

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I started the Americanvirus blog in 2008 as a way to stay creative and post my work, whatever creative work that would end up being. I posted videos, drawings, thoughts and photos. Some of my photography caught the eye of some Galleries in Germany, Italy, and Los Angeles who ended up showing my work. I had no idea at the time that Americanvirus would end up turning into almost exclusively a photo blog, let alone, a wedding photo blog.

Jonas Seaman Affordable Seattle Wedding Photography (3)

I started getting emails from couples asking if I was interested in capturing their wedding day. After shooting my first few weddings in 2010, I realized I wanted to make this my personal work. A lot of wedding photographers shoot weddings in order to make a living while they pursue their personal photography. For me, wedding photography has become my personal photography. That of course may change some day, but at the moment it’s what most inspires me so that’s what I’m driven to do.

Jonas Seaman Affordable Seattle Wedding Photography (2)

I feel super blessed by the couples I’ve ended up with. I love the kind of collaboration it’s brought to my work. It’s actually something that drives me now, wondering what we’re going to come up with together. Also, knowing that someday years from now they will still be holding onto, hopefully cherishing, these wedding photos we’ve made together. Every couple I’ve worked with, whether they’re very hands on or whether they just want to leave me to do my thing, seem to bring so much to the table. My images would be nothing without them.

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I’m excited to work with APW couples. I support LGBTQ couples’ right to marry. I feel love should be celebrated for its diversity and I think it’s awesome that the APW couple comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and budgets. I also don’t charge a premium just because I hear the word “wedding.” Yes, I took the sanity pledge! I’m excited to be a part of this team!

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Right? RIGHT. So good. So! I cannot wait in the deep down parts of my soul to see how this plays out. Jonas Seaman Photography plus APW couples? GOD, it’s going to be good. And you don’t just have to be in the Pacific Northwest. Jonas is down to travel affordably to you. Plus, he’s offering $200 off on any wedding booked by APW couples that books before March 31st, 2012 (wedding can be any time). So what are you waiting for? Go, go, go! And have fun.

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  • I’ve been secretly stalking Jonas’s blog for awhile now. Dude is hella good. His work is creative & unique. People throw that word unique around all the time like they don’t know what it means. Creating unique looking wedding photography that is also good is damn near impossible these days, but Jonas does it. Please hire him because I need to see more. morrrrrrrrrrrre!

    • meg

      “People throw that word unique around all the time like they don’t know what it means.” HAHAHHA. True.

  • bec

    I’ve got a secret crush on Jonas, his work is so totally amazing!! Like Lauren, I’ve kinda been stalking him. A Seattle native myself, I can’t wait to meet him and work with him. Seriously, Seattle peeps (and beyond!), snatch this guy up for your wedding!! Amaze-balls!!

  • PA

    So much envy for people in Seattle! Rock on, Jonas – those photos are amazing!

  • Love your work Jonas! And you are only a ferry ride away! Hello from Canada!

  • Angela

    Jonas shot my Sept. wedding in Seattle, and he is fantastic!! I recommend him to everyone I meet who is looking for a photographer. Plus, he’s tons of fun, prepared for anything and everything, and is super chill about going with the flow. All of these qualities are pretty darn helpful on day that’s passed before you can blink.

  • Sara Williams

    Jonas shot our wedding in July and like it says: HE’S AMAZING!!! You’ll never find a better deal because he is in it for you as well as for him. The pictures we got are phenomenal! (one of the pictures you have chosen is me–second one from the top). If you havent booked him now, do it! We’re just over here trying to come up with more reasons to hire him :)

    • Yes, that photo is phenomenal, but can we TALK ABOUT YOUR WEDDING DRESS?! Where is your grad post??? I cannot get enough of that rainbow gorgeousness. Please post more photos!! :)

      • Hi Lauren! Yes! The dress!! Chrissy Wai-Ching ( ) designed it, and here’s some more photos of it on the blog ( )!!

      • Christine

        Just stumbled upon these comments – wanted to let you know that I believe the rainbow dress you commented about above is from wai-ching – has more photos of her amazing work!

        I just ordered my wedding dress from her, and I’m so excited about it that I couldn’t help sharing with other brides-to-be!