Journey Lost Productions: Affordable Wedding Videography In San Diego And Beyond

Carley & Sonho’s Wedding Highlights from Journey Lost Productions on Vimeo

by Meg Keene, APW Executive Editor

Sometimes it feels like “practical” and “wedding videography” just don’t go together. If you want to capture your wedding on film (what I wouldn’t give for video of our toasts), but you want something nicer than an iPhone movie, and you don’t have a small fortune to spend, it can be tough to find an artist to work with. A lot of what’s out there for wedding videography falls into one of two camps: artsy avant-garde wedding movies that cost a small fortune (they’re beautiful, prohibitively expensive, and hard to explain to your granny who doesn’t understand why there is no sound), or super cheesy old school wedding movies that make you want to sink into the floor and die (you know what I’m talking about). That’s why APW has been so thrilled to partner with Journey Lost Productions in Southern Californiawho specializes in affordable documentary-style wedding videography.

This year, Carrie of Journey Lost has been working like a crazy person, recording your weddings, honing her craft, and creating meaningful films that… let’s be honest here… your kids/nieces/godchildren/grandchildren/cat will want to watch again and again. AND AGAIN PLEASE. (The children because it’s so cool to see what you sounded like then. Your cat, because he wasn’t allowed to come to the wedding.) Her films strike that perfect balance between not-cheesy and artistic that will make you feel wrapped in the love-hug of your wedding day when you watch it.

Plus, I’m not joking when I say affordable. Ceremony coverage is $500, and full day coverage is $1,500. Plus, not only will she create a five to seven minute artistic edit of the day, she’ll also give you all of the raw footage on hard drive, which is basically unheard of (but again, great for the baby nieces and cats). Plus, Journey Lost will come to you, wherever you are. Their travel policy is badass: “We charge no travel fees for weddings within a two-hour drive of San Diego. Also, we love traveling and Couchsurfing!  We would love to travel to film your wedding, and because we Couchsurf, you pay only the cost of gas or airfare!” And finally, Carrie is offering something awesome (listen up). She says, “I’d like to offer $500 off a Love Story Doc package to anyone within a two-hour drive of San Diego.  First to contact me will get it!” That makes her amazing all-inclusive package, with a pre-wedding interview about who you are and why you love each other, the same price as her full day package. Email her NOW. GO GO GO.

But let me let Carrie tell you why she loves APW so much (you’ll love her just as much back, by the way, she’s a returned Peace Core volunteer, a former APW bride, and a current APW reader):

Dear APW,
Almost exactly one year ago today, I shot my very first wedding film, pro bono, as a gift to my future brother-in-law. I loved scheming up how to best capture their wedding and editing it into a poignant story that will help them remember. After that, I was hooked. I started advertising on APW very early in my business, and it turned out to be the best decision ever! APWers responded so positively to my work that I’ve been privileged to shoot eleven weddings in my first year in business. The journey has been amazing, as each wedding has been so unique. I’ve shot weddings involving traditions from all over the globe—India, Turkey, China, Korea, Mexico. As a world traveler, multicultural weddings appeal to me because I love learning and documenting new and interesting wedding customs. Even when working on more traditional weddings, I try to find ways to make the personality of the couple shine through. One thing all APW couples have in common is that they are all wonderfully intelligent, friendly people who I always enjoy working with. So thank you, APW, for helping me grow. I promise that as I continue working with each of you I will continue growing as an artist—expanding my equipment, cultivating my artistry, and improving with every film. Thank you for pushing me and giving me that chance!


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  • Wow, what a moving video! Gorgeous work !