Jonas Seaman Photography In Seattle & Beyond

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of introducing you to Jonas Seaman Photography, based out of Seattle but shooting all over the US and Mexico. I believe what I did was just gush all over the page, actually. But for real, you guys: Jonas is one of those rare combinations in this industry: he possesses pure artistic skill (as in, this man is an actual artist, with his photographs displayed in galleries across the world) but he is also one of those people that you just want to hang out with (I know, because the whole APW team met him for CoLab in the spring). In short, Jonas makes the kind of photographs that you want to hang on your walls with fancy frames and show off to all of your friends, and he’s not a jerk about it. Actually, he’s super humble in that, “Do you even? Are we looking at the same pictures? Why are you not being an ego manic right now?” kind of way. I mean, the above photo WAS TAKEN IN THE REFLECTION OF A PUDDLE. I mean…

And then there’s his work. Which… it speaks for itself, right? Jonas produces some of the most unique, forward-thinking images I’ve ever seen from a wedding photographer. (Seriously, look at some of the recent work on his blog like this stunning same-sex Malibu wedding that ended up in a late night swim in the pool or this amazing farm wedding with sheep and horses. You won’t regret it, it’s like flipping through the pages of an art book.)

But what makes Jonas Seaman Photography special isn’t just the images he produces, it’s about the way he produces them. This past spring, the APW staff worked with Jonas at a workshop for creatives, and they reported back with this: he actually seeks out the best locations days in advance and meticulously catalogs where the best light and locations are going to be (I know right?). The end result is a mixture of moody and intense editorial work and raw emotional photojournalism that is a rare thing to find in this industry (seriously, go look at some of the stories on his website. Perfection.) But the weird thing is, you can actually hire him to come to your wedding. I mean, literally it is likely that you can possibly afford to hire him. Not like, a person that lived in a mansion made of gold could hire him. His rates start at $3,000 which includes day-of coverage, a flash drive of all the high resolution finished images, a personal photography website with a slideshow and a link to a full online gallery.

Of course after we introduced you to Jonas, it took no time at all for the APW community to realize that he is your people. You guys booked him for tons of your weddings (and if at least some of you don’t send us pictures, you’re all grounded). When we asked him about how the APW community has supported him, Jonas said, “I can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am for the people who have responded to my work. It is such an honor to be invited into the lives of so many couples this year, to be trusted to capture one of the most important days of their lives.”

 And you’re not just booking him in Seattle, you’ve got Jonas Seaman Photography flying all over the country to capture your weddings. “The reaction I’ve had from the APW community has been tremendous,” he said. “A good chunk of my national weddings have come directly from APW and I am so grateful for it! I am so humbled to be a part of this community. I’d like to give back to the community by offering a $150 discount on my package for APW readers if they book within the next ninety days.”

Did you hear that? Book Jonas Seaman Photography before November 17th and you could get him for $2,850, which might actually be a literal steal. As in, highway robbery.

When I talked to Jonas about why wants to work with you guys, what he said captures exactly what I hope every APW couple gets when they book one of our sponsors. “Wedding photography is very personal to me. I approach every wedding differently because every wedding is truly a unique representation of each couple. I like to experiment and play while I shoot, but in the end it’s about the telling the whole story. The emotions. The environment. The people. The commitment. I really love the entire process of it all, from the rituals of getting ready, to the different aspects of each ceremony, to the unpredictable nature and sometimes blowout parties that follow. I approach each day knowing that these photos are going to be viewed and cherished for years to come. I try to keep that in mind while I’m shooting. I want the whole day to come back in a rush of memories forty years from now when these images are being viewed again, or perhaps being shared with children and grandchildren.”

“I believe the APW couple comes to this blog for something that’s a little more than just pretty pictures. They want stories. They want something highly personal. They want something that communicates to them about their lives and not just their wedding. As a photographer, that’s my aim as well. Of course I want to make awesome images, but I also want these images to resonate with a couple in a highly personal way.”

So there you have it. Jonas Seaman Photography, making honest, artistic, emotional photos that are about your story that you’ll want to hang on your wall and stare at forever, serving the entire US and Mexico and with prices starting at $2,850 if you book before November 17th. So go! Get him before his bookings are all gone! And then when you’re done, come back here and share all that raw emotional loveliness with us, ok? I’ve already seen a little of what Jonas and APW can do together and I want more.

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  • So beautiful, love his work!!

  • Christina

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Jonas shot my wedding this past June (I’m in a couple of those photos up there!) and the photos were truly amazing! Also, huge plus, both him and Mary are so much fun to work with and have around all day. He’s an excellent story teller with a great eye fo’ sho’.

  • We love Jonas so HARD! We were lucky to have him shoot our wedding in Seattle and he is by far one of the coolest (without realising it) people we have ever had the pleasure to have met. We spent the day with him and Mary, hanging out as you do in a beautiful park and even popped to see Bruce Lee…why the hell not! Hire this guy RIGHT NOW as you will be weeping in your cornflakes when he is all snapped up and booked for like, the next century! Great work Jonas, you will for sure be hanging on our walls when we have some! Xxx

  • agreed. i’m loving jonas’ work. keep it coming.

  • Nicole

    I love this post! It does such a good job of explaining all there is to love about Jonas. The morning of my wedding he tried to take a picture of my teenage sister brushing her teeth, when she objected he replied that he was only trying to tell the story. I loved that, and tell the story he did. He and Mary came out the day before and spent hours walking all around our property to see when and where the light would be best for portraits the next day. Seriously, book him! I am so lucky that I wasn’t too late and got to have him for my wedding.

  • Sara Williams

    We hired Jonas to shoot our wedding last July and the results were nothing short of spectacular!! This post about him is the straight truth and reading it out loud to my husband just now almost made me start crying. Particularly around his quotes about how he thinks about couples cherishing these photos and looking at them for decades to come. And youre right in that he is not just an amazing artist but he and Mary are some of the COOLEST people we have ever hung out with. If you need a photographer for your wedding picking Jonas (and Mary) is the ONLY choice!

  • Misty Demarre

    I have known Jonas through my school years. He inspired me then and amazes me now. He has a gift, an ability to capture the beauty of human emotion! It would be dream come true if I could have him take pictures of my wedding.

  • What lovely images!